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Placing bets now, will this fish manage to leave Pallet Town before it dies?

It's died a few times already.

Zombie fish confirmed.

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In this topic: Zero statistical knowledge.

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As far as I can tell, that's just the minigame that's part of Kirby's Triple Deluxe.

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For those that don't know. Treehouse going on at the moment. They just finished with Captain Toad and now are moving on to Splatoon.

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That Bayonetta bundle made my day.

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Judging by previous E3s, it's unlikely.

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Where was Shenmue 3?

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The one true lesson of this gen for me:

All games are sexist. All games are heteronormative. If you disagree, you're a sexist heteronormative pig.

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Pre-order Mario Kart 8 and get a free Club-Nintendo download... what?! But it's Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Super Mario/Luigi U? Dangit, I already got those. Good deal for others though.

Sell the code on ebay.

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Already have almost all of them.

Also Thomas Was Alone is a pretty good game. The only thing that's shit is your opinion.

Micromanaging: The Platformer

I do agree that it's a game I'd recommend for the story/presentation rather than for the gameplay. But it's still a pretty good game.

I got past an hour of hoping that it could show some poise and be something beyond narrative, but honestly, it was awful then. I'm a real big stickler on platformers being fun as a game first.

Maybe just three blocks would have been smart, or even co-op (is there co-op? I played it on Vita)

No, there isn't any co-op. You always have to go around switching blocks. I think you end up with 7 in the end. But the game is short enough and the story is good enough that it doesn't really get grating. Well, it did for you I guess.