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The white wall...

Since I changed home, I've been having to cope with this god damned imposing white wall all around my PC screen. So I decided to change its look! Went picture hunting (anime and games), and made my printer work a bit =P

It ended up like this! >.>

Now, since every other wall in my room is full with stuff (Star Wars ships, FF figures, RE figures, dragons, dinossaurs, whales, airplanes, BD heroes...) I think my room is more consistent =P

Full Pic

I'm back from the Light!

So.. I've been away.. Why you ask? Why should it be? Because I DIDN'T have to study! Now I do... So.. ''Hallo thar escape world =D''


Unfortunatly, I'm about to change to another home.... And I won't have internet for a while! I guess that if I don't die by to much headbanging ,on my NEW WALLS, I'll be able to study alot better!


Anyways, after this short interruption of the readers life, I present you....


Hope you people enjoy!

PS- Screw ya exams!

Mario Mix and me...

So, I've always liked DDR (from watching and the button pressing versions :P), but there never were many here in Europe!
Now with the new Wii DDR anouncment, I decided to get Mario Mix, that is suposedly easy, so good for a newb like me >_>
But honestly... Is this their definition of easy? (Good for an uncoordinate friend?...)
I swear I was almost dying at the end... and what do I get? A frigging D... Hurrah! I suck ass!
Anyways, tough I'd upload it just for kicks XD


Edit: Just noticed it XD
If look at my back, you can see a piece of my hair >.>
Yup, it's that big XD

My SSBB Character suggestion

A Rock!

Up B - Act like a rock
Forward B - Pretend to be a rock
Down B - Transforms into... a rock
B - Stands still (rock like way)

Taunt - Do nothing!
Special Attack - Charges a powerful energy to be later released resulting in a massive amount of nothingness

Now tell me, would it, or would it not ROCK!

The flying sheep conspiracy!

Well, I tough I would inaugurate this blog, with a little info for everyone that doesn't know of this already!

The world is being controlled by flying syndicalist sheep!
Don't act surprised... I'm willing to bet that deep inside your heart, you already knew of this, but just never wanted to face it!

Anyways, it's true, all the sheep have the power of flight, even though they cleverly hide it from us (humans) by pretending they are birds! Yes, about 30% of the times when you see a bird flying over you, it's a sheep camouflaged as a bird!
Now you're probably wondering, why is it that sheep in farms don't fly off? Well, i'll tell you why, cause those sheep aren't syndicalist, and as for such, are not given the legal right to fly!
This syndicate is placed high above the clouds, and it's masked to look like one! So if you ever see a cloud, above the normal cloud level, take a picture, cause that's it! Well, anyways, now you're probably wondering ''WTF, how come they are controlling the world?''... Well, the answer to that is simple, they have created a mind control ray, that they use from their syndicate, to control our presidents minds... Yups, it's true!
I, my self, have once met a syndicalist sheep, cause she was running out of energy, and had to made a crash landing directly through my window!! At the moment i was like ''WTFFFFF!?!?!?'', but then she explained everything to me, and asked me for my help.. I did, and now i know of this secret! And from this point on... So do you!

See ya,

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