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Friends from the Smallville forum, Were are you all??

Its been awhile since I have blogged, and in doing so, I was wondering were have all my friends from the Smallville Forum has gone or been? So I do hope that by me blogging this, some of you will see this and respond to it. So old friends, lets unite! Thanks SupermanNYC!

Happy New Year To Everyone

I see I'm late on my Christmas wishes to all, but just made my Happy New Year wishes before the big day. Again, not much to blog about this time around, but onlykeeping you all in mind! Have a safe and healthy New Year. Lets make 2009 the best it can be.

SupermanNYC's Welcome back borikuarocks ! Rocks Returns

Just wanted to welcome back a dear friend of mine " borikuarocks

I have decided to make this blog in your honor! Since the last 2 yrs or 3, I really can't remember, but the Smallville forum has not been the same. I can remember the first time we had it out on the boards and how it all went down. After that, we got to exchange really good info on comics, Superman and Smallville and all the good stuff that comes with comic book reader. So I'm just blogging to say "Welcome Back borikuarocks "

I didn't know they Cancelled "The Batman" animated series.

Anyone know just why they cancelled The Batman? I was looking for the season premiere and just to find out that they ended this animated series. Whats going on here. DCAU has not one show on TV right now. They even stop showing Superman:The Animated Series, Batman:The Animated Series, and i really don't know if they stopped showing Justice league Unlimited on Boom. The thing is, since I can remember, they have always had some kind of DCAU on TV and now I don't see any. Even Marvel got "The spatacular Spiderman" on the CW. So anyone know just what happen? I mean they cancelled it right when the JLA was being introduced in different episodes. What happen???

It's Premiere Week, What will you be watching?

I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks now and just had to find something to blog about. Now that the new season is starting. I would love to know what will you all be watching. There are the return of shows and there are new shows to watch. I tell you, Mondays will now be the same :lol:! With Smallville and Supernatural coming back, I know what my Thursday nights will be like. Some shows have started already, like Prision Break! There's even a new show on HBO called True Blood, I didn't catch the opener but I checked out the show last night and loved it. So if there are any new shows out there that I have missed, please let me know So I can check them out as well. Okay, whats your thoughts on the new shows that coming out??

Micheal Phelps To do Saturday Night Live

Something I had blogged about in my last Blog, Micheal Phelps acting! Yes people I was right. I just found out that Micheal will be doing some acting after all. He will be doing Saturday Night Live on the 13th of September. We all know that its no second take when you do this show. Now we can see just what this young guy is made of. I see more acting jobs ahead. What are your thoughts people?

Something I just found:

August 27, 2008 Michael Phelps to host Saturday Night Live

Michael Phelps' victory lap on NBC continues, with the swimmer booked to make his acting debut on the 34th season premiere of "Saturday Night Live."

Phelps will host the sketch comedy series when it premieres Sept. 13, along with musical guest Lil Wayne (Phelps listened to the New Orleans rapper's "I'm Me" on his iPod to get amped for races, you'll recall).

Though it might seem like an awkward pairing, several professional athletes have hosted the show in years past (Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning...).

NBC is banking on viewer interest in Phelps continuing even though his Olympics quest to win eight gold medals has finished. Phelps is a guest on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Sept. 8 and the network picked up the broadcast rights to the 2009 World Swimming Championship from Rome and USA Swimming National Championships.

Micheal Phelps, Would make a good Aquaman!!

Since he was 15 he started winning in the Olympics, and then came 19 four years ago! Now at 23, about 6'4" tall, I would love to see this guy take on the role as AC (Aquaman) in a motion movie, not just TV! He's gotten too big for TV now! I think he could make a good Aquaman. man can this guy swim. Yes he may need some acting lessons, but that shouldn't take much time. So what do you people think??
U.S. men's 4x200-meter free****relay team first swimmer Michael Phelps smiles with a gold medal and a U.S. flag during an awarding ceremony after the team set a world record to win the swimming competition in the National Aquatics Center at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2008. (AP / Thomas Kienzle)