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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 review

I thought I would start this month off with a new review. This time, I reviewed Sonic the Hedgehog 4. The review is a bit shorter than my last review, because I didn't have as much to say about the game. Check it out under my reviews section. Feel free to comment on it too.

Level 51

I have reached Level 51. My last blog was about me reaching Level 50. Wow, I don't make blogs very often. Although, I do have a rant blog that I'm planning to do sometime. I was thinking of doing a new review soon too.

Level 50

I have just reached Level 50 overnight. This is a notable level, considering it's half-way to the number 100 and the fact that I'm finally out of the 40's. I was in those for at least over a year, due to my inactivity last year.

It's my Birthday today

It's my Birthday today. I'm 23 now. I can't believe I'm 23. I mean, I can remember turning 13 as if it was not too long ago, but that was 10 years ago now.

Tekken 6 review

I posted a new review and it's on Tekken 6. Sorry I took so long. But it's done now. Check for the review under my reviews section.

Also, my 23rd Birthday is coming up. It'll be on August 12th.

13000 Posts

I have recently passed 13000 posts, finally. It's not all that much, compared to what some people have on here, but oh well. Also, I still haven't around to finishing my new review yet. I've just been too lazy. Sorry about that. It should be out before August though.

6 years

I have now been here for 6 years as of today. I can't believe it's been this long since I joined. A lot sure has happened around this site in those past 6 years. I can slightly remember the design this site had at the time I joined.

I should have a new review coming out soon. Sorry I'm taking too long. I kind of just keep forgetting about it.

I now own an Xbox 360.

I have an Xbox 360 now. I got the Arcade model for $200 and it was bundled with Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Viva Pinata. I got my PS3 a little over a year ago (on June 10th, 2009, to be exact) and for over that year, the Xbox 360 was the only major current gen console I was missing, seeing as I already had a Wii, DS and PSP as well. I won't see myself playing this as much as my PS3 though, but there was a few certain games I wanted for this.

Level 49 and new review

I have just reached Level 49. Level 48 was really fast. I also finally have a new review submitted. It's a review of Mega Man 10. You should see the review under the reviews section. I have another review to submit sometime soon too.

Level 48

I'm now on Level 48. I heard you can level up by at least 13% per day on this level. Wow. At this rate, I'll be at Level 50 in July, which is the month that marks 6 years of me being here.

Also, I hope to get around to writing my Mega Man 10 and Tekken 6 reviews soon. After those, I have more reviews planned too.