Call of Duty and Halo, what's the difference?

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Hey, it's my 2nd blog post now and I want to write about people fighting about Call of Duty and Halo.

Call of Duty and Halo are both FPS, but very different in many ways.

I'll start with the realism. Call of Duty and Halo are BOTH the SAME in realism. Here is why.

Call of Duty: You can scope and aim more accurately, there are alot of realistic stuff but not enough pain reactions, healing health and the crossfire thing makes the game not that realistic, compared to some other. This gives the realism a 3 out of 5.

Now, Halo might be a bit non-realistic because of the crossfire, health and shield display etc. but you play as a SPARTAN-II there, a super soldier in a HIGH TECHNOLOGY SUIT , which is why the visor can show crossfire , health and ammo. That's because it's the suit. And no pain reactions and shaking stuff is because a SPARTAIN-II is a SUPER SOLDIER, as I mentioned before. He might not feel that much pain, he is very strong etc. but since this hasn't happened yet, it's very unlikely stuff like that would even happen in the future. This also gets a 3 out of 5 in realism.

Now, many people have talked about the graphics and both of the games have simply taken one step before the other one between each game, but right now the graphics are just the SAME.

First, Call of Duty and Halo: Combat Evolved was released, they both we're equal in the graphics. When Call of Duty 2 was released, they we're better than Combat Evolved BUT, Halo 2 simply beat that and then Call of Duty 3 comes and wins Halo 2. Later Halo 3 comes and wins again, and then Modern Warfare and all that other crap wins that. Right now there is Black Ops. & Modern Warfare 2 vs. Halo: Reach and Halo 3, and they are all equal in graphics.

The multiplayer gameplay has been argued about for quite a long time. I have to say once again, THEY ARE BOTH THE SAME.

Call of Duty has a good, fast gameplay where you cannot survive easily. It's just simply less than 10 shots, you're dead. Call of Duty has always had some cool stuff like air-strikes and helicopters etc, which is quite fun and useful in many situations. Call of Duty has always had a interesting story, and feels like you are in a real war. Call of Duty has always had a good multiplayer with the zombie mode and stuff, but Halo wins that with Firefight. In Halo, there is a bit bigger multiplayer gameplay though, you can control tanks, drive 3 person cars with turrets, survive in Firefight together and a Co-op campaign. The Halo campaigns had always been very good, sometimes touching and always have a very VERY good ending.

So, there is no difference between Halo and Call of Duty, those games just have different themes. They are both the same fun, but different in weapons, theme, time and some other things, but they are the same in the gameply, graphics, realism and other things.

How great movies get ruined by terrible games. (Also Dead Space's Puzzle Fail)

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So, today I saw yet another of those crap games that throw great movies into hell. It's really sad to see how it works.

Games like Ratatouille, Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer and Bionicle Heroes simply ruin the great movies, like Bionicle Heroes ruins all the 3 Bionicle movies that I loved as a 7-year old.

I also used to watch Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer around 10 times every christmas when I was 3-6 years old. Now when there is a game about it, I saw it and the story mode only took TEN MINUTES. There wasn't even 4-players, just 2 maximum and the game was so small, it only had 4 minigames that last for 1½ minutes. There we're no real cutscenes, just a snowman talking rubbish and in the end, he holds his finger in front of his mouth and says "As for Rudolph and the others, let's just say they will go down in history.", which means, they died.

Bionicle heroes was terrible because it had no real storyline. The aiming was bad and it was like a messed up version of Borderlands. I regret I paid 25 euros for that game. It's also like a LEGO game, but it only uses some of the great features normal LEGO games use (Like Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones etc.)

Ratatouille was a nightmare to play through, it had so many glitches and bugs that it was nearly unplayable.

About the Dead Space Puzzle fail, Dead Space had made a game called "Dead Space: Ignition" which seemed quite good, but it was like Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer and only had 4 minigames, a bad storyline with bad voice acting, just a comic cutscene thing and was VERY short. That game went to the game hell too.

I feel bad for everyone who payed money for those games, they we're complete disasters. It feels horrible to see these things hitting the shelves and online marketplaces.

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