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USER IS BANNED (Game over, man. GAME OVER)

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This user has been banned from GameSpot for being a total bad ass. No continues, no restarts-game over. Please remember him as the awesome dude he was, lest you end up flattened by The Banhammer. Always be excellent to each other..... NOT!

XOF Ground Zeroes

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Samaritan tech, Agnus philosophy, Eight Days ???



Kojima once again proved why his the real bloody deal. Best tech demo! The rain effects, darkness, lighting, character models, music and best of all the brief glimpse of gameplay which just blew my mind. I was ready to call it quits to MGS but now Im psyched for another 4 games with this landmark engine. And hopefully it's used for more than just MGS.

Man, get ready for the new standard, next gen has F'ing arrived.


I don't care what's shown in the next 4 months of the year because I know nothing will compare to this. Definitely my highlight of 2012.

New found respect for Nintendo and SSB

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Never understood why SSB -as great as it is- remained the most significant franchise in the genre, almost as if like it's exclusive to SSB. Look at any other genre and there are many franchises that can be considered top but when it comes to party fighters you have a handful and none of them as memorable or lasting as Super Smash Bros. Then it hit me why this will never change, the formula of SSB can be replicated but a lot of these developers look at it from a different or rather wrong point of view. When you have all these IP's coming together in a singular game it looks like an easy cash grab because these characters are well liked by fans. What other developers fail to see is the sincerity behind SSB. Nintendo treats their fans with respect when it comes to the matter, the idea could be annualized and Nintendo would still reap the rewards but they don't do that. SSB is made once a gen and Nintendo puts everything it can to please the fans it's not about DLC abuse, 3rd party product placement and taking fanbase for granted. SSB is truly a love letter to its history and those who follow it.


There is a reason why the fan of SSB get defensive when similar games are introduced, you can tell from a mile away when a game that is replicating what makes SSB so good but doing in a paltry manner. The tell-tale signs are there and that's why no party fighter will ever be as well received by fans or critics. I looked at SSB and thought it would be awesome if Sony does this, or MS or whom-ever, but the reality is the formula is really difficult to produce without falling to the trappings of product placement, DLC abuse and forgetting what made certain characters so special in the first place. Bottom line is you can't make a SSB game as a business, it's not a business making SSB or rather that should not be the driving force. At the risk of sounding sappy it has to be made with love, knowledge and appreciation for the fanbase and a lot of these developers don't give a fudge about fans. There will never be sincerity in a party fighter other than SSB. Which is a shame it but goes to show why Nintendo will stand the test of time.

Funny in SW and other gaming boards on the net gamers always compare PC to console gaming with PC gaming taking victory for pretty much everything, but there is one thing PC gaming will never have, and that's the big N. The Soul of the industry.


sOLiD soldiers never die

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Only takes a patch to breath new new life and make it as good as new. And after as many playthroughs as I have had I really needed an excuse to get into the game again. And what a game it is, graphically it may not hold up to the standards but dear lord it's such a finely crafted experience with solid mechanics. Kojima really put effort even in the most minute of details and for me it's not the about big picture but the attention to detail on the little stuff; awesome dialogue, level interaction, setting the mood, fan service! etc. And most of all the Kojima quirks, man do I love 'em.

I welcome playing this game a couple more times with open arms, never has an experience of a franchise shocked, amazed and blown me away as this one and the conclusion to the character though not Kojima's original vision is one that truly makes for a fitting finale; a great send off to my favourite franchise made wholeheartedly for the fans with utter sincerity. So what are you waiting for? Plat that game!


Kept you waiting, huh?

I got Batman Fever!

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So the whole month in anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises I have been doing a marathon on all Bat related things short of actually dressing like one.... I don't do cosplay. Now what this involves is, well I went back and watched Batman 89 /Batman Returns and although good films they have not really aged well, the characters don't feel right but still as guilty pleasures go they're damn good. Followed by a couple episodes of the animated series which to me is still the definitive depiction of the character and the world.


Played Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games that have helped Batman to finally make his transition to the games industry successfully , not polished to a sheen but it does justice to the world and the character of Batman. And to top it off I have also bought some graphic novels; Long Halloween, Dark Knight Returns and the killing Joke which I will get to soon.


Nolan Trilogy.

Of course since Im doing this for TDKR I had to also revisit Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. To call them comic book films does not do them justice, the depiction of Gotham may not be special but the characters, dialogue and execution is by far the best as far as Batman franchise is concerned in live action.

Now on to Chris Nolan's final film in the trilogy and believe me this really is a trilogy, no spoilers of course. Watching TDKR I have to say you really need to have seen BB and TDK going in because the film heavily references those. For this reason new viewers I feel will not like it as much as TDK but for me it was as strong. Once again characters feel right and have great dialogues none more so than Bane, funny thing is I feel Nolan's version of Bane is the best representation of the character while the other villains are only as good as they're seen in other media. Tom Hardy knocked it out of the park with his body language and expressive eyes, Hathaway as Catwoman was a lot better than I thought she would be and JGL's character definitely made his mark and was strong throughout. With Bruce Wayne we really got see a strong character arc from him I would even go as far to say it was better than what Bruce went through in BB to become Batman. And more than Batman Bale nails Bruce Wayne to a Tee.

So the build up was engaging, the stakes were far higher and the climax very fulfilling, not once did I feel it was bloated but I would have preferred if it was longer to give characters like Bane, Miranda and Alfred more screen time. Also Watching TDKR actually made the previous films stronger for me especially the original.


About Batman.

Now I don't really see myself as a comic book fan or of super heroes in general though I do have a passing interest. The reason Batman for me is so unique and such a strong franchise is not just him but the characters that surround him; Catwoman, Harley, Joker, Freeze, Gordon, Two Face etc. A lot of well realized supporting and villainous characters. Course most of my fandom comes from the animated series and I just love how it combines 50's design with modern sensibilities and gothic tones, sort of like retro dark future.

Now as for the character what I love about Batman most is that he doesn't have parents and nor do I...... GOTCHA! lol. Naw what I love about him is that he doesn't use guns, you can't imagine how much that appeals to me, course there are other super hero characters that don't use them but they have super powers! Which are as good as guns because it gives you power over life and death. Batman is human but trained and his gadgets are all about taking control but never taking life.

So yeah Batman is truly a character stands head and toes above the pack, a symbol for justice.... a watchful protector aaaand I'm quoting Dark Knight....


lala stuff to get through!

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Before I begin I just have to explain my disdain towards the new commenting system for blogs, it's terrible. You can't see the old comments anymore and you don't get notified when new ones are made. Seriously I hate it and want to go back to the ol superior style.

Now, it has come to my attention that I have been on Gamespot for half a decade. Isn't that something. So much history on these internet forums, speaking of internet it really allowed me to see the dark side of gaming. Last generation I didn't have the internet, or a computer because it was something that just didn't cross my mind. Course I was aware of fanboys I mean Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons gave me a simple idea of the meaning. As fas as consoles go I saw it as an acceptance, I had a PS2, Dreamcast and briefly a Gamecube. I know I could afford multiple systems when I was 14 but now only 1 lol. But anyway I enjoyed games and systems without understanding the big deal about what place they are and the difference between exclusive and multiplats. Boy was I wrong in the latter half of the decade. A lot of people do care and it sort of sucked me in this dark world of gaming. Another 5 years and I will probably start feeling nostalgia lol.



So much divide when it comes to this film. For me I haven't seen a sci-fi that engrossed me in the world for a very long time. It tackles much bigger themes than Ridley's past two defining science fiction films and because of that it feels uneven and messy, but never did I feel that it was stupid or dull. The tension just builds up and up the execution is not quiet there but that doesn't stop it from being believable and frightening. A lot of that has to do with Ridley's mastery of using practical affects, set design and just subtle moments that let you take everything in. His team really knows how to make a film grounded and also other-worldly at the same time. Watched it twice and I loved it even more, not to go into spoilers but creature design is amazing. I'm never fond of humanoid looking aliens as I feel it's lazy but here it's just so well done and story wise it makes sense.

Not all the characters are deep or have enough screen time but just about each character make their presence felt. To me its not about have the most lines it's about delivery and that's why its refreshing to have such a film with good characters although at times they seem to act out of character. And seriously Fassbender doesn't let up, favourite performance of the film and of Fassbender. Noomi as Shaw was also superb, as good as Ripley in the first film. Fifield, Janeck and others all amazing.

So yeah I loved Prometheus, it's not a perfect sci fi like Alien or Blade Runner but the DNA is there. Scott has shown that with age he has still got it, although I really don't want a Blade Runner sequel but at least I know he has the chops to pull it off in his late 70s.

[spoiler] pro [/spoiler]

4 Years of MGS4.

Since the amazing fantastic Solid Snake saga came to a close 4 years ago Im going to go ahead and explain 4 things I didn't like about the title. Enough time has passed for me to be able to really let the most amazing franchise ending have that 1-2 upper for the perfect 10 score. lol.

  1. I didn't like that a background joke character like Johnny being such a big deal in MGS4, not only that but marrying Meryl!? The hell man. Now Kojima could have seen the story this way from the beginning but MGS4 is the first time I felt he was just making it up as he went along. The franchise has a lot of quirky moments but the Johnny/Meryl shoot out scene in Out Haven was just cringe-worthy.
  2. And as for Out Haven act, it could have been a lot longer. I really wish it started off similar to the Tanker opening in MGS2. Stealth your way through a large part of the beginning, see some sexy posters and then continue the way the act is now.
  3. Raiden should have died. Ive always liked the character but to me it felt like he would die doing a noble deed, course he did so in MGS4 and his death would have been amazing. There is just no way being crushed by Out Haven ship would leave his body in tip-top condition. It could have added to his character arc.
  4. Old Snake should have died! In fact the whole ending to MGS4 is nonsense fan pandering. Kojima should have never listened to his colleagues and should have went with his original execution ending. It would have mirrored The Bosses demise; fighting for her people, her country and then the same country shunning the legend in order to prevent further wars. Would have been amazing, but now Snake has to be killed off screen while partying. Sigh.

Most of the complaints gamers have like nanomachines, long cutscenes, installing I have no problem with it's just how some of the story elements just seem forced. In the end the game still feels MGS and does a fantastic job. But now after witnessing the 4 games this is how I put them; MGS2>MGS1>MGS3>NGS4. It comes down to the fact that I enjoyed MGS more when Kojima didn't feel pressure from fans and Konami by changing the story and characters and for that MGS2 is the series in its purest form and the one I have most enjoyment with in the franchise.



With the future of Metal Gear series in Platinums hands here's hoping they are able to turn RISNG into its own IP that redefines action genre the same way MGS did for stealth. But at the end of the day.... I just got a Platinum trophy in Yakuza 4 :p


First Platinum trophy in my main account. I am close with many games but my excitement for Yakuza 5 made me go back to the fourth game and just complete it 100%. Not easy or hard but 70-80 hours of play and there's a lot to do. Mahjong, Pachinko? No idea how to play them before Yakuza 4. It's seriously a title that not appeals to my inner child that still can't let go of Dreamcast and Shenmue but also to my love of Japanese cinema and Yakuza films. Seriously go watch 2003's Gozu. Anyway amazing game and Im ready for more sanbox yakuza action.

Finally E3 time.

Best most favourite moment of E3.


Doesn't get better than this :)

The Raid a.k.a Game of Death 2.0

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John Woo eat your heart out! If there is one movie that blends fierce shooting action and inventive martial arts that needs to be watched this year, ti's this one. I was seriously in awe by the time the credits started rolling, the last time an action film made me want to give it a standing ovation was Ip Man with its hard hitting moves, and before then it was Ong Bak, elbow to the head!

I don't want to give too much away but then again it's not like story was the main focus. Basically a group of elite soldiers have to get this drug lord who is hiding on the top floor of a 30-story building. And they got more than they bargained for; bullets fly, bones break, fists all up in yo face. Avengers got nothing on this!


Searching the main actor of the film -because you know he may take the mantle from Jackie Chan- I found out that this could get a sequel! I hope so, it's So good. Watch it everyone! After seeing this I don't know if Expendables 2 will be able to match the intensity and excitement. Watching explosions and loud noises is one thing, but seeing an intimate tight corridor battle, now that is something else.

Game of the year 2000-2010

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With the year fast approaching its demise I feel I must reflect and look back at the top games of the past decade, my games of the year for each year since beginning of the millennium.


  • Shenmue.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Tekken Tag Tournament. (Best Tekken game to this day)
  2. Jet Set Radio. (Addictive gameplay and amazing visuals)

SEGA'S long awaited game finally hit the retail shelves, and you know what? It lived up to my expectation and then some. The world felt alive and the story gripping, plus with the intriguing gameplay I loved every bit of it. Just talking to the NPC's was a joy, truly ahead of its time with production values and such.


  • Jak & Daxter.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Devil May Cry. (Frantic action like never seen before, this game rocked!)
  2. Skies of Arcadia. (Superb RPG with amazing characters and breathtaking scenery)

The most vibrant game of the year and still holds its own to this day with its amazing visual sty1e. 2001 was a great year for games but none so made me felt as good in teh heart as running around the world in Jak and Daxter and finding those eco eggs.


  • Metal Gear Solid 2.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Onimusha 2. (Feudal Japan never looked so good, and the character friendship angle was intriguing)
  2. Virtua Fighter 4. (With VF4 Sega proved its dominance in the 3D fighting arena)

Being a huge fan of MGS I was looking forward to MGS2 with baited breath. The E3 2000 unveil blew me away and the actual game? Yeah it was the best stealth game of its time, way ahead visually then anything released on consoles. Kojima managed to pull off a lot of gaming hates like escort mission and water levels, and a new playable character after the tanker section? GENIUS!


  • SSX3.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner. (This was ZOE fully realised, space action like never before with a completely new visual sty1e)
  2. Jak II. (The dark setting put me off at first but it still retained what made the first one so good but with added guns and a hover-board!)

Favourite extreme sports title of all time, SSX3 took what was so great about Tricky but made it realistic without losing all the charm. Going from top of the mountain to the bottom never felt so good.


  • Project Zero 2.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Sly 2. (The game almost came out of nowhere and really surprised me with its captivating gameplay and characters.)
  2. Onimusha 3. (I always felt Onimusha series needed to have a french influence, good thing it worked and kept the amazing gameplay intact with added time travel awesomeness. Plus Jean Reno!)

A slow year for me being busy with exams meant I couldn't dedicate enough time on games so didnt buy as much. But from the ones I played Project Zero 2 really hit it home. A sense of foreboding atmosphere and dread that rivals my favourite SH2. My favourite in the PS2 trilogy.


  • Metal Gear Solid 3 &...
  • God of War.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Resident Evil 4. (A landmark title that reinvented RE for the new generation, many imitated but none surpassed, even future RE games)

Best year for gaming in the decade I coudn't choose so I decided to give the award to 2 titles. MGS3 because OMGZ Big Boss and Cold War setting and God of War because it was the biggest surprise of the year. Beautifully paced and suitably epic.


  • Shadow of the Colossus.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Dragon Quest VIII. (I couldn't put this game down, the variety and sty1e hooked me from beginning to end and boy did this game not end)

I was surprised to see this studio go from a subtle and small game to a behemoth like SoTC. And they didn't lose their visual sty1e or integrity along the way. This game felt every bit as special as ICO. And it has influenced so many titles.


  • God of War 2.

Honourable mentions:


New gen didn't interest me and the old one was losing steam. But Sony did the impossible, gave PS2 its swan song in the wake of a new generation. God of War 2 made it easy for me to not give a crap about new systems for at least another year. To many it is considered the best in the series and it's understandable, I mean the game is exceptionally paced and amazingly varied. A new gaming icon was officially made.


  • Metal Gear Solid 4.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Valkyria Chronicles. (Turn based RPG in a current generation!? VC was slow but oh so good. The watercolour visuals instantly draws you in and the methodical takes time but to get into but once you you realise how special this experience is.)

So I jumped into a new generation. And seeing as how both MGS2 and MGS3 are my much loved games of last gen it felt right to start the new with none other than MGS4. And what a way to start, MGS4 was AMAZING! From the Octocamo, to the gunplay, new environments and intense story. Kojima delivered imo the perfect end to Solid Snake story.


  • Uncharted 2.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. (Purple mist aside NGS2 was fan-friggen-tastic, and with 3 extra sexy ninjas! best hack n slash game this gen imo)
  2. Batman Arkham Asylum (OMG a superhero game that is actually good!? strike that, fantastic!)

ND went all the way with this one. It's ridiculous how many awards its won. And from a glance you may think it's overrated but ND did what MGS4 tried to do, it effectively meshed story-telling, cinematic sty1e and jaw dropping set piece gameplay into one perfect package, you weren't watching the intense action unfold you were right there in the thick of the action and fantastic adventure. This game is Indiana Jones in videogame form.


  • Demon's Souls.

Honourable mentions:

  1. God of War 3. (Not quite the end of the trilogy it could have been but still gripping and with the best gameplay in the series, Kratos never looked so good)

I hate it no it's awesome... fuu it's bad! Nah it rocks! Yeah Demon's Souls was frustrating but so damn absorbing. The atmosphere was so strong I felt strangled by it. Not to mention great soundtrack and perfect gameplay. You died? Well then it's your fault because DS is 100% fare.

As for 2011, well HERE you go. I couldn't ask for a better start to a new decade gaming wise.


I hope everyone had a good a year, a nice christmas and soon a great beginning to an all new exciting year of gaming :)

My most anticipated films for 2012

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Expendables 2

You would think I have had enough but no as soon as I finished watching the original I was excited about a sequel without even knowing it would happen. I may not have grown up in the 80s but I certainly watched the amazing action films from that era in the 90s; Rambo, Running Man, Kickboxer, Rocky 4, Die Hard. Man they really don't make action movies like they used to and that's exactly why a film like Expendables is needed. Not only to see an 80s throw-back but to see the action stars of bygone era's go at it again. And this time Van Damme and Noris are on board plus a bigger showing from Bruce Willis and Arne. This is going to be good.

The Dark Knight Rises

Truth be told I really didn't like the fact Bane was cast as the antagonist, I really wanted Riddler or Two-Face(again). But the more I came to know about the movie from footage and interviews I slowly realised I was in the wrong. Not being a comic book fan my knowledge of Bane mainly stemmed from movies and the cartoon series. And since he didn't have much of showing in the series I figured Bane was just a muscle head like portrayed in *shudders* Batman & Robin. So you can see why I was upset over the choice. Course then I came to know Bane has a lot more going on. TDK is a hard act to follow but I can see this movie being really entertaining non-the-less.

Django Unchained

From a Jewish WWII Revenge story to Slavery. Leave it to Tarantino to rewrite history. Inglourious was so good that I still debate whether I prefer it over Quintin's earlier masterpiece Pulp Fiction. Really memorable characters especially C. Hans Landa, and Im happy to hear Waltz will also be playing a role in Django. That alone makes me excited lol. Im sure the movie will be oozing with style and great banter. Course the trademark feet shots and Spaghetti Western influence also help, lol. Can't wait!

And for the number 1. The film I can't wait for and am salivating just by thinking about it....





[spoiler] PROMETHEUS [/spoiler]

Or better Known as Ridley Scott's (The guy who made my top 2 favourite scifi films Alien and Blade Runner) semi-prequel semi-new story to the original Alien. I am so hyped for this even the fact it's being filmed in 3D and possibly a PG-13 doesn't put me off..... cause I know the directors cut will be the one true version, lol. I have sort of drifted away from the genre with only a few films that I can say are truly amazing, like District 9 and Moon. And even then it seems the genre is past its prime. People don't want gritty/dirty awesome sci fi when they can have Star Wars, Star Trek and.... ugh Avatar. *Flame shield active* lol. But if there is one director who can convince me it's Ridley Scott.

I am literally hanging on to every news that gets leaked for the movie which is not really a good idea but I can't help it. A fantastic cast and and best of all they're actually building sets and such, you know instead of being 100% CGI. Judging by the past decade I am not sure if Scott can pull it off but I will have faith and remain optimistic. Seriously the trailers and footage I have seen are beyond epic. Whether the Xenomorph make a return or not doesn't bother me but it's good to know Giger is also involved, so one expect some freaky design choices which are both disturbing.... and arousing. I just hope the film doesn't over expose and go all action like the sequels/spin-offs since Alien. But I am all for a bigger, badder and more epic experience. Bring it on.


Well there you go, of course I fully expect there to be hidden gems amongst the big blockbusters and also top movies in world cinema, and I'll be looking forward to watch most of them :)