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@T3H_1337_N1NJ4: game companies offer 1080p every time.. what do you think is the reason for it?

Because unfortunately a lot of people can't really tell the difference between 30 and 60fps. Most of them probably can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, but at least 1080p is a more powerful buzzword for marketing than 60fps.

Besides that, I think most of the devs nowadays just want the game to be "pretty" and don't really give a damn about gameplay quality.

And on a side note, to the people saying it's game dependent. Not it's not. I don't see why I should have to bear with jerky animations and camera work just so there can be a few more pixels on the screen. And @nyadc that was saying that in Shenmue's case there would be more immersion with 1080p, he is plainly wrong. 60fps is a way more important factor for immersion to me (and many others who easily tell the difference between the two).

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720p 60fps. Always.

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Fox now has whiskers!

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While I'm obviously hyped about FF VII and Shenmue 3, I can't really attribute that to Sony since both will most likely be coming to the PC (Shenmue 3 already confirmed).

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Hey, 30% actually didn't have their hopes crushed!

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Maybe they should make games people won't want to refund. If a gamer, after 2 hours of play, decides that your game isn't worth owning then it's not their fault, it's yours.

Here's what the devs have to say about your opinion:

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This is too good.

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The shitty shovelware ones at least.

Basically, expect to see the consoles getting way more indie shit games now that there's a way to fight against it in the master race machine.

Did I spin this enough for SW?

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Wii U Pro Controller > Xbox Controller > Wii U Gamepad controller > PS4 Controller.

Why aren't the other ones listed though?