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I am going to try and resurrect the unions, my blog goes into more detail but as a web developer, this system wouldn't be hard to develop, GS is just flat out lazy...
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Sounds awesome
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[QUOTE="Abbeten"]I think Joss Whedon is a fine filmmaker and I like his stuff a lot. I hate hate hate hate Joss Whedon fans though.

Pretty much this unfortunately :P
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I have to say the Nolan theme, but I also love the 60's theme, it is hilarious. :P
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I personally don't, but if I do it would be something quite light.
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[QUOTE="Superironic"]Nearly everyday, but I don't think I would be able to go through it as I know I will put my family and friends through hell if I did. So I am stuck here for the time being.MikeMoose

That's exactly how I am. I personally would never know if I was gone, but I can't even bare to think about the impact it would have on my friends and family. Screw suicide, life is worth living man.

Well I don't think it is, but for others it is and I wouldn't want to rob them of that, even if that means carrying on a bit more. But I guess life can be a bit of fun sometimes, even though it is temporary.

Hell no, suicide is for the weaks. We should always get help no matter how bad our problems might be.

From someone who has tried almost everything, your so called 'help' doesn't fix everyones problems. Don't get me wrong, it can for some people (whether that is therapy, anti-depressants or just simply talking about the problems) but some problems aren't so easily fixed to the point that suicide seems to be the only solution.
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I like to think I am correct and be proven wrong, but I disagree that this is close minded. If you are proven wrong and still don't accept the truth, then that would be close minded. If instead you are proven wrong and learn from your mistakes (which is what I do (or try to do anyway)) then that would be open minded instead. Of course, it depends on the subject, if all the facts are there then there is no doubt about it, but if it is a topic that is based more on opinion, then I probably will remain skeptical of the other persons argument.
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I miss certain aspects of it, yes, but I do enjoy the freedom of being an adult much more.
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A fictional character
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Video games and my trusty right hand ;)