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I know what I must do...

 You've heard the news.No more unions,and a load of people who were here for that have left or will leave.I think we all know I am in that boat,and I started thinking about leaving,or giving this new site a chance...

However,with no unions,signatures that can't having dancing gifs,and no Purple usernames,GameSpot One simply doesn't feel like a place i'd be active on,so i'm sort of leav-*Is bombarded with questions*


GameSpot One?

That's my nickname for the new GS,because when you think of it,its comparable to the Xbox One in the way that they piss off their fanbase with bad news,and honestly,maybe people would have reacted better if they didn't start by telling us the bad news only.

I can't put this in my sig anymore because gifs aren't allowed?My life will never be complete now.


It's even more comparable now since they did do some redemption,offering a solution to some unions to live on in a different format.


Then why are you leaving?

Keyword: Some unions.

I'm inferring all the unions I care for will move on to making Zetaboards forums,which...most of them already have.It's too early for me to say that though,for we don't know that much on how your union can move over,although most sort of believe it kind of kills the purpose of a union to be a public board,yet others think all that matters is the community lives.

Personally,if I was the leader of an active union,i'd honestly move on from GS,the community can still live on at another site,and after posting on Zetaboards for 3 days,I honestly think its better there anyway.


Quit moaning and go to the main GS forums.


Sorry.I'm simply not interested in that,I have a hatred for gaming forums in general,unions became the reason I go to this site daily.I can respect GS for at least trying to replace unions,since it shows they do at least care enough to give the living ones a chance,but its not enough for me.





Do I hear...crying?




F*** you!F*** you!F*** you!F*** you!F*** you!F*** you!F*** yoooouuuu!!!*Sob*


Ah,relax love,i'm not actually completely leaving.

Because most of my unions moved on to zetaboards,I am still on the Internet,and when I'm on the Internet,I often do other things when I'm totally bored.So...I shall still be visiting my profile,viewing friends blogs,and most likely posting more blogs.So you can say i'm still here,just bothering with my profile and my friends profiles,whenever something major happens in my gaming(or anything else) world,I will be sure to blog about it here.

 So hopefully,the reboot of this site will at least have a way to make blogs fancy,for that's pretty much the only thing i'll be doing here,and more importantly my only way to talk with some of you guys.

..if we don't meet on the Zetaboards,or you don't add my gaming accounts,that is:

PSN: x_o-big_boss


Nintendo Network: Smashbro

3DS: 0259-0465-8231 (don't bother with Swapnoting me,I f***ing hate Swapnote)

Steam: idk x_x



Private profile.

In order to avoid any silent stalkers or perverts,I am going to set this profile to friends only when unions are done for.After all,I doubt I'll be making more friends on this site if I don't post anywhere else on it.

More crazy blogs.

If you couldn't tell already,i've also lost the will to write more serious blogs,so most likely I will be trolling more in rants,and you will see more blogs from me like this.It won't be long before I make an entire blog focusing on my obsession with butts,so be prepared...






That's pretty much it.If your slightly staying on GS,or going to be somewhere where I can still actively talk with you,I guess we can't really say its goodbye.But if your totally leaving,then may we meet a better life.


I end this blog with some of my favorite gaming songs to play when I'm lonely and feel like crying.



 Only you know if we shall last.