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First blog of the new site...Disgaea D2 LE get.

After finally finding out how to log on,I must celebrate with posting a blog that I was going to post Tuesday...if the site wasn't changing that same day...

and you probably already read the title and know what this is about by now,so I'll just skip to the pics:

How is the game?Freaking awesome as expected.One of my favorite new details is how you can walk around the base with any character you want,which means you can finally walk around Laharl's castle as PRINNY DOOD!

Also,I am in love with a gaming character again,and this is the "looks at fanservice content" kind of love.

Who do I have it for?Why..none other then Laharl-Chan!


Hey. This new site is getting on my nerves. I can't see if any of my friends have a new blog post without having to go to their page. Frustrating. Never played Disgaea but maybe one day.