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R:FOM Review.

So, as Snake(number) suggested, me writing a review on Resistance: Fall Of Man, would be quite fitting. So guess what I did? Well you already know in your minds, so there's no point telling you. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and take a look at my latest review; then rate it as helpful.

Level 19, Gitaroo Man. And Other Stuff.

Yup, I Am Up Another Level But L18 Was Glitch-tastically Fast. But I Was Aware Of It Considering I Had Been Told By Numerous People.

Also, The Black & White Banner Is Gone, I Got Bored Of It All To Quickly. So I Though I'd Do Something, I Don't Know, A Little More Me. It's Got Bright Colours!

And Finally I Want To Write Another Review Of A Game, But I'm Not Sure Which One. Any Suggestions Would Be Happily Accepted. (I Have To Have Played It To Write A Review About It, Btw.)


Unreal Tournament 3 Review For Xbox360 And New Banner

My friend got UT3, and I was immediatly round his house to play it and now my normal service has resumed. I wrote a review about it.

On another note I now have a proper banner, it's rather sh1t and took me about 5 seconds to create on paint. But I like it because of its simplicity and I like things to be simple, rather like myself. Besides the fact I could not be bothered to do a good one. If you can be bothered to do a good one for me (And no, I will not pay you anything for it you scavengers) let me know and I will be very glad if you did so.

TTFN - T1MBO/Dipzy335

Dear Gamespot: I am to say sorry

Lame title for the blog I know, but it sprung to mind and something in my heart told me to do something new, anyway i am sorry for my recent absence; I went to France to see my foreign exchange student people there, It was fun and I even got a list of new msn adresses with .fr at the end to add to the experience. Sorry I didn't tell you before, I guess it all came down to me not really being bothered. (: So have I missed anything important?

Random Blog.

I'm bored and haven't blogged in a while but I'm sorry to say this is all you gonna' get out of me until I get to the next level. TTFN

Spain overwhelm Germany in the Euro 2008 final.

Spain won, deservedly so, and who else to score the winning goal? El Nino (Fernando Torres) the man at Anfield (well, duh ;) (where else?))

Spain outplayed Germany in every respect in the game, Germany should've tried harder.

SMASH! (caps)

My friend got Super Smash Bros. Brawl on friday for his Wii, which meant I simply had to go visit him for the plain fact that I think he's a good friend *cough*. Anway, it is truly immense as i'm sure most of you already know and it's now very convincing to start saving for a Wii.

I played it for just enough to write a short review about it, so feel free to have a read.

You're in Bad Company now.

Yes, i took most of the advice given in one from one of my most recent blogs, (you'll know which one if you're up to date enough ;)) and I splashed the cash on Battlefield: Bad Company and I think I made the right decision.

I already wrote a review, take a lookie! :)