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Back From Vacation!

Hey guys! I was on vacation at Hilton Head, NC. It was pretty cool. I did get a chance to watch the live feed from start to finish and I got to post a little. Comment.

check it out!

new sig

new avatar

new blog header

new profile header

rate 'em they were made by slobbymac and the buttons were made by -masterchef-


i got my new...

computer charger since my old one was split apart

i called dell and they send one overnight free

so now i can... WATCH THE HALO 3 GAMEPLAY MARATHON! im watchin it now its pretty cool

anyways i got 2 new wiimotes another classic controller and 2 nunchucks (the one wiimote was from wii play)

so ive been chillin and playin some stuff

EDIT: this link is proof that i watched the marathon


this emblem glitch is...

making me go crazy everytime i come on another emblem is gone now its my pushover, collecting, and tags and tagger emblem this is bs it needs to be fixed edit: forgot to mention my hella old school emblem

more emblems!

i got 9 emblems now pretty awesome i wish i could get the brain bust emblem but noone has an all access membership =/

ummm... wtf?

i lost my hella old school emblem and i didnt add or takeaway any games

i lost my pushover emblem and didnt rate anymore games or takeaway any games

and i lost my collectors emblem and i have over 200 games

and all my tags disappeared and i lost my dabbler emblem

any ideas?