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Wow critics that have to go to school for game design and journalism are not what we the gamers want rating our games .... we want a real video gamer with an open mind rating that stuff. We don't care that COD:MW 12345656 is 9.0 why because the company paid for it ... thats bogus, if res evil 6 can get 4.5 cod is the same junk just on a different disk so many game sequels miss the point of a sequel, if you had no story you dont need numbers attached. Take assassins creed series that is an awesome series with great sequels !!!!! so i think reviewers need forget what they were taught if they are not gamers and are game designers thats a conflict of interest..... a film director is not a film critic ... so wake up Gamespot !!! and get some gamers doing your written reviews not some game designers or a journalist the things gamers truly care about your missing by breaking it down too much into pieces we dont care about that stuff we care about FUN FUNCTION FANTASY ( I'll break that down for some reviewers FUN: How am i enjoying this. FUNCTION: does this game work as good as it can minimal glitches and the functions working with the genre of game... FANTASY: this one is hard i know your thinking of the genre but i am not i needed a F word, IMAGINATION is this a good do i feel its imaginative and creative?) no one should by rights care about how a game looks anymore they all look great ! So in closing get real reviewers !!!! not educated MORONS