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Read, and you'll get a cookie!!!Bout Me

Err hey, this is stuff about me. Im special ain't I?

Name: Never gonna tell you

Location: Never gonna tell you


Video Games: MGS4 is my current game Im playing, preety much I'll get my hands on any game thats enjoyable. Wether it be online or for a video game system, if its cheaper its better for me in the end.

Music: Everything from Alternative Rock to Death Metal, Some of my favorite songs are Stairway to Heaven, Children of The Grave, Fell Good Inc., Guess Im doing fine, Soldier of Fortune. I could list for a couple paragraphs but thats boring isn't it?

Food: Sushi, and almost any Asian food. I love going to a Local Japanese restruant. I'll eat almost anything, I even will eat vegatables, preferblly Zucini and Summer Squash.

Sports/Etc: Judo, a Japanese Martial Art focousing on Throws and Ground Fighting; Mixed Martial Arts or MMA.

Have I ever dated: No =(

What CDS should I buy?

I recently got Dio: The Metal Years and Black Sabbath Greatist Hits 1970-1978. Now I don't know what to get next. Beatles "1" compilation CD. I just started listening to them and I enjoy several songs. Becks "Modern Guilt", Nightwish "Dark Passion Play" or "Highest Hopes (complitation", Children of Bodoms "Are you Dead yet" and Iron Maidens new compiltation cd.

I hope I can bring it down to about 3. I do have ulimited napster downloads. But I should get that to work....and I really like purchasing actual cds instead.

The DoomGuy Shot Mario: A explanation on Shooters and not the italian mafia

Today shooters seem to be the most popular genre, with games like Halo, Call of Duty and Resistance. For a genre that is newer then the Puzzle,RPG and Platformer. With Games shrouded in the "HATE" some Politicians gear towards, without Shooters, Video Games may have not been hated. But they probally wouldn't be as popular.

Lets go back in time.....

Wolfenstein 3D:

The first time Wolfenstein 3D was released was 1992. Back then, alot of people where playing the NES, the new release of the Genesis and SNES where just coming there way and the future of gaming was getting slicker and shinnier. Unfournutley, my parents married at this time and I wasn't born to see those days my first game being Goldeneye 007. It didn't get its sucess, and not enough people where out there to Bash the Heads of Nazis. A new game under the name Wolfenstein is coming soon, if its any good. We don't know yet.


Doom first releashed in 1993, a year after the Wolfenstein 3D. This game actually got sucess and is loved by many. So basically you where on Mars. Thought you where gonna kill aliens, unforuntley some creatures from Hell come along and stir up a little fight. The game became Popular, the military started using it for training soldiers to clear out rooms. My dad even played it in his office at work (intill later caught, as he crushed the Spider Mastermind). Some people blame Doom for cuasing the Colombine School Massacre and preety much every school massacre since. Can't they just LEAVE US ALONE! Dang wheres Chris Crocker to say LEAVE THEM ALONE! Doom preety much paved the way for Shooters, most of them where just Doom clones intill some more Orginal People showed up.


Quake the third game on my list of id Software games, yes all of my listed games are from ID software. They also made games called Commander Keen and Rage, Commander Keen although was not a shooter and instead a Platformer.

Duke Nukem 3D:

Blamed for murder and pornograpic material, its a game made by a diffrent company 3D Realms. They've made alot of games, too much to make a list for atleast. So I'll leave it at that, apparently there first game was about the Titanic, what game could do that all you need to say: The End, most people died and a few got away HappY?


GoldenEye007 is a legendary game, and being James Bond doesn't hurt. The theme song bounces into my head and memories of being a little kid come back to me, oh and the Big Head Midget cheat...

Later Games and Beyond:

Games like Halo and Medal of Honor hit the scene, soon after Call of Duty. In more recent times Resistance,Rainbow Six and 3rd Person Gears of War. As the game industry goes up, and Casual Gamers appear. The future of the shooter is the point between Hardcore and Casual, fun and action packed, and cross-genre shooters like Bioshock apear. The game industry goes up, it seems like Shooters are up there with Platformers,Puzzles and RPGS.


Oh Crap another Halo!

Theres gonna be an other halo (actually its just a rumor right now) said to a be a cross off something like Ghost Recon and Gears of War.

Is it me or is Halo kinda getting old, my friends Jimmy and Trevor are big Halo fan (I enjoy Halo when I play at friends house's becuase I own a Ps3). But they kinda say: Halo 1=awesome, Halo 2=Just as Awesome, Halo 3=Kinda getting old.

What I wanna see at E3

I really wanna see some big things for Little Big Planet and Resistance 2. I also wanna see what Nintendo will be releaseing for the DS Square Enix is what im really looking forward too though.

Another Music Post: Black Sabbath

Ahh Black Sabbath, with the famous riff of Iron Man, the same song, Paranoid and War Pigs have all been in Guitar Hero games. They seem to be the most popular three songs and mysteriously there all from the same alblum (Paranoid).

This is where some people end up loving the band or abousuletey hating them. But hating them for those songs seem wierd, they may be great but there not nesscerily the best (in my opinion). Also each alblum (Im only counting one's with Ozzy, I also liked Dio but after that Black Sabbath wasn't really Black Sabbath).

I mean there first ablum was a self-titled ablum that had a heavy bass (in alot of songs) and had a Satanic Feel. With the songs with names like N.I.B (Natvity in Black), Evil Women, Solitude and Black Sabbath. Seem dark and mysterious. The bands name is preety intresting, the Bassist Weezer Butler was into Cults and such. The band had recently been confused with another British band called Earth (Sabbaths old name). They thought it was wierd people would pay money for horror films (the film was actually named Black Sabbaht) to get scared, so they thought about scary music. But Butler had a dream one night, seeing a dark figure standing at the end of his bed. So he wrote the song Black Sabbath, and the name stuck to the band. In reality Sabbath means a day of rest in religions like Christanity,Judaism and Islam (Such as Sunday in Chirstanity). So a Black Sabbath is a little wierd right?

Then came the Paranoid alblum, not much to say here. Other then many major hits and the start of the bands future. I dont hate the alblum theres just not much to Say here I guess. There was alblums like Master of Reality (Children of the Grave,Master of Reality,Symptom of the Universe). There was Sabotage and a few others before Ozzys Departure, where he was a succesful solo artist.

They later reunited, and its the original line-up now.

The point is, Black Sabbath is one of the greatest bands in history a nd don't just think about the popular songs. Really explore there other songs.

Fourth of Ju-LIE! *Not Julie, Lie, like Lieing*

Just wanted to inform everyone, the Decleration of Independance was finalized on JULY 2ND, and not the Fourth. In a city in the U.S (don't know witch) they where gonna celebrate it, well it turns out, it was the 3rd. So in a desperate atempt they bumped al celebrations up to the 4th. Also it took years for each member to sign the Declaration.

The school system lied to us.

Guitar Hero = Sell Out.

After selling 300 K copies and getting a 6/10 from Gamespot and 3/5 from X-Play. Also bringing the series onto a PORTABLE system, where people really can only say bad things about it. You've got Guitar Hero: Sell Out edition. It seems today im seeing like 10 guitar heros a year, while other games can take years to make. This year already: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Guitar Hero: On Tour, and Guitar Hero IV: World Tour.

Thats three games in one year, when you could spend more money on making one much better game.

It really makes no sense to me when the games keep getting worse and worse and more and more people are buying them. Oh and don't forget, Guitar Hero IV is just an Updated Version of Rock Band.

There fun games, but extremley overrated and they just keep getting worse and worse. Im no longer buying a Music game. Id rather go and buy an actual instrument for the SAME PRICE.

Soon to be purchased?

I really don't know what im getting next, I may be buying a Gamecube off my friend, also Im gonna buy a bunch of SNES games. Probally a Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mario Kart and Doom. As for my Playtation 3, im ethier getting Battlefield: Bad Company or MGS4 soon. Possibly both in the next month or so. Hopefully I can eventually buy some other old Nintendo Systems, Probally a N64 next.

Outside of the gaming world Ive been listening to some new music, mainly Weezer and Iron Maiden.

Also I've been getting some wierd weather, constant thunder storms and small sprinkles just about every day.

Happy Summer everyone, Wii Impressions

Happy Summer to everyone at Gamespot, I hope you enjoy being outta school as much as I do*.

*If you live in Australia or your yet to leave school, I apologize for that incovience.

Just thought I'd drop in and make a quick Wii Impressions. My friend recently got a Wii.

Now I didn't play any games other then Wii Sports, but I do have to say the controls get hard to get used to when your making a MII. Witch making a Mii is extremly fun BTW. All games on Wii Sports are enjoyable and don't underestimate such a game.