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TBRM and not much gaming this weekend...BUT!

This weekend I really didn't get to mash the buttons on the 360 or play any Wii or DS, but I did purchase a new phone. The Verizon/Samsung Juke for $49.99, and it is all of the pricetag. Along with all the new features cell phones have, bluetooth, text, and bla bla bla, this phone is pretty much an ipod. If your looking to get a new phone, but not a new wallet the Juke is the phone you got to check out.


My neighborhood friend won the regional Guitar Hero III tourney this weekend, murdering the competition and owned the finals beating his opponent by 200,000 points of Through the Fire and the Flames. He competes for National Gold and $2,000 store credit at the trade in store he signed up in. Leave comments and root him on! (His name is Ashwin)

GrandTheftAuto IV Rumored Expansion Download Available on Xbox Live

Yesterday after school I went and preorder my copy of GTA IV on the Xbox 360 at Gamestop. However, one of the employees got to talking with me and said he had heard that a rumored expanison of aroudn $30-$40 would be available shortly after the release that contains additional content and area to complete missions, steal cars, and do what we all love to do in GTA games. He said that the update had something to do with a part of Liberty City they had failed to include in the last Grand Theft Auto III. Of course, this is just a rumor I heard of, but somebody update me if they have heard anything else about this topic.

Also, I finally picked up and played with the Wii Zapper. It was awesome. Does Nintendo have any plans on releasing a House of the Dead, Time Crisis, or Area 51 game???

TBRM Gaming with What Is Right Now 3-4-08

Rock Band and N+ seem to have taken longer than what I expected; N+ especially the last 10 episodes. I was working for an hour almost trying to knock out episode 45 last night. However, I saw a stat yesterday saying that less than 1% of the people who own N+ actually have completed all 50 episodes. As far as gaming right now, I picked up the Wii Zapper this weekend and have yet to actually try it out, but I am looking forward to playing with it tonight. Also, for everyone who is waiting in anticipation for Super Smash Bro Brawl . . . so am I. haha. Rock Band has completely way to may too long songsets. I mean come on, I already outlasted the Endless Songset, but there is at least 8 or more songsets with 13, 14 songs. Outragous! Thanks for the comments and keep them coming. Looking forward to this month and some great releases of games . . . one more month till GTA: IV!

Grandma's Boy

This weekend in between working at Pizza Hut, writing a research paper for class, and finally picking apart the last few coop episodes of N+ on the Xbox Live Arcade . . . I went a rented Grandma's Boy and watched it. I had heard a lot about the movie from friends and knew it was had a lot of video game humor and it was super funny. I had planned on going to see Semi-Pro this weekend, but I'm glad I went and picked up Grandma's Boy. The DDR scene was hilarious. 10/10! Anything with video games gets a 10 so . . . I'll have another TBRM Gaming post shortly, only two more achievements in N+!

TBRM Gaming with What Is Right Now

Hey Everyone. I know. I haven't actually posted since the stone age, but the school just blocked all my game sights... Anyways I am trying to daily, at least weekly, post to keep everyone updated on what games I'm playing and what is up with the video games everyone is playing. This week I actually purchased of the Xbox Live Marketplace a game that I use to sit in class and play excessivly; known as N Game to most on the PC, N+ is the exact same game mastered I think pretty well into another one of my Xbox Arcade favorites. To anyone who doesn't know, my brother and I devote all our time and earning whenever I'm not at church, school, playing sports, hanging out, or at work solely to video games. I am totally obsessed with everything game, as well as my brother. I play whenever I can, how long I can, and simply am fascinated with gaming. I love my games. Now that the personal stuff is out of the way, N+ is really just a lot of fun to play; addicting is the best way to describe it. I have also failed to mention that along with my obsession of games (which by the way is a what I think a healthy obsession) is the obsession for achievement points on the Xbox 360. So if say anything about completing games comes up in my posts, I'm proabably talking achievements . . . if you couldn't tell by my gamerscore anyway. This week I've been grinding out the last achievements in Rock Band with my brother. We already raged through the endless song set and finished all the solo tours, so its just lasting out the rest of the Live shows in specific towns. To end, this week I will probably pick up Dynasty Warrior Empires or Bioshock and pick apart the rest of both of those games to finish COMPLETING a couple more achievements. Thanks everyone. Please feel free to post. I love to talk gaming and I want to find other people that are as crazy about gaming as me.

- James "TBRM" Parkes

Banjo Tooie

Just finished up Banjo Kazooie and both of us are still working on Donkey Kong 64. That means that the next best thing to do is to start Banjo Tooie and try perfecting that. Haven't played this one in a long time, but looking to try and perfect this one. Almost level 10! Then time to start posting some user videos can't wait to show you guys some gameplay and have fun with it. TBRM

Banjo Kazooie Perfected!

Something I had always planned on doing, but never accomplished...beating Banjo Kazooie with everything. In the midst of my Xbox 360 having technical problems, my brother and I have rekindled the N64 fire. One of the first titles I picked up (aside my all-time favorite, Harvest Moon 64) was Banjo Kazooie. Although I had beaten the game a few times as a young elementary kid, this time I set out on a mission to BEAT Banjo Kazooie. I quickly greesed through the first 7 levels, and then faced the most hated level of all, Rusty Bucket Bay. I guess the years have added skill because I quickly conquered all my past failed feats. But I did it, all 100 Jiggies, 900 Notes, and all the rumored Stop N Swap Items. Comment if you've done the same, just for record.

My Collection Is Looking Up

I've owned a Nintendo 64 forever, but I just now started this collection and passion for collecting all 300+ titles that the Nintendo 64 pumped out. I have been searching ebay, trader stores, and everywhere finding great deals you ... well probably could believe. But it is very exciting for me...I recently picked up Star Wars Episode One Racing...for 99 cents it wasn't that bad of a game. I'm currently reaching out at some rarer titles to snag before the price goes up ... Starcraft 64, and a few others. My and my twin brother were in Rhyno the other day (Trader Store more located in the South) and saw Megaman x3 for the super nintendo priced at $60...that game must have been something. I also have a pretty nice collection of Nintendo games. Just wanted to let everyone know that this new passion of mine is driving my brother and I over the edge to obtain the least bit of money to go out and buy games. Leave some comments ... who knows this might inspire you to have a collection of your own

Currently Playing : Donkey Kong 64 =D

Oblivion is a Must

Microsoft's Oblivion is ready to blow Xbox 360 skyhigh. If anyone has not seen its amazing previews watch them now!!! The graphic work is mind-boggling and the Radiant AI...jaw-dropping!!! I know people were waiting in line for Xbox 360 itself...well please join me in creating a longer line for, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, a must buy for 2006!