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The Truth About PS3 and 360 Sales

Many peoplebeleive that the 360 "outsells"the PS3. Truth is, the 360 was released over a year before the PS3, therefor, it had over a year to gain its market share. Give them both an even start. January 7th 2007 is the best because it was years ago and it was after holday season, the timewhen peopledo the most shopping. As of January 7th 2007 - October 23rd 2010, the PS3 sold38,868,913, where as the xbox 360 sold 36,114,656.The PS3 actually OUTSOLD the 360 by over2.7 MILLION!!!!

Top 5 Tormented Video Game Protagonists (PS3)

These are protagonists from PS3 games that suffer torment throughought their games that you simply have to pity. SPOILER ALERT!

#5: Nathan Hale (Resistance) - Nathan Hale is infected with the chimera disease where he has only several hours to live, and with time, he strays further from his humanity and closer to turning...

#4: Kratos (God of War) - Kratos - a badass spartan captain who was once a god who runs around killing, getting laid, more killing, killing figures in Greek mythology, more killing, killing gods, more killing, wielding legendary weapons, and more killing. Sounds fun, eh? IT AIN'T! Kratos was invading a village, he ran into a room, full ofrage, and killed everyone in it, but killed his wife and only child by accident, and their ashes were infused intohis skin, giving him a pale tone and his nickname "Ghost of Sparta".

#3: SolidSnake (MGS4) - Snake is a born-soldier who is a clone of his father, but his genes have shortened his life-span, so he is aging rapidly and he has to stop liquid from taking control of SOP and he has a virus that kills people with specific genes that is likely to turn into an outbreak...

#2: TBA

#1: Ethan Mars (Heavy Rain) - Ethan Mars is a depressed personsince helost his son and his wife divorced.He only lives withhis son and no other family. He also has countless visions and nightmares of drowning bodies in pools. He was once a happy man until that one day that his firstborne son forgot to look both ways when crossing the street...