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Basically just to let you people know i'm here sometimes posting again :P

Actually i got exams goin now. :| but that doesnt matter

take some time, relax a bit/ made some pretty kool sigs just now.


Another one :D

Hi there friends. Here somemore i made it just now with the same tuts :D

Feel free to comment.:wink:

It took me 2 hours to finish those. I'll be grateful if u people give some feedback.:)

My blog is kind of short. Hope u people dont mind.

Back to PS for awhile (2nd EDITION)

It's been a long holiday for me.(currently in progress) Waiting for the call to university soon. So lately i back to my photoshop cs2 and try to call back my ability on doing design.

I made 2 sigs lately with some help of lovely tuts. Here are those..

Feedback for my work is very appreciated :) I hope u people like it. >_>

I wonder if there is Photoshop CS3 now because i'd love to try it.. All i know it's in beta only for now. If got any info about Cs3 pls tell me. >_>

Hello Gamespoter!

Eh! S_F've been away for quite some times. And he's really missing his fellow friends!

Watsssup Gamespotters!! :roll: *Gaming*

Sorrry no pictures on my recent blogs because imma using old PC. Laptop's in the factory. [Since my CS2 is on my laptop] It's been long time didnt get onto CS2. Darn my pro skills are fading, man. :(

Guess it's not necessary to update my profile looks since it still looks nice for me. Wakaka. Feel free to post some feedback about my profile looks. :roll:

Ok then. Tata:arrow:

Revenge of the Fallen

OMFG!!! An Audi R8 from the beginning at Shanghai showdown. Kool. No doubt will be the Car of the year for 2009 definitely.:D

Ravage looks kool on the debut sent by Soundwave on the satellite. And there is one thing i find that Michael Bay is making Decepticons too weak on the 2. Making Optimus the hero...and Megatron cant even stand a M1 tank attack. Feel sad for him..

It's a great movie, one of the best movie in June. Go watch it >>

Song of the Day : Greenday - 21 guns (Recommended):D

P.S : May you rest in peace Michael Jackson. You're the King of Pop. you change the history of musics. you will always be remembered. you're the musics legend. It's absolutely a priviledge for having you to lived in same generation with us. May god bless you.

Let the French youth revolution begin

:o First off, gonna be gone for some :roll: enjoy urself ppl >_>


Things turns out interesting. Last nite was Frenchman vs Italian at Letzigrund Stadium. France 2-0 defeated by Italy and eliminated from European Championships. Well, Domenech, "ur ideas are old".:roll:.

France = world champions in 1998, kings of Europe two years later and just 24 months removed from a spot in the World Cup final - is just like that bus. No direction. No leadership. And it's stuck in an embarrassing and confusing jam. Now France current team is not as strong as they did anymore juz like last time. Time for revolution.

Well, on the other hand, I finally catch up with Naruto Shippuden:P quite interesting. And also playing some stupid game on mah NDs, Speed Racer. >_> quite nice actually. Need more fans:P

Game of da day: Dota (warcraft 3 frozen throne 2.0) Strongly recommended. Stop plying ur 360 and ps3. come into PC world!'s a 5v5 team game.
Here for more info. play with GG-client. If u got an account, tell me and i'll add u :wink:

:idea: Did u know?

Children grow faster in springtime. :|

Featured song of da day: Leona Lewis = Better in time


-Naruto Shippuden-

Jeez economy is not getting kool man..

What else to say? Price hikes for petrol, diesel and electricity in MAH place man. then wat? I will become poor lo :cry: Not kool man..:(

Jeez, pwn the government @ss! :twisted: >__> And out of that i've update my profile again. go check it ^^:D Oh! and one thing. Bleach is entering into boring part again juz like Naruto. Damn..

:idea: Did u know?

If a women reaches her 50th birthday without cancer or heart disease, she can expect to celebrate her 92th. :)

Featured song of da day: Buckcherry = Sorry



Your American Idol 2008

And this is it! The finalist of the competition, David Cook (25-years-old) has won the title of American Idol 2008 which is the 7th American Idol last few days. I know this is a bit late to post this blog but at least i post it right now.:roll: I suppose u all should have already know this news. But since u've come, leave a comment or else to show ur attendance to my blog:P

Well got to say he's one of my favourite singer atm. I knew earlier that he's gonna win this season's competition when i 1st saw him. A very nice guy, he was a bartender before this. He accompanied his brother (who very want to be an idol ) to the audition at first and finally it's he David but not his brother, turns out to be the Idol. Wow:shock: His brother fault....:P

And here u are......The American Idol, David Cook singing the winning song, Time of My Life. I like his voice. very nice...Enjoy.


Special sig made for David Cook.:D

:idea: Did u know?

It's impossible to lick ur elbow.:|

Featured song of the day: David Cook = Time of My Life

Man Utd the Kings of Europe!

And yes! Manchester United has juz crowned champions of Europe for the third time after a dramatic penalty shoot-out victory over Chelsea at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. C.Ronaldo missed the penalty, in fact he's bad in penalty shootout. Well, I think he's too pressure at that time.

"When I missed the penalty, I thought we were going to lose," he said.

Luckily John Terry slipped on the run up and hit the post. If not Chelsea gonna win it. I'm anti-Chelsea. >_> And later the final shot taken by Chelsea forward, Anelka was saved by Man Utd hero Van Der Sar, means they win the shootout:D And wat? Celebration time. and *champagne time*8) Congrats Man Utd!

And other news = Reporter was interviewing Ronaldo about his future plan whether he's leaving Man Utd or not after the game.

"No, no, going to stay", he said after the emotional night at Moscow UEFA final. Great news for those MU fans. >_>

Oh! one thing, i juz change my banner. Not a very good work but for me it's comfortable in looking at it.:P >_> Laterz guys.

:idea: Do u know? Rats are special.

Rats cant throw-up.:|

Featured song of the day: Simple Plan = Your love is a lie.