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But those lines were so painful to hear...

*Plays Brawl again*

Okay,nevermind,its Roger.

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I heard nothing but Roger voice clips. I don't know where you get Jason from.Soniczero1993
0:24 sounds exactly like Sonic in Brawl,although now that I listened again I heard Roger a few seconds before that.
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I hear Jason Era Sonic sound clips..hopefully thats just for the trailer.Eitherway,now we can have him and Megaman battle :D

...or have him and Megaman team up and beat the Mario Bros.Even better.

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Please...don't let the only reason I visit this site every hour go away.There is literally no other site that has such a feature,and my dreams will be shattered if they die,especially if they get completely erased.
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Well,GameSpot is shutting unions down...

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Where did you get those?!RoniHot
They have a few left (its a bundle) on Amazon,just seach for Animal Crossing under the Toys and Games category.

(Right here.)

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Pretty much since AC first released on Gamecube,Animal Crossing has gotten plenty of merchandise available,that ranges from toys,to trinkets,to DS accessories,to much more.

If you have any of those,share them here.That would be basically anything you have with AC on it besides the game boxes(although you can totally share that to)










and now,I share my newly acquired WW plushies:

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Thanks to the popularity of New Leaf,Nintendo has opened up a Animal Crossing community on Miiverse,and released a free "app" on Wii U,called Animal Crossing Plaza.

The app allows you to post messages with screenshots and qr codes taken from New Leaf via SD card.and see the villagers of the series messagespost.You can also obviously post to the miiverse from the app,and be more specific and post about specific animals by tapping on them in the plaza.Plus your profile can have info such as your dream address.

It is said to last for now until the end of the year.

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Here's the latest screen from the game:


Love how detailed the city is.

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SSB talk:

I'm disappointed and disgusted at the amount of people who say they won't buy this because there's no story.

Originally,I thought they were all joking,but nope,they're serious.



Now I can just picture the next Iwata Ask...


Iwata: Despite how many fans are happy there is going to be two games,there has been some fans complaining about this installment not having a story.

Sakurai: (laughs)

Iwata: (laughs)