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'Anarchy Reigns': Where are the Gamers?

Upon recently getting back into Anarchy Reigns, 3rd person brawling title from Platinum Games, I have found that the community and servers that were rich with players in January are lacking in gamers. I own a PS3 and thus do not know what Xbox servers are like, but I can imagine they are as barren as the PS3 servers, with a game that focused so much online isnt this a problem?

Its understandable that games will lose online communities; when playing Brutal Legend the servers were empty. This is far more understandable than the lack of players on Anarchy Reigns, because Anarchy Reigns is a title that was released earlier this year, yet Brutal Legend was released in 2008. The time in which I played Brutal Legend was mid 2011/12 but the point is that story-based games are having online communities which are of 3/4 years old, where did Anarchy Reigns go wrong?

The first reason Anarchy Reigns is dying was its release window, the game was meant to come to the UK on the 6th of July, this release date was achieved by Japan but no-where else. Meaning gamers were playing the game when others were not, thus the variety in skill levels varied greatly, as well as the problem of Japanese gamers getting tired of the game. The second reason would be its marketing, Anarchy Reigns is a game that I can mention to my friends and they wont be able to converse with me about it because they have never heard of such a game. I feel this is a huge problem because if people dont know about the game then they arent going to purchase it. It also comes across as though SEGA didnt trust in their product; they held back on its release and decreased the price in order to guarantee a few sales, if the publishers didnt believe the game would do well should they have asked the developers to improve the gaming experience?

I personally enjoy Anarchy Reigns but feel let down with the game when going online, I have to organise for PSN friends to join my party instead of relying on matchmaking. Meeting players on this game is somewhat uncommon, especially in Europe, and thus I am willing to add players I meet just to be able to enjoy the game. Anarchy Reigns is in no means a bad game and it somewhat saddens me to think the community has almost died out.

If you play Anarchy Reigns it would be great to hear your opinions on the online community, do you still play the game? If not, why not?

'Anarchy Reigns Day One Edition'

I have to say I was devestated when I heard that 'Anarchy Reigns' was almost cancelled in the west and was so dissapointed with SEGA. I have to say today they have redeemed themselves.

Sure I was going to buy this day 1, it was going to be released just after my birthday, thats right the 6th July. It was a day one buy for me. It is being made by Platinum Games... PLATINUM GAMES. They made 'Madworld'. My favorite third party game ever produced on the Wii. It was amazing; the blood and gore was satisfying and the game beamed power into your head. You could do anything; it was a playground.

I loved 'Madworld' and would have given it a 10/10 review in it's day, but now I am more excited. I have 'Anarchy Reigns' to look forward to. I mentioned SEGA Have redeemed themselves and they have done this by bundleing the DLC and 'Bayonetta' into a pre-order for a baragin price of £20 ($30).


I am more than pleased with this and have to say I am going to pre-order this game, it will be my first pre-order as I always wait for a price drop on the game, but this I cannot ignore.

I've been waiting for a year now and I cannot wait anymore, SEGA i thank you, unless you delay it again then you'll be in my bad books.

Goodbye Fear, we shall miss you

I completed 'Silent Hill Downpour' on the PS3 a couple of months back and with a lot of 'Silent hill' related stuff coming out around this time, I decided to pick it up again.

So I turned off the lights, shut my curtains and turned up the volume to immerse myself in what is 'Silent Hill' and I have to say I was petrified. The game makes an amazing atmosphere that makes you paranoid in the world around you. If you hear a noise in real life you panic, the games atmosphere is unsettling to say the least. These types of games create atmosphere that you are unlikely to see in modern gaming.

This is probably the most unsettleing thing about this game, that these types of games are soon to die. 'Silenth Hill Downpour' is terrifying and this is due to making the player feel alone; they feels defenceless against the enemy, place a gun in his hand and 100 clips of ammo and the fear suddenly wears off.

Games like 'Resident Evi'l seem to have gone down this route, I found 'Resident Evil 4' scary, It was tense and the environment you were surrounded by seemed unsettling. I have played 'Resident Evil 5' and that isn't as scary. There are cheap scares here and there that make you jump but the game isn't tense and that is what was missing. You had a large amount of ammo and you didn't feel like the enemies were overwhelming because you had guns, oh dangerous, brutal guns. I cannot comment on Resident Evil 6 as I have not played it, but by all accounts it is an action game that is not 'Resident Evil'.

So I understand there isn't a large demand for horror games, today's gamer likes the FPS genre, but why should we suffer because of that? We see about 3 or more military shooters a year and we are lucky to see one survival horror game. I would like to see another I.P.that embraces the atmosphere of the horror genre. The Creator's of 'Slender', 'Parsec Productions', gave a glimmer of hope for the horror genre. But where will this genre end up, hopefully it will survive for a little longer before losing all it's lives...