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When is a rig ever "complete" im Always modifying. i take pics whenever i get new stuff..

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"or whatever they decide to call the next generation of cards"

Ive been wondering this, what would they call the next gen. maybe an idea for a thread :P|

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I right now have my k70 rgb on white light, and i noticed the rgb colors shining on the keys above them..

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Also re-did some wiring on the GPU, seems nicer now :D

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Got me some new toys :D

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I plan to build this puppy in to my computer, a black ice GTX 360. With 3 NFF12 ippc fans, ek supremacy evo, and ek dcp4.0 pump res combo.. :D

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You will never use this "max' dpi, since youre cursor would be all over the place, and laser versus optcal ? there both optical systems, the only 1 real difference is that on works on glass, the other does not or not as well.. What you would want to look for is what engine is behind the sensor.. and what grip youd prefer..

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I dont know it, but it looks like a cheap piece of sheit. Probably would work ok, nothing special though

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I actually just noticed that i thought i had a GT stealth, but my rad has more the thickness of a GT extreme stealth 360.. hmmmmmmmmmmm

Hows about a EK DCP4.0 pump/res combo, and PrimoFlex LRT Advanced Water Cooling Tubing ? probably in black..

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Ive been thnking of expanding my cpu cooling, i allready have a black ice GT stealth 360 radiator. (and a MCP655 pump) amongst other things. But my storm waterblock doesnt fit socket 1150.

So i was thinking of getting some new stuff for in my 750D build.

EK Supremacy EVO, full nickel, cpu block. And some 1/2" ID compression fittings.

What i havent decided on yet is what pump/res to go with, preferably a combo, and what color tubing, and coolant.

Im also wondering about these dual 45 degree swivel adapters for the fittings, or for that matter the single 45 degree swivel adapters. I mean are these any good, or would you prefer to have to non swivel kind maybe ??

I havent even a clue how many 45/90 degree adapters i would want, or what color for that matter.

cause you got black nickel, and black. On the EK side of things anyways