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The Showdown Ultimate/DoA5 Ultimate impressions.

Because I need to get them out somewhere,I shall speak of my impressions of one of the biggest upgrades to a fighter yet: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.


and to start,I start with responding to the crazy question people actually ask:



Would this work as dlc?

The answer: No.Anyone who tells you it would probably doesn't take fighters that seriously.This is no Arcade Edition dlc upgrade,this is a true expansion,and its well worth the $40.


New stuff:


As we all should know,the game has 5 new fighters in it:The amnesiac Hayate person:Ein,The Virtua Fighter who is also a Race Guy Driver: Jacky Bryant,the Strongest Man in the World:Leon,the Dragon Shine Maiden,Momiji,and the jiggly Fiend Hunter,Rachel.All of these characters are great additions,and there is pretty much no one better to get then them in here.


There are 5 new stages as well,the Ninja Gaiden stage: Sky City Tokyo,two completely new stages: Aircraft Carrier and Desert Wasteland,and the returning DoA3 stages: Lost World and Forest.All these stages are also great additions,and the first two mentioned are also perfect for tag battle.

Costumes: there over 230 costumes total in here,I don't think I really need to say anymore,save it for how they also have new hairstyles and accessories.


Custom Music:Returning from DoA5+,you can customize the music in the main menus and once again have character themes.Its much,much better here since it has nearly every track from DoA2 to DoA4,down to its main menu music even.

Movies: Returning from DoA5+,you are able to watch all the individual story mode cutscenes here,along with the many character intros and outros.

Tutorial and combo challenge mode: Also returning from DoA5+,in a more awesome way,Tutorial mode is in here to teach nooblets a lesson,and remind the pros how to play.

Combo challenge mode is a mode where you learn and perform challenging combos for each character,which will really help those get good with their favorite fighter,and other fighters.

 Team Fight mode: Returning for the first time since DoA2U,you can have a team of up to 7 characters and fight against the cpu or other players.

Better stuff:


The core gameplay is tweaked alot in here.Not only does every character have a load of new moves,but there is one huge new mechannic here: The Power Launcher.

A tricky move to pull off,the Power Launcher can be used instead of a Power Blow,and it knocks the opponent to the sky,giving you the chance to get a huge juggle in before they hit the ground.The Power Launcher may not sound like a big thing...but it is,heck,even one new move is a big thing.

and not to mention,now the lockable stages get the respect they deserve in here,finally appearing during arcade mode and time attack mode.

Tag Team:

How much better is Tag Team in this game?Much,much better.

Not only do they have more official tag teams added (such as Hayate and Kasumi),but they tweaked the core experience once again.

So that you don't accidentally perform a Tag throw instead of a normal throw,the tag throw command is now -> -> (Tag).

and a new mechanic here is Force Out,similar to the Snap Back in Marvel vs Capcom,forcing the opponent out of the ring for a short time while their partner takes over,which can affect the entire outcome of the match when used..

Anyone who loves tag team will defiently be loving it alot more in here.


Whats a huge difference here?Try: It doesn't suck.

I've played only 2 matches,but they haven't suffered from lag at all,I can barely recall having matches completly lag free in DoA5.

Adding on to that,they have costumes unlocked by playing online,a better and more hardcore ranking system,and,perhaps the biggest and most requested addition: Ranked Tag Match and 2 on 2 online.


Let me say it right here:The survival mode in DoA5 was boring,and painful if you were going for 100 wins on Legend,which for the most part was luck based.

In here,it is improved with the return of items,which have different effects such as boosting your score or refilling your health,and while that doesn't sound like much,that actually makes it pretty fun to play this time around.


Other stuff:

There are now over 3000 titles to collect.

There are plently of new character intros and outros,and of course,taunts.

There is now a dedicated taunt button.

You can change the breast motion in settings just like you could in DoA5+.


The Core Fighter Experience:

and of course,I should mention the free-to-play version of DoA5U:Core fighters.

What is it missing?Well...story mode,trophies,unlockable costumes that were DoA5 dlc,DoA3 and DoA2 BGM,and a load of the characters,all you have is the 4 ninjas to play as.

However..all the modes are still in besides story.The core of the experience is still here,and if you never played DoA before,or want to see how much better Ultimate is,definitely download this,its actually bigger then Tekken Revolution.

Now,would I recommend paying for anything?Not really,at most i'd say 3 characters and maybe the DoA3 and 2 BGM,but any more then that and you might as well just get the entire game instead.

To actual hardcore fighters?This would be like a demo,even if you main one of the 4 characters it still won't be the same without them selectable.

...With that said,I would play this free version over DoA5,even with only 4 fighters.As mentioned,the mechanics have been greatly improved and changed here,this is the equivalent of a "Super" upgrade to DoA5.



Any hardcode DoA fighter will be beyond satisfied with the many fan additions made to the game,and the improvements and gameplay tweaks really bring new life into this game;The game does,after all,exist because of the fans:It is a complete response to what the fans have been wanting,therefore it should be gotten by those like,immediately.

Those completely new to the series,or don't have DoA5 vanilla yet?Don't think for a second about getting the origianl or Plus,there is no reason to go back to them,just go with Ultimate instead.

and those who have DoA5 and aren't hardcore fighters?Well...thats up to you,although it should be noted I make fun of people who don't have the latest version of fighters :P


Now for Team Ninja to release the sexy Japan only CE swimsuit dlc over in NA,I already have the cash in my account for it.

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