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Unions V3

Sorry I have been gone for awhile, everytime I have logged on to GS I immediately remember why I never log on as much. I have given GS every chance to redeem themselves and they just keep screwing it up. So I am going to step in! After these exams, I am going to start developing Unions V3. Unions V3 will contain all the functionalities of the GS Unions, plus all the functionalities that Unions V2 offered before it got scratched and didn't deliver and a few extra's I personally wish to implement. I know GS is going to be pissed at me but I have given them every single redeeming chance and they have failed to deliver on every occasion. The more I get into web development, the more I am starting to discover how lazy GS really is. So yeah, I would love to hear your thoughts if you are still around. :) If not, I totally understand. :P

On the Edge of Leaving Gamespot

I have been on this site for quite awhile and I have seen members come and go and to be honest, I never thought I would be one of those guys. I have heard many reasons for leaving, they got bored of the site, they were too busy, they found a better site, they got banned (not really leaving but yeah :P), they wanted to disconnect from the site to sort their personal issues out and a few others I don't remember off the top of my head. So what is my reasoning? This site is starting to get to the point where it is getting hard to contribute to it. I have put up with glitches in the past from Gamespot but this is getting ridiculous.

I have tried to post a single post in the Consoles Debate Union and no joke, it took 3 attempts to post and I tried 5 attempts to edit it and couldn't. Oh and it gets worse, that is just posting. Trying to even view the dam posts can be difficult. I wouldn't mind so much if it were maybe a few days, or a week... but this as been going on for more than a month at least. A WHOLE month of this:
And this:
I for one am getting sick of it.

That is my main complaint, now onto another one. The blogging used to be so much easier. All I had to do was put @yourusername: and that would ensure the commenter that not only did I read the comment, but I replied back to it as shown in a notification email. Also other bloggers did the same thing and it was nice to get a reply. Now Gamespot scrapped that and not only that, the comments on the old system are gone. Now this might not seem like a big deal to anyone else but it does for me. I consider these blogs as not only a way to share more thoughts with others, I also use this as a way to store these thoughts. A database or collection of ideas that I have had throughout the years. It is quite interesting to see how I have evolved over the time. With that said, I considered any comments made were a part of that blog. Who commented on the blog, how people reacted to the blog and how many comments the blog received are as much as important as the blog itself. But nope, GS obviously doesn't care about that and would prefer to implement an inferior commenting system no one asked for.

I am sick and tired of Gamespot treating their user base poorly. This website is unstable, the unions have been pretty much abandoned and they keep adding features that make the site worse. I have 2 months left of my semester and I am going to be busy in that time. I have better things to do then trying to perform simple tasks made hard from the poor design of this website. I am going to give them 2 months and I hope they get their act together.

I will be back though. :)

GS Banner Extended

Here is the second version of my banner on GS:

My FB profile turned into timeline. :( So I thought I would make the best of it and upload a cover picture which was a timeline exclusive feature. Anyway, I took advantage of the timeline cover allowing more height of the banner and made an extended one of my GS banner. :)

Anyway, a few updates:

- I pre-ordered the 007 50th Aniversary Blu-ray collection. Surprisingly, I never did pick up the DVD collection and the only 007 films I own are all on VHS. :oops:

- I bought New Super Mario Bros 2... I can't get enough of the Mario Bros games. :P I am still hoping they release Majoras Mask for the 3DS, I thought Ocarina of Time was an awesome addition for the 3DS and I think MM would do as well. :)

- The mystery gift I mentioned in my other blog was Mario Chess. :lol:
And that is all. ;)

Well.. It's Over

Back to uni weeks, I wanted to do a few more blogs than I did but yeah... I kind of did a CYDG blog? :P

What did I do on my break?
I have no idea.

What games did I play over the break?
Well, I wanted to catch up on a lot of games, instead I spent the majority playing Skyrim.

Actually I did manage to complete ME3... I liked the ending... well 2 of the endings. But afterwards I made the mistake of trying the Dawnguard DLC out on Skyrim...

How is my sex life?
Quite wild actually... well no I don't have a GF... and I am still a virgin... :oops:

How was your birthday?
It was great, you are just over a week late but thanks for asking. I got an android smart phone, a cigar, money and a mystery gift on the way. :D

Anything else I want to say?
Oh yeah, I have joined a gym. I want to tone up a bit first, and then gain some muscle. I don't want to have extremely big muscles, just some guns I can call my own. :) Oh, and the keeping fit is a plus. :P

So... I don't know why I did this blog in that format, but hopefully that answers what I have been up to. Hope you guys are doing well. ;)

Drunken Choose Your Destiny Game

This is probably the funniest thing I have eve3r done but here it goes:

Ok, you are in the woods right? You are approached by a man. He is wearoong armour and you don't know who he is apart from the armour part. Ok, he gives you 3 potions. 1 is green, one is red and the other is blue because blue is an awesome colour. Actually I will include one more, the black potion. Ok, which potion do you drink (because he says so?)

[spoiler] You becomber a vampire. I am sorry, thst is your fate. I love y0u [/spoiler]

[spoiler] You become a vampire but I don'v love you. Althoughj I kinda doe, but I kinda don't. Wlell yah [/spoiler]


[spoiler] I don't know where I am going with thois but youb ar e you. But don'y worry, you become a vampire zomvbie lol. No, I mean a vampire piraete lolol. I mean you. Actually you are a vampire pirate that goes fishng with scorpion, bYou cathc no fish. Better lucjk next time buddy. lol. I mean, yeah. whatever. [/spoiler]

Bla ck

[spoiler] Hey I jusy mest you, and this is crazy, here is my nuinmber so call me maybe. I didn;y give you may nyujmber so yeah. You becombe a werewoldf and eat your best friend. On the bright side... yuoub are not hungry anymore. [/spoiler]

Sorry if I didn'y do the spoikers right, I trieds my best. PEACE!!!! :D :D :) ;)

The Evil Exams Are Over

I have a lot of games to catch up on, movies to watch, books to read, porn to... umm... nevermind. :P The point is, I now have the time to do them. :) As for blogs, I want to do another Choose Your Destiny blog because I haven't done one in awhile and they are a lot of fun. I also want to do a Star Wars Marathon. First I want to get my hands on the blu-ray release then I want to watch and do a review of each film a day. It is going to be interesting because I haven't seen the prequel trilogy in a long time, so maybe it isn't as bad as I remember (maybe :P).

So that is it, just a little update, I am happy to officially be on holidays. :D

E3 and Stuff

Well E3 has come and gone. Before I go into more detail, I just want to say what I did for E3. A few of my mates and I bought our PC's to my friends house and we LAN'd it up during the events of E3. My friend also had a projector setup so we could watch E3 on a relatively big screen. It was pretty neat, I can tell you that, but I was absolutely tired as hell. The MS Conference started at midnight Monday, the Sony conference was Tuesday at 9 in the morning and the Nintendo conference was at midnight again. :| I had no sleep in between, lets just say I had a super sleep after E3 ended. :P So down to the conferences:

Microsoft (Status: Drunk): This was quite a weak conference. Aside from Halo 4, there wasn't really much that caught my interest. The new Gears game looks pointless. I couldn't care less about the Sports stuff or the tablet integration. There isn't really much to say, aside from it being weak.

Sony (Status: Tired): This one was a bit better, there were quite a few games that caught my attention. The new God of War game, Beyond, new AC3 footage and the Last of Us game looks pretty cool as well. The Super Sony Smash Bros game looks pretty cool, but I don't know if they can compete against Nintendo on that one. :P I didn't care about that book thingo though, it didn't help that I don't care about the Harry Potter series either. :(

Nintendo (Status: Tired and Drunk): To be perfectly honest, I don't remember this one too much because I was pretty out of it, but from what I could gather, it was pretty weak as well. Like the MS conference, there just wasn't enough games to catch my attention. There was maybe an announcement or two that I liked, but really, it wasn't enough to leave an impact on me. All that I remember was that guy taking a Pikmin out of his jacket. :lol:

Overall E3 was a disappointment. But I had fun regardless. :P

On a more serious note, I have been taking anti-depressants for the last two months. I was on half a tablet a day and they weren't really working. I am now on a full tablet a day and I really seem to be enjoying life a lot more now. :) I have this consistent high and feel like I am at peace with myself. I don't feel happy, but I feel content and I am ok with that. :)

My 2nd Union Idea

I thought of a pretty cool idea for a union and it is based off a subject I am quite fascinated with... Dreams. I always try to remember as many of my dreams as possible because... well they are just so amazing. I have trouble coming to terms that it was my mind that created this strange virtual world. I have considered keeping a dream journal many times but I have yet to actually start one. However the other day I had a better idea, what about a whole union dedicated to dreams? I would love to share my dreams and also read what other people dream about. It would also be fun to analyse dreams and find possible hidden meanings. The union doesn't have to centre around just sharing dreams either, we could go into lucid dreaming or if you want to be even more hardcore, OBE's/astral projection.

There are a few problems though. The first being that unions aren't as popular as they used to be. There are still a few unions going, but a lot have died out. Building a successful union nowadays is nearly impossible. The second problem is interest, whether or not people would be interested in a union like this. I am sure that there are a lot of people who would, but when it comes down to the amount of comments I get for each blog plus the amount of active bloggers that may give my blog a quick read every now and then, it seems like the odds aren't in my favour. The final problem comes down to actual contribution. It can be very easy to forget a dream and you can't share a dream you can't remember. Whether people want to share dreams is another thing, very often there are dreams that aren't worth sharing. Also many dreams are just too random that it is impossible to get any narrative from it. :P

Well there is my union idea, if there is enough interest in it I will definitely give it a go. If not, I guess I could still make a dream journal one of these day. :)

Take care! ;)