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I have tried many places and i have come up with nothing, so i tried to find the most appropriate forum here on gamespot and hope that i wont get flamed for putting my topic here, anyway i wanna know if you people know where to obtain Gamecube games? except for Ebay and Amazon, Ebay is pretty expensive imo and Amazon is NOT very user friendly what so ever.

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All the problems you mentioned are quite harmless.

The whole "image being pushed to the side" thing did bother me at first as well but i looked up a playthrough of the original PS1 version online and i compared the images and even tho it may appear that the image is pushed to the side you still see the whole picture so dont worry your not missing out on anything.
As for changing discs, when your prompted to switch the discs push the PS button and instead of choosing switch discs (or whatever the option is called) choose reset game (i think thats what its called, something like that anyway) after you choose that you just select the disc you wish to swap to.
And the reason the installation file did not delete it self is because after the latest playstation update, all games that work on both PS3 and PSP do NOT delete themselves you just have to do it manually, so as you can see non of the "Problems" your having are actual problems, well except for the image being pushed to the side but that can be avioded by changing the resolution to original and even if you dont wanna do that you can still see the whole image without changing the resolution.

Happy gaming! ;P 

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F***ING AWESOME! thats all ive gotta say! :D