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Just earned all the achievements in DoA5U + new character possibilities.

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DoA5 Ultimate Master acquired,enough said.


Unlike the original version,and Plus,this is extremely easy to get.There's not really anything hard in here at all,while there are two achievements that say"Beat all courses in ___ mode",you actually have to beat them once,so its most likely a mistranslation.

The combo challenge one sounds hard,but its not.All you have to do is beat all the combo challenges for one character,while its a pain for Kasumi and Hayate,its not that bad for most characters,and it can easily be achieved with Hitomi or Tina.


Now,after all this though...I don't feel like a DoA5U master.I had to go through 100 battles for the achievement,and while it pains me to say it,I barely won any of them.I suppose I should just wait a month or so for when more people get the game..until then,i'm going into a phase of training with some drunk guy.




and in case you havn't heard,DoA5U Arcade is getting an exclusive fighter.

When it comes to all the characters at the top of my head from Team Ninja series and Sega that they could use,I think of:



Raidou,Tengu,Genra,Kasumi Alpha,Shiden.

There's also Spartan,but they obviously won't have her as an arcade exclusive.

Out of those characters,I'd sadly say Tengu is most likly,since he's the only one of those character to be in more then 2 DoA games,and they wanted to get him in DoA5 apparently(although wiki could be lying)...

..While its a long shot,I honestly want them to bring back Niki and make her a fighter.Why?Because...*bounce*



Ninja Gaiden:

Joe Hayabusa could work as a fat version of Ryu,but I doubt it.

Irene could happen,since she was in DoAD,although i'm actually not sure if she's a fighter..although they could make her one so we could have another *Bounce*

Besides those two(who I doubt would happen) and some characters I would have suggested as a joke(Canna with OMG breast physics),the only one I think they would really consider now is Yaiba.


Yes,there's no weapons in DoA,but that didn't stop Momijji and Rachel from joining.We don't really know much about him,so he could be like Ryu and also know Ninjutsu.He enjoy's drinking,so he can be a mix of Ryu and Brad Wong.I'm actually surprised I couldn't find anyone else who thought of him joining yet..



Another character from Sega actually has a great possibility here,since the arcade version is,after all,running on Sega hardware.

From here,there is:

A. Ryo from Shenmue,because Hayashu said he would like him in the game.

or B. Obviously another Virtua Fighter character,I'd predict Kage Miru or El Blaze next.


Whoever it is,my money is on it being another Sega guest....or Tengu *sighs*



Wait,what?Your not done?This isn't Ninja Gaiden or DoA or Sega...

Its not.Its pervy final possibility:

Rio,the hot redhead from Tecmo Rio series.Why?Because she is hot,and she was in Dead or Alive Paradise.

Since it looks like the arcade version will be Japan only,it could work having her in the game,since people over there could have seen the anime or earned money from the Pachinko games.Apparently,the anime is getting a dvd release over here too.

Now,the only question that may hurt her from joining:Can she even fight?

...who cares?She's hot *Bounce*



Now,some people aren't happy about this exclusive character news for some reason,some think this means they'll have an "Arcade Edition" version of DoA5 later like Capcom does,or they'll have whoever this character is as paid dlc.

However,knowing Team Ninja and how they think paid dlc characters imbalance the game,I don't think they would make us pay for whoever this is.They gave NG3RE free characters and DoA5 a free stage,so most likely they'll release whoever this character is for free on home consoles..maybe 4 months or so after the arcade version is out.Or..they have this character as an exclusive to the rumored next gen version of the game,although I doubt they're really going to do it.

Now,hopefully this Tuesday brings us either

A. Free classic costumes,such as Ein's costume 1 from DoAD,like how a week after DoA5 was released there was free costumes from previous games.

or B. Japan only CE Swimsuits released in America.Come on Tecmo,I have $19 waiting to be spent on them :x