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@KiIIyou said:

Pretty neato, mista. I might try that out later and will let ya know how it goes :)

Be sure to let me know what you thought!

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Not ideal for widescreen once again and where is the option fro a dark background?

The option is on the upper right side.

As for the widescreen, try using the style I made:


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I really didn't like the left centering so I removed the side info and centered the forums. There's also the option to keep the site at a fixed width (feel free to change that value to the width you like) or following the window size.


Hope you like it, and if you see any error or just want me to change something do say so!

Edit: It did have an error, changed it!

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Karaoke games are fun at parties. How do you sing? Do you need mics? Can you download them with the game? :Plocopatho
You can use he gamepad mic or any USB mic.
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Holy! I haven't paid attention to these boards since the Wii came out. Jaysonguy is STILL going around trolling? You'd think that during 7 years he'd found something better to do.

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Took me 11 hours for 100%. So either you're slow, or you're more close to the end than you thought.
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Something no one mentioned and is very important. You can only play gamecube games if you buy gamecube controllers and a gamecube memory card.
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I'd say Contra for the NES. I played that game to hell back when I was a kid and now whenever I pick it up I end the game with more lives than I started.
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[QUOTE="funsohng"]There was a boy arc? why would anyone play as a boy? the girl's freaking hot!

Agreed, but different story and different bosses and different swords make up for it.
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I mixed them up. Added variety!