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Why Are Games So Violent?

I recently viewed anoter user's blog who asked why we have so much violence in our games, and if it is bad for us. This is a rich and heated topic, so I felt like giving my 2 cents.

I think the reason that we have so much violence in our media is that most of us do not commit acts of violence in real life. Humans have an instincual tendency towards war and violence that emanates from our need to compete in evolution. Because we no longer (at least in developed countries) have to fight for our resources, that desire is not being acted upon. Civilization has caused us to lose our concious desire for violence in the real world, but that inborn desire is still present, therefore, instead of going out and killing lots of people for no good reason, we enter the world of video games to excercise and work out that violence in a simulated environment that does contain a need to fight.

The violence that has existed in our entertainment for centuries has existed because in our endeavour to better civilization, we have eliminated a daily struggle to survive, but our basic instincts, our ids, tell us that we must fight to survive. The video games we play provide an outlet for that instinct.

Let's take Far Cry 3 for example. The game plops you on an island where half of what's alive wants to kill you and/or eat you. This is probably similar to what or cavemen ancestors faced. The games also satisfy our desire for excitement and exploration, by providing us with ample oppourtunities to explore and discover. (you might be able to tell that that is one of my favorite games)

THe question then, is if this simulation is good for us. I personally believe that it is (as long as you are not some sort of mentally unstable person), because I'm a cynic, I believe that underneath all of our civilized behaviors lies savage and dangerous beings. That will never go away. Civilization therefore needs to work to control these tendencies through governance, but also by allowing us to retain a way to satisfy these inborn desires in a way that doesn't hurt anyone, at least, nobody real.

Top Ten Movies of 2012

Hi everyone, these are my top ten movies of 2012. They're all either funny or exciting or dramatic, or they're just entertaining.

10. The Hobbit

9. Ted

8. Looper

7. Argo

6. Django Unchained

5. The Bourne Legacy

4. Skyfall

3. The Dark Knight Rises

2. The Avengers

1. Lincoln

Top Tens of 2012

Hi everyone, There were a ton of great games that came out this year, so I just wanted to list my top ten games of 2012.

10. Call of Duty Black Ops 2- Generic, but still fun

9. Dishonored- Original and satisfying

8. Uncharted Golden Abyss- Huge fan of Uncharted, and playing it on the toilet was convienient

7. Planetside 2- Giant war

6. Borderlands 2- Tons of loot, tons of stuff to shoot, and funny

5. Mass Effect 3- Giant robot squid, powerful and exciting, I love sci-fi

4. Halo 4- Great shooting, graphics, and story

3. Batman Arkham City- I know it came out last year, but I played it this year, it's awesome

2. Assasin's Creed 3- Tomahawks, free running, meeting George Washington

And Number 1 is:

Far Cry 3

This is one of the best games I've ever played. Ubisoft told us what the game would do, and it did it, and more. The graphics are amazing, the islands are beutiful and fun to explore. Many games promise fun exploration and a world that draws you in, but this is one of the few that deliver. Storywise, the characters aren't great, but the plot is extremely interesting. The fire physics are fun to play around with, and nothing is more satisfying than tossing a molotov cocktail, and watching a pot farm light up. The hunting is exciting, and gives you a further reason to explore. The radio towers make excellent use of first person platforming, and so do several story missions. The shooting is solid, and the cover mechanic is very useful. The driving is loose, but that just makes it more exciting. The skill tree that you can unlock is also cool. There is a constant flow of XP in the game, and you can unlock skills surprisingly fast. The different machete takedowns you can do aren't just fun, they're also visually exciting and useful. The weapon customization is also great. Far Cry 3 is amazing, and it is a game that every gamer should play. It gets the personal Supergman86 Game Of The Year Award.

Quests In Skyrim

Hi everyone, this is my first blog post, I will be continually updating this as time goes on. I have lately been playing Skyrim. It is an awesome game, the gameplay is fun, the graphics are good and the atmosphere is phenomenal; but, what I was most impressed with was the sh@tload of quests avilable in the game. The quests are everywhere, and I am being consistently absorbed in them. I can only marvel at the amount of hard work that the developers must have went through.So, my first blog post congradulates Bethesda for making one of the best games of all time!