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I might be moving out soon.

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Most of my blogs are either related to gaming or GameSpot itself, but not this one. Anyway, my dad is gone. He left me, my mom and my sister after my mom and my sister went on a little vacation, because for some reason, he thought that my mom hated him. And now my mom is talking about moving to a different place. Yeah, I don't intend to move out myself, but with my mom and sister. This is going to be kind of hard, considering I was just 5 years old when I moved in here. I'm sure some of you have had experiences with moving out.

Level 58?

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What happened here? I was still on Level 56 and all of a sudden, I jumped to Level 58? Pretty cool. I noticed something like this happening to other members too and I also noticed my new Community Spotlight achievement. I guess this has something to do with that?

I have a 3DS now

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I'm a little late in making this blog, because I actually got a 3DS on my Birthday. So, yeah, I have 3DS now and I'm glad to have one. So far, I only have one game for it, Dead of Alive: Dimensions, but I recently ordered another game on Amazon, Ridge Racer 3D and that should be coming soon too. I also have Super Mario Land and Kirby's Dream Land from the Virtual Console, so those aren't actual 3DS games. Those will probably be the only games I have on it until November, when more 3DS games that I want come out, such as Super Mario 3D Land. If anyone else has a 3DS, feel free to post your friend code and add mine. My friend code is 2406-5304-0043.

My Birthday and 16000 Posts

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It was my Birthday today and I turned 24. I can't believe I'm this old now. Coincidentally, I also made my 16000th post today and with this blog right here, this is my 16000th post.

My 7th year anniversary just passed and I didn't realize it until now.

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So, my 7th year anniversary here has already passed on the 7th and it's the 10th now and I didn't realize it until just now. How did this happen? Anyway, I can't believe it's been that many years. But even though I joined in 2004, I didn't really become a regular here until 2005 and I wasn't here much in 2009. 2005 was also the year I made my first blog here. I've sure came a long way since I joined.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 review

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After over a month without a new blog and several months without a new review, I finally have a new review up and a new blog post here. I actually started this one a few months back, but just never got around to finishing it until just now. It's a review of Super Mario Galaxy 2. I had trouble deciding whether to rate it 9.5 or 10, but I went with 10, just because I find the game to be nearly flawless and it's my favorite game of 2010. Hard to believe it's been over a year now since it's release. Anyway, here is the review.

Level 56 and PSN still down

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I have reached Level 56. Being a Mega Man fan, I recognize this level name, which is Mr. X. Mr. X was Dr. Wily in disguise in Mega Man 6. Level 55 sure was pretty quick.

Also, I can't believe PSN is still down. It's been like nearly 3 weeks now. I've really been wanting to play some Tekken 6 and Mortal Kombat 9 online too. I can only hope it's back real soon.

Level 55

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I have reached Level 55. It's about time too. I was stuck on the last level for over two months. It looks like this one will be a little faster too, as I'm already on 3%.

I got slightly sick again with a stomach ache, but that seems to be going away now, thankfully.

15000th Post

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I have reached 15000 posts with this post, meaning I'm halfway to 20000 posts. Nice.

I mentioned in my last blog that I was sick. That sickness of mine lasted for a while. It was going away very slowly. But now, I'm no longer sick, thankfully.

I'm sick

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Hey there. For the past few days, I've been sick. My symptoms mainly has been a sore throat and a runny nose. And right now, I have a bit of a headache from it. I just wish it would go away already.

On the brightside, I just got an EasyCAP a few days ago and I just got it working. So now, I can finally record some gameplay videos. I've been wanting to do this for some time.