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SSB Gaming Life Round-up Blog:The 1st edition.

Admit it.You miss me.You wish I would come in every month to make a blog about what happened each month because you think my life is so awesome.

Well,I hear you.As I said,i'm not done with blogging completely,although its not going to happen that much...but I will try to make a blog like this around the begining of each month or whatever,



Purchases since last time:
Because some people care, Ill list whatever I purchased this month in these blogs. But not the entire month in this one, just from Sunday.

Super Luigi U: Of course I got this at launch, it celebrates the Year of Luigi,Mama mia!

Xbox Gold 3 months: Needed it for DoA5U,plus Gold for Games makes me interested.

Dead or Alive 5 Round 3 dlc: Ill talk more about this later.

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero: Free games from Xbox Gold for Games this month. Ill try them out some other time.

Dead or Alive 5 cheerleader dlc, Hot Getaway dlc, and Christmas set 1 and 2 dlc:Because costumes are F***ing awesome. The only packs I dont have(which is actually still a lot) are unlockable in DoA5U,so Ill pretty much have all the DoA5 dlc when I get that game, although thats excluding the Amazon pre-order stuff, and the swimsuits thats in the Japan only CEhopefully theyll release those soon over here, because I want swimsuits for Momiji and Rachel.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Picture Pack 2(XBL): Chibi Noel Vermillion avy. Soo Kawaii :3

Virtua Fighter 2: I bought it since I had leftover cash from the DoA costumes, so I decided to use it on Virtua Fighter 2,and I think its obvious how those two series relate.

Thoughts on news this month:

Since I wont be here to comment on gaming news all the time, I shall just mention it and what I think of it here each month:

Xbox changes currency from Microsoft Points to local currency.
Praise the gods, now I know how much I actually paid when I spend 1200 Microsoft points.


No 2nd circle pad build in? AKA the add on people keep talking about that only 4 games use? F*** this s***.

In all seriousness, I dont think its a bad idea. There are some people who pretend to have no interest in 3D, so it seems like something for them with the cheaper price point, plus its not here to replace the other two 3DSs anyway. As long as developers dont think this is a reason to stop supporting 3D, and Nintendo doesnt start selling the Wii U with no Gamepad, theres no real problem with it.

Wii U price drop:
It was pretty much a must, so its great to see Nintendo have it.
Ambassador program? The 30 cent VC games you didn't get say hi.

Mighty Switch Force 2 coming to Wii U:
Hell yes! I had over $12 saved on the eshop for when it comes here :3

Future stuff for this month (September) :
Each month, something epic happens, so Im sharing my hype train here:

Super Smash Bros character prediction of the month:

Since it looks like a character is confirmed as a newcomer or returning character in SSB each month, I shall hype by predicting who the next confirmed character is next month:
[spoiler] But for this month, I predict a character to be de-confirmed.
And thats obviously Ridley. He's slow, hes OP, and, as we all know, he's too big. Rumor says his in the Other M stage, so it probably wont be long before we see him there. [/spoiler]

Most hyped game coming next month:
I wont be on a hype train if I dont talk about my most hyped game.
 Next month, there is really one that I am hyped for the most,it aint Rayman Legends, or the Wonderful game coming out September 15th,or the Car Jacking game people stab for, its:




Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.
Dead or Alive 5?We call it The Showdown!
I have been hyped for this game for so damn long. 2 great DoA fighters return,2 sexy Ninja Gaiden girls join, and the Race Car Virtua Fighter guy joins the battle.
What have I done to hype for this game?

-Obviously played a load of DoA5 and other DoAs.
-Went and beat Ninja Gaiden to hype for Rachel.
-Bought the leftover dlc costumes I was lacking that aren't unlockable in DoA5U.
-Got over $15 of MicroSoft cash that Im saving for future dlc costumes
-Made this buttocks filled avy.


Oh, and I also finally watched this:,0,214,317_.jpg
Actually,I didnt watch it yet.Ah hell,Ill watch it right now.


Ill post my thoughts on that movie in a minute.
Eitherway, As you can probably tell:my body is ready.
Are you one of the worlds greatest fighters?Then get your ass in the tourney!

DoA Movie thoughts:
When I was first watching it,my thoughts were like"Im 17 years old and what is this?"
But at the end,it ended up being a movie I hated yet also really liked,therefore am somewhat split on it.

The way most characters were portrayed,and some disturbing story differences:I get that movies have to have somewhat different plots from the main game series,but in this case,they went to the point where fans will have to moan about it in their blogs,like right now:

Kasumi: Her personality is really contradicting to hers in the game in this movie.
Ryu: I dont want to get into how not-Ryu he is in this movie.
Ayane: They made her over 30 years old.Wut.
Helena: Shes kind of hot in here, but shes way more like Hitomi then Helena.
Christie: Her personality is somewhat true to her original personality, but Im somewhat disturbed by her being friendly in here.
Bayman: He's really been demoted to a idiot henchman, I dont need to go here :P

Oh yes,and Ayane isnt Kasumis/Hayate's sister: Instead,she is Hayate's lover.
I just..had to shut my eyes when they kissed,I cant stand the idea.

The way some characters were portrayed:
With that said,Zack,Bass,and Tina were portrayed pretty real to the way they actually are in the game. In fact,I like Tinas personality a lot in here,she has the cowgirl personality,but not the totally annoying kind,and Id actually prefer if DoAD/5 had her act that way in English.

The fighting scenes:
I have to say it here,I actually really liked the fighting in here,it seemed pretty loyal to DoA at some points,you have things such as a reference to multi-tiered stages,to objects and walls getting smashed like they do in DoA,and fighting that actually looks like DoA. Most fighting game movies dont really have that feeling from the game in them, but thats present in here.

The humor:
Let me say it here..this movie is stupid.But its so stupid.that its funny in the good way. Comic style sound effects occasionally being heard,and simply hilarious scenes are actually kind of more funnier then some of the DoA cut scenes. Such asBaymans ball-cracking fight,which I sadly cannot find a clip of.
Theres even more parts, such as when Bass is convinced his Daughter is in Lesbians with Christie and Kasumi.

Characters interacting:
Continuing from what I said earlier,thats another detail that I liked,you never really see characters like Tina and Kasumi hanging with each other in the games story,since Kasumi is too busy hanging with her Ninja people,so it was actually pretty fun to see stuff like that.

And then, of course,the movie is super sexy. Theres a load of cleavage in here, and they even have a Vollyball scene. This clip from the movie sort of reminded me of Ayane taking care of guards in NG3RE:

Oh,and whoever played Kasumi is cute.Me want :3

Overall..even though I hate the way some characters were portrayed,the fun parts actually outweigh the low parts, and it is,in a way,true to the actual game series. I only rented it,but I may buy the Blu-ray now,since it is a pretty sexy film.

Games completed:
I suppose I should also throw this in here, since I'm used to posting impressions when I beat a game.
With that said, Im only starting from the beginning of last week to today Which means:

Virtua Fighter 2:
All I have to really say here is:

The game has aged, although I wont say it has aged to the point where you cant play it, but titles like DoA or Tekken 3 have defiantly aged better then it has, although I guess those are more modern anyway. But even then, its frustratingly frustrating, and I question how people could stand this game and its awful, awful ring outs.
Its not a popular opinion, but I honestly prefer the other $5 Sega Fighter on the Market, Sonic the Fighters. That game is simply more fun.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus:
Ninja Gaiden is a flippin awesome series,and Sigma is an enhanced port of the first game in the modern NG series,and Sigma Plus is a portable port of an enhanced port of the first game in the modern NG series,making it a port of a port.
Its somewhat a shame they didnt finally give the game NGII mechanics,but I suppose thats too much to ask for.Sigma Plus is still a godd port of the original, not to mention it finally features an easy mode.

Now,I have to admit I hate framerate drops,but this game doesnt have that. It runs at 30 fps at all times,unlike Sigma 2 Plus,which suffers from framerate drops. Like most portable ports that have a framerate cut (like DKCR3D),you wont notice unless your used to the 60 fps console version.although if youre a NG vet, then that difference will really suck.

Its also worth mentioning the Plus exclusive easy mode also sort of gets rid of some of the fun in the game. Difficulty is one of the big things in Ninja Gaiden that makes it fun and rewarding, but the hero mode is way,way too easy with its automatic dodging and the like. I do have to admit to using this mode, but only because I dont really have the time to dedicate myself to the game enough,since I did rage quit NGS last yearNGII is better anyway :U

Games almost beaten this month:
Because I dont feel like beating everything right away,but want to get my impressions out,Ill post my thoughts on games Im super close to beating,as in, gimme 3 more hours and its beaten:

Super Luigi U: This one was actually really awesome, not just because it has Luigi as the one who rescues the Princess, but because of how hardcore it is. 90 seconds to complete each challenging level, and a world map as big as NSMBU,it definitely makes up for NSMB2 and its stupid dlc.

Ah,but wheres Mario in this Luigi U game?Easy,easy question.

Thats pretty much all for now,sorry for any typos,I mostly copy from a big works document.Ill be making another blog like this sometime next month.

I know what I must do...

 You've heard the news.No more unions,and a load of people who were here for that have left or will leave.I think we all know I am in that boat,and I started thinking about leaving,or giving this new site a chance...

However,with no unions,signatures that can't having dancing gifs,and no Purple usernames,GameSpot One simply doesn't feel like a place i'd be active on,so i'm sort of leav-*Is bombarded with questions*


GameSpot One?

That's my nickname for the new GS,because when you think of it,its comparable to the Xbox One in the way that they piss off their fanbase with bad news,and honestly,maybe people would have reacted better if they didn't start by telling us the bad news only.

I can't put this in my sig anymore because gifs aren't allowed?My life will never be complete now.


It's even more comparable now since they did do some redemption,offering a solution to some unions to live on in a different format.


Then why are you leaving?

Keyword: Some unions.

I'm inferring all the unions I care for will move on to making Zetaboards forums,which...most of them already have.It's too early for me to say that though,for we don't know that much on how your union can move over,although most sort of believe it kind of kills the purpose of a union to be a public board,yet others think all that matters is the community lives.

Personally,if I was the leader of an active union,i'd honestly move on from GS,the community can still live on at another site,and after posting on Zetaboards for 3 days,I honestly think its better there anyway.


Quit moaning and go to the main GS forums.


Sorry.I'm simply not interested in that,I have a hatred for gaming forums in general,unions became the reason I go to this site daily.I can respect GS for at least trying to replace unions,since it shows they do at least care enough to give the living ones a chance,but its not enough for me.





Do I hear...crying?




F*** you!F*** you!F*** you!F*** you!F*** you!F*** you!F*** yoooouuuu!!!*Sob*


Ah,relax love,i'm not actually completely leaving.

Because most of my unions moved on to zetaboards,I am still on the Internet,and when I'm on the Internet,I often do other things when I'm totally bored.So...I shall still be visiting my profile,viewing friends blogs,and most likely posting more blogs.So you can say i'm still here,just bothering with my profile and my friends profiles,whenever something major happens in my gaming(or anything else) world,I will be sure to blog about it here.

 So hopefully,the reboot of this site will at least have a way to make blogs fancy,for that's pretty much the only thing i'll be doing here,and more importantly my only way to talk with some of you guys.

..if we don't meet on the Zetaboards,or you don't add my gaming accounts,that is:

PSN: x_o-big_boss


Nintendo Network: Smashbro

3DS: 0259-0465-8231 (don't bother with Swapnoting me,I f***ing hate Swapnote)

Steam: idk x_x



Private profile.

In order to avoid any silent stalkers or perverts,I am going to set this profile to friends only when unions are done for.After all,I doubt I'll be making more friends on this site if I don't post anywhere else on it.

More crazy blogs.

If you couldn't tell already,i've also lost the will to write more serious blogs,so most likely I will be trolling more in rants,and you will see more blogs from me like this.It won't be long before I make an entire blog focusing on my obsession with butts,so be prepared...






That's pretty much it.If your slightly staying on GS,or going to be somewhere where I can still actively talk with you,I guess we can't really say its goodbye.But if your totally leaving,then may we meet a better life.


I end this blog with some of my favorite gaming songs to play when I'm lonely and feel like crying.



 Only you know if we shall last.


This may be the end for me soon...

Here I was,planning to make a blog making fun of how Ridley's not going to be in SSB(for being too big),only to have my life shot down before me.

Union's are leaving for good.The only reason I visit this site daily...gone.

I don't feel angry..I feel sad.Sad that the dev's at GameSpot don't know people like me exist.All that time I spent now just feel's wasted..even more now that they are going to complety wipe everything,every post,every union blog,all the archives...less then a quarter of this site goes to unions a day?Well F*** you for not caring for us GameSpot devs.

Don't even play smart-ass with me and tell me to go to the normal forums:That is the main reason unions exist.I hate almost every forum I come across for being full of idiots and fanboy's,unions are pretty much the only place I know where I rarely encounter them at,and I feel much better having a discussion with someone I know pretty well then with some completely random user i've never seen matter how bad it may seem,unions are where my friends are at.The main reason I said I stayed here was because my friends kept me going.But with this,my only true interaction with most of them is through blogs,and thats not nearly the same thing.


..I had so much planned for the future.I planned a leaving announcement blog around the time SSB would come out,only to have it have a picture of troll face and an epic blog explaining why I would never leave this site when my friends remain here,having future game nights in unions with upcoming titles,and I alway's had a hope of making a union dedicated to the ninja's of gaming...yet all of it will never come to be.

..If GameSpot doesn't get a suitable replacement for unions,then I have no more motivation to stay here.I'm sorry..but the day I never wanted to see is going to be here soon.

I am now 17.

Yes,I have finally reached the age where this no longer matters to me:


So I shall purchase a physical M rated title by myself eventually,possibly DoA5 Ultimate.

In fact,the first thing I did today was at around 12 am,I went to the Wii U eshop and rated the M rated titles I had on the system,because they don't even let you rate the title if your not 17.Followed by me also downloading the RE Revelations HD demo,another thing I wasn't allowed to do until now.It feels great being free from almost all these age limitations in gaming.



The gifts:

 While it wasn't a birthday gift,I suppose I should count the ASUS tablet I got a few days ago,randomly given to me because it was on a discount,now I can finally bother with Android games.

Now,as my birthdays alway's go,I get the thing I really wanted.That is:


Yes,finally,I have acquired the XL.Why Red?Because I had my portable Nintendo systems blue too, too, too many times....Blue GBA,Blue GBA SP,Blue DS,Blue DSi XL,Blue 3DS,praise the gods this streak is finally done with.

Thanks to the bigger screens,there's no real need for me to get more titles yet,since it's super greater on the bigger screens,not to mention the system is less fingerprint gainy.So far,I played a few games again on the XL,which has a even better 3D effect then ever.The first one I started with was Super Mario 3D Land,obviously as Luigi.It looked great,and even though I have to admit you can kind of tell its blown up(only applies to some games),it still looked really great.

After that,I tried Dead or Alive Dimensions,which looked awesome as well,although now I hate the framerate drop with the 3D effect,after playing more fighters the framerate drop is totally noticeable now.Although it is still worth it for the 3D bouncy bounce.

After that,Mighty Switch Force 2 which looked amazing,and FE:A which was a beast.Later tonight i'm going to beat FE Awakening(The best game on the system =3) on the XL,and probably cry when its all over.

As for other gifts:

Since this was the year of Luigi,we put the Luigi toy to decorate my cake.A coincidence that Luigi was riding the L-line today,which is where I got my new avy from.

Then,I got Animal Crossing plushie wushies(I didn't say that :l)

Oh,and I got myself a gift as well.When I registered the 3DS,I made platinum status on Club Nintendo for 2014,and had exactly 400 coins left,used to get the Pikmin Tote Bag.



Ah,and you think it'd end here,but I got a $30 gift card that I will probably use on Luigi U(another Luigi title if not),and I also got $25,which means I have $,there was a special edition I was really wanting to pre-order,but since it was only from the company's website that means i'd have to get one of my parents to order it for me...which alway's works out,so I just needed to get the rest of the cash.

..but not anymore,since my Dad said he'll pay for the remainder.So tomorrow i'm pre-ordering Disgaea D2 special edition doods!

Yup.Now if you excuse me,I have plushies to squish,fates to change,and a hype train to board.

So...PlayStation kills off its Battle Royale

Yes,after less then a year,it has finally been confirmed that dlc for Battle Royale(aside from two skins) will no longer happen.In other words:The nail in the coffin.


Please,lets have a moment of silence here for the game,I wrote the tombstone for them:




Here lies Sony's crossover title,PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.It secretly died in March,as marked by the addition of the graveyard.



and now,I send my thanks to the surviving Gods of Olympus I never need to go back to this game again.With no more dlc,I no longer have to heard constant Crash and Spyro request ever again.With that said,my requested characters will also never happen,but as long as those two don't have a chance to join,and I never have the need to return to the game,I'm endlessly happy.

What's that?You tell me I don't need to buy dlc?Well your totally wrong there,dlc is the only factor making many people return to the game.

With Battle Royale,the common nickname for it is "Sony Smash Bros" ...yet,I proclaim it not worthy.The main factory here is that Super Smash Bros last forever,as shown by Melee having a tournament at EVO,while Battle Royale only last...6 months?Did Sony even try?

The answer:No.

and so,I present to you the 2 steps toward the confirmed death of Battle Royale,in order:


Step 1) B&B gameplay.

and...that's the biggest problem in the game.

I don't think I even need to go into depth here.At launch day,the game was just plain unbalanced with it's overpowered super moves,spammy Sackboy attacks,and underpowered super moves.Maybe it's slightly better now,but its still unbalanced thanks to it relying on the Super move.

and then you have the fact that the gameplay simply doesn't work in 1 on 1 fights.As I mentioned during my launch day impressions of the game:

The score does not change if you kill them with a level 2 or 3 super,so its like"why not just hit them with the level one super?",which,unless you want a guaranteed kill,or you want to try to get 2 kills,is true.

and finally...the gameplay simply gets boring after playing for awhile.Maybe you might be trying to have fun at first,but after about 3 months it undeniably starts to become a chore to play.

So to describe the gameplay: it's Broken and Boring,the two B's you don't want to see in a fighter.

However,that's not why people bought the game in the first place;They bought it to have thier favorite PlayStation characters fight each other.It's basically a celebration that would make any PS fans dream come true.

But the celebration starts to get stale when nothing new happens.With B&B gameplay and not that much in game content worth caring for(Challenges?Boring.Online titles?who cares...),soon it gets to the part where the player realizes "Dude...the gameplay sucks,i'm really just playing this because Parappa's in it."

With that being why most people play it in the first place,DLC characters are pretty much what makes the game live on.Kat and Graves were excellent additions,not only because they themselves have a fanbase,but because they also had extremely unique movesets in a pretty boring game.

and then...that's when it went even more wrong.

Step 2) Santa Monica take-over.

and then,Sony dropped SuperBot Entertainment and left Santa Monica Studio's to work on the games future content.Hm,that should be awesome right?Wrong.Santa Monica is arguably what killed it.Just look at who they added to the Battle:



What's wrong with Zeus?Try everything.

Battle Royale is different from SSB in its cast in the way that it only went for the main characters of various PlayStation titles(Cole is an exception only because you can't mix evil with good),so they didn't go for members of Sly's gang,Elena,Jammer Lammy or the like.

Yet...suddenly,we are given Zeus,the God of War villain.If SuperBot was still working on the game,they probably would have went and got somebody people significantly wanted,such as Dart,who has been requested by plenty of players ever since it was revealed he was scrapped.Zeus just makes it seem like they're running out of characters..*sigh*

Now,what happens after round 2 of dlc?Nothing.5 months with absolutely no additions,not even a patch.You can tell SMS is slacking off because they took so damn long just to work on a skin for Zeus and Isaac,and you can basically say the game died that month.


In the end,it was obvious this was going to happen,and its a damn shame it happened so quickly.When you make a fighter with dull and broken gameplay,dlc the only way you can slightly save it.Stop doing that..and its completely over.



and so,Battle Royale faces its ultimate death...and that is where its different from Smash Bros:It dies.

That is what's unique about Smash Bros:It last forever.Not through dlc,not through updates,it simply last forever from whats in the orignal package.

I alway's say dlc can expand a game...but with a game like Smash Bros,there is so much content and fun to be found in the main game,its nearly unnessasary,i'm actually afraid of it losing some of its charm if it happens.


I know it's not completely fair to compare Battle Royale to SSB,but in general,Battle Royale doesn't even compete against any other fighter out there.For Sony to even slightly compete,they need to at least make a game with great,fun gameplay.A sequel may bring Sony into the right direction if they have a competly different concept.




....but until then,Nintendo fans can laugh at Sony's dead fighter.

My SSBB vault is...almost complete + SSB blog round up.Happy Sakurai day...

Since today is such a special day,I was hoping to complete my vault in SSBB completely today,which means get all stickers and trophies.I was so prepared,I wrote half of this stuff ahead of time.

If your wondering what the most annoying part of it was,it was getting all the stickers due to them being completely random.I had to use the conveyor belt method and SSE on intense to get my last 10 stickers,and it was painful since I was trying to do it all in one day.I spent well over 7 hours alone and miraculously got my final sticker.

Then,I beat All-Star on intense..only to realize i'm missing two trophies -_-

Why don't I just get rush for so I can say I completed my vault today?Because I have to go on a trip to Vegas in 20 minutes.Being underage sucks people.I'm only posting this blog because it would be ruined if I don't post it today.

However,after I get these two trophies,I still can't say I completed Brawl 100% yet.I still have notifications to get.They range from beating classic with only one life,to beating all levels in SSE on intense,to...

...completing one million vs matches.


...which I won't do.I was thinking about it,but that will probably kill my Wii U with its play time alone before SSB comes out.But I still will aim for 100,000 matches

..maybe that's too intense,but that can be earned faster through special brawl,with stamina,opponents stamina set to 1,and the flower setting,all you basically need to do is start the match.Turbo controller helps too.

Now,I know what your thinking...100,000 is still too much,all that just for a notification?Why?

Its because none of you have the 100,000 match notification.So when I get it,I can make fun of people who don't have it.*trollface*

and so,its on.I vow to get the hundred thousand match notification before Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS comes out.


Now,I should mention that today is a really,really special day,so I tried my hardest to get everything in the vault open today,but I failed as mentioned.What's so special about today you ask?

Why,its none other then Sakurai's birthday!In American time at least.

Happy birthday Sakurai-san!


Worth noting: Rather then being happy and hoping Sakurai would have a great birthday,some people are mad because they thought he would reveal something on his birthday(they got the idea because he revealed SSE on his birthday last time).*Sigh* once again, the fanbase disappoints me.It's Sakurai's birthday.Quit being angry because he didn't repeat his actions 6 years ago.


Anyway,from here i'm pretty much done with the constant SSB blogs for awhile,so I shall mention all my blogs on it and link to them all here.

Sakurai is right.

A rant that explains why canning the idea of a new SSB story isn't a bad idea,and why Sakurai is right.I feel I went to too crazy bounds with some of my points here,but its in the past anyway.

My fan-made Adventure mode.(2 parts)

A mercifully long blog on what I would like in an Adventure mode from the two titles,but in no way a request of how it should be.I suggest not reading it,I just wrote it because writing long things about SSB makes me feel like a giddy 4 year old.

Iwata Ask: SSB Volume 0.*

*Nominee for blog of the year.

Possibly my favorite blog ever.It contains a secret and canned Iwata Ask on SSB for Wii U & 3DS,only found on my blog.You can debate about how real it is after you read it.

The Fake Fanbase of SSB.

Another rant covering the incredibly bratty fake fanbase of SSB.

Most of you may have not caught it,but in the end of the blog,I mention leaving here around the time SSB comes out.

Impressions on 4 fan-made SSB games.

To try to get some new SSB experiences while waiting for SSB,I played some fan games,and some really good fan games at that.The blog features my impressions on them.



...and..thats all I have to say.15 minutes left.Gotta go...

Impressions on 3 awesome fan-made SSB games.

Recently,to kill some time while I wait for SSB,I tried out some fan games.While I did play Super Smash Flash a long time ago(before Brawl's days),I have just now realized there are are actually good fan-made SSB clones out there.

The unique thing about a fan game is you get an experience by the fans,who can go as crazy as they want with the cast, the stages, and the like.
Fan games dont really get that much recognition, so I felt the need to bring up them here,with my impressions on 4 fan made SSB games.

Note:I will most likely not bring up controls, for all these games have custom controls, and I use a PS3 controller with JoyToKey to play these games anyway.

To start,you may see how the topic title say's "3 awesome fan made SSB games",yet this blog features 4.That's because the first one I'm bringing up isn't awesome:

Super Smash Flash.

Where to download:

While you dont need to download it since its a flash game, you may at the official site.

Most likely, you've heard of this one by now, since it is arguably the most known fan SSB game, primarily because its a flash game thats been on sites such as NewGrounds. It contains a cast full of third party and 4th party characters, along with 2 fan made characters.

Character Roster:

Full roster:

[spoiler] [/spoiler]


The game has quite an amount of content in it, while more obscure SSB flash games at that time just focused on VS, this game has an adventure and classic mode. Adding on to that, they have a load of unlockable characters just like the original games do.

However, that is all that can be praised. Content can not make one forgive the nearly unplayable gameplay that this game has.
There is only one attack button and one jump button, possibly understandable, but also makes each characters move set dull.
Sprites and stages are also another problem, the sprites for the most part are just ripped from other games, so most of them do not blend well with the other characters, and the stages are boring and the background isnt lively in the slightest, they dont even get the waterfall moving in the SMB2 stage.

And then the gameplay is,as mentioned,awful. The best way to describe it is Broken, because thats how it plays. Completely random physics, overpowered attacks, and broken projectiles theres not even a tier list because its so broken. Marios fireball is insultingly the most cheap attack in the game, dealing at least 20% damage and can easily be spammed.

Mini-games are forced on you in the classic and adventure modes, not clearing Smash the Targets in time will make you loose a life and try it again, and Race to the Finish is even worse, since you can loose lifes in it.

Another problem is how glitchy it is. Thanks to flash player 8, you can skip almost all the levels with ctrl + ->,  so you can easily unlock almost all the characters thanks to this glitch. I have to admit to doing it too, to unlock pretty much everyone. The game is simply too broken for me to care enough to unlock everyone legitimately.

Oh, and while I said I wouldn't bring up controls, having to use the mouse since its the only way to move around menus kind of sucks, especially if your using a controller.

Overall, its the most known Smash Flash game there is, and its also the most complete, but in the end, its also extremely broken. I have doubts these McLeod people will ever make a sequel thats any different.

Super Smash Land
Trailers and advertisement stuff:
Official site.

Where to download:

Official site.

If you couldn't tell already, Super Smash Land is a demake of the original SSB that is meant to show what it would be on Game Boy.
And yes, this game predicted Mega Man almost perfectly. This game has him appearing as a surprise at the end of the games trailer, the music from MegaMan II being used a lot, and Dr. Willys castle being a stage(The main games stage is outside the castles front, while this games stage is on top of the castle.)


Note: Vapor and Mega Man are unlockable characters.

The main unique thing here is everything is new, not ripped from other titles. The sprites are new, the music is remixed, and the graphics are exactly what its aiming to be.
The gameplay is somewhat simple, like the first SSB title just with one attack button, yet its still manages to be really fun at the same time.


Default stages include 4 stages from SSB 64,along with a interesting stage from a flash game called "Tower of Heaven"

For content, you have Megaman and Vaporeon as unlockable characters, along with a few unlockable stages. Modes are versus mode, classic mode, and endless(multi-man melee) mode. Not much more then that, but thats more then enough for a game boy fighter.

Overall, a great fan game with extreme charm,and its definitely worth the look.

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Trailers and advertisement stuff:

Project Crusade Wiki

Where to download:


Crusade is another popular fan game, created to combine the greatest features all three Smash Bros titles had to offer.I'd speak more on this,but then i'll spoil my impressions.



Full cast:[spoiler] [/spoiler]

Theres actually more then that, with options to play as Zero Suit Samus, Evil Ryu and Weegee.


A shield. Two buttons to attack, Charged smash attacks. Grabbing. This is the true Smash Bros experience.
That is the best way to describe the gameplay here. It perfectly replicates the Smash Bros gameplay into a sprite based-game, as prove, plenty of the veteran fighters play almost exactly as how they do in the main games.
One neat mechanic exclusive to this game is the way the final smash is performed. You build up your meter by attacking your opponent and the like, and when its full, you can perform your Final Smash. In other words: PASBR meter style.

For modes outside of vs,they have online play and a classic mode,which features a good Smash the Targets mode and the return of board the platforms.

The music is also great,they don't have repeative looping like one would expect. The announcer is also pretty awesome too.

The only complaints I have with this game is how lazy some sprites are,and some of the stages also have lazy looking backgrounds as well,but not all of them though.

Another thing is the AI can be dumb at some points, and there is no way to quit a match other then quiting the game.

Overall, a great fan game that everyone should try out.I took some screens and shall randomly share them here:

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

Super Smash Flash 2 (demo)

Where to download:

SSF2 is a game in the works, and this is the latest demo avalible to try out.Can a demo provide competition against a full fan game like Crusade? The Answer: Yes.


This game.. Is a huge, huge improvement over the first, and this time, is actually a competition against Crusade for having The true Smash Bros experience.

As you may have been able to guess from that, it also has 2 attack buttons (A + B), a shield and grab button, basically the gameplay mechanics of Brawl/Melee, characters like Kirby play just like they do in the main games. In fact, its better here then Crusade because D-tap dash and tap jump exist here. Custom controls exist as well, and the mouse is no longer needed to explore menus.

From here, you only get more awesomeness, it acts almost as a true sequel to a Smash Bros game. There is an intro that's a throwback to Melees opening. When you pause the game, you can zoom in and out and take a screenshot in game. Assist trophies and Pokeballs are items in the game. There is a tab for classic stages from the main Smash Bros titles, and a tab for new, SSF2 exclusive stages. Let me say it here: These stages are some of the neatest yet.Lively backgrounds and the like, Sakurai would probably cry if he saw them.

Now,there are some disturbances here such as music loops,unfitting sprites, and strange voice clips used(Sonic using voices clips from Roger and the guy before him),but this is just a demo, and most of that is said to be fixed in the final version.

While this is just a demo, SSF2 is undoubtfully looking to take the title of best SSB fan game yet.With revamped sprites upcoming, expansion characters, online play, and many more new modes, it only gets better from here. It already beats crusade in versus mode with the demo alone thanks to its better gameplay and more unique sprites (for most characters) so that say's something.




I should apologize for how dull I may have delivered my impressions. However, in the end they were delivered, and I hope you(the reader) will think about trying out the last 3 games mentioned here, for they are all pretty awesome.

That's it.The Smash community is full of brats.

"The game won't have Mewtwo"


"But they have Lucario instead!"

"...I love them!"

These vaguely remembered words were passed between me and my friend in Elementary School a week before Brawl came out.

Kill them because they(we didn't know of this Sakurai guy) didn't put Mewtwo in?We were in elementary school people.We could say whatever the hell we want and old people wouldn't and shouldn't take us seriously.If we were in high school and my friend said that,I would probably stab him for not knowing how development works.

Now,for the next Smash installment,I look on the internet,and what do I see?Ridiculous demands and mindless moaning.Not by children,but grown men(and women?).

A miiverse user(check my miiverse likes to see the post) made a quote that pretty much sums up what i'm feeling:

People get mad over no story mode (which is overall a good thing), ask for characters like goku, and now people want Reggie to be playable? No wonder nintendo ignores their fans.


That's right.That is what's wrong with this "fanbase".The big 3:

  1. Moaning about no story mode in the game despite how detail's are vague.
  2. Requesting ridiculous 4th party request.
  3. Attempting to annoy Sakurai to get Reggie in the game.

(For the most part,the 4th party request are all coming from children anyway,but i'll infer some of them aren't.)

Let me say it here:I worship Sakurai as a god.I listen to every word he say's like the word's came from a god.But as much as it pains me to say it:

Sakurai is not a god.Nobody at Nintendo is either.He cannot satisfy everybody,nor can he develop s*** in the blink of an eye.For more prove of him not being a god,he has shown mortality with his right arm pain and*Iwata Ask SSB Vol.0 spoiler* broken toe.

I love this blog so much,so I shall advertise it here.In Iwata Ask SSB Volume 0,Sakurai agree's the 4th party request they've been getting are ridiculous,and when he found out about people avoiding the game because there's no story,the response was like this:

Sakurai: (laughs)

Iwata: (laughs)


You can question if that really happened or not,but I think I would laugh at that too.

I hate to do this..but its time for another rant.Although perhaps its more of a vent since I'm just writing it since i'm pissed.Complaining about the annoying and ungrateful fake fanbase of SSB...

 (with recommendations of what they should do instead!)

"There's no story mode!I'm not buying it" People.

I made a full rant not too long ago on why there is nothing wrong with the game not getting a story,and why Sakurai's reason is true.Not really in that blog did I bash the people who are angry like I normally do...but now I'm angry,so its time to bash as alway's.

First off,i'm not speaking of the people who say they'll still buy the game or buy the game when it's cheap.Those people prove to at least have interest in the fighting portion of the game by saying they'll still buy it.No,I am speaking of the people who say they will not buy it at all just because there's no story.I've actually seen someone on Miiverse who said they would"rather vomit then buy the game" just because there's no story.

So...lets start with:

What the hell people?

No,really.I don't think they get the purpose of Smash Bros in the slightest.The purpose hasn't changed since the N64 days,people care so that they can have this:

Your favorite Nintendo characters, together and bashing the hell out of each other.

Not this:

..Tabuu?!Ancient minister!?Subspace?!

...What the hell is this?!

No really.What the hell?Why am I supposed to care for these newly made mute characters?

I am going to point out once again what the existence of Smash Bros is for:


Enough said.


Forget Sakurai's reason for a minute and let's point to the truth here: not working on a story mean's they can focus much more on the fighting,which is the point of the game in the first place.A big portion of development was on the Subspace Emissary.Not having it again actually does mean better things for the main games.

Games.Remember,there's two titles with an equal amount of work put into them.Asking for a huge Adventure mode with cutscenes (that take a damn good amount of effort to make) once again is too much,unless you really would prefer a rubbish mode over the first portable installment?If you really buy Smash Bros just for the story...then you shouldn't buy it at all.

Oh,and don't even get me into how insanely wrong it is to judge that Adventure Mode won't be as good as Brawl's just because there's no story.Sometimes,it's better to drop attempts at a deep story for a platformer.Don't belive me?
[spoiler] [/spoiler]

and while i'm at it,size might as well be brought up.The cutscenes in SSE took up plently of space on the games disc,and so if Adventure mode was on the 3DS as rumor's say,how much would be sacrificed if they managed to fit in a adventure mode identical to Brawl's?

The space on the 3DS could be used for things that actually matter.Like...more stages and characters.

Vague detail's are vague.

and the other thing: All our detail's on this are vague.In the latest interview,there hasn't been a single site that had Sakurai word for word say"there will be no story mode",just indirect:

While there will be no story mode, Sakurai assured that the 3DS version would include a feature that would "act as a separate mode from the standard versus play."

(Note:He is obviously not speaking of Classic mode.If he is,then that means Wii U doesn't have it.)

I bring back a real quote from him months ago:

There will be a single player [campaign], but it won't be like the [Subspace Emissary] mode in Brawl.

Ah!Hold it!Campaign?

That term is what a bunch of high school students use as a replacement for "Story mode".Perhaps this entire time,there is a story mode in the works without cutscenes?That brings up the point he is even more vague on detail's then we thought in these interviews!

Unfortunately, the movie scenes we worked hard to create were uploaded onto the internet.

Does a cutscene count as a cutscene to him if its in game and so simple people don't care,like the one's Melee had?

Overall,it has not been completely confirmed nor completely denied that there is a story mode or not.

I would love,love,love to see that this entire time there is a story,just so I have a better right to troll people complaining.I can picture it now:


Angry Fan: That's it!I'm going to Smash my Wii U since SSB isn't worth playing without a story!


Sakurai: Actually,Adventure mode does have a story.

Angry Fan:What?!NOOOOO

Sakurai: (laughs)


What should these people do instead?

 They should go play BlazBlue if they want a fighter with an amazing story,or read The Subspace Emissary's World Conquest fanfiction if they want to see the concept from Brawl turned into a big story.It actually turns Tabuu into an interesting villain.



People with almost any 4th party request.

"4th party" is a Smash Bros fan term which basically means: they don't originate from a video game.When I use it in here however,I also mean Video Game character's that will never be in a Smash Bros ever,such as Kratos or Banjo.

I will not really go into this,due to most of the people requesting this being kids.After all,nobody over the age of 16 with a single brain cell would think Master Chief has a chance in joining Smash Bros.

Instead,I will post the only 4th party request that would make slight sense to have in Smash Bros,explain how demanded this character is,and explain why it won't happen:



Wreck-It Ralph.

Why does it slightly make sense?

Because Wreck-It Ralph is a movie focused on Video Games.The title character "game jumps" to other video games,and Super Smash Bros involves other video game characters getting together.He is,in a way,a video game character in heart.

Wreck-It Ralph was a guest character in Sega All Stars Racing Transformed,so Disney is fine with letting the character cross into other series.Finally,you have the fact that Bowser is in the movie,and the possibility of Mario has been brought up for the second movie,and the Wreck-It Ralph video game was exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

How demanded is he?:

Sadly,the thought of him joining the cast has rarely came up.The possibility of him joining,however,makes more sense then any other Disney or Kingdom Heart's character that people have come up with.

Why won't it happen?

Wreck-It Ralph would be a Donkey Kong clone.





...gods,I've alway's wanted to say that.

In all seriousness,he breaks Sakurai's two rules for third party character,no matter where he originates from:

1)Must originate from a video game.
2)Must have appeared on a Nintendo system at least once.

Ralph ultimately breaks the first rule,no matter where his origin comes from.Adding on to that,there's Sakurai's criteria as well:

  1. The character's inclusion must make people want to buy the game.
  2. The character must be unique
  3. The character must fit into the style of Super Smash Bros.
  4. They must contribute to the game balance.

As i've said before: Wreck-It Ralph would be a Donkey Kong clone.


He's strong to the finish cause he eats his spinach,he's Popeye the Sailor Man!

Why does it slightly make sense?

...Your kidding me?Do you not know your Miyamoto history?

In short:If their was no Popeye,there is no Mario or Donkey Kong.Adding on to that,Nintendo themselves worked on the Popeye video game.

How demanded is he?

Unfortunately,while he is the most worthy 4th party character there is,request for him have rarely been sighted.If you try a request on Miiverse,I assure you you will be bombarded by people who think your joking because they don't know their Nintendo history.

Why won't it happen?

He break's Sakurai's rule of "Must have originated from a video game"

  1. The character's inclusion must make people want to buy the game.
  2. The character must be unique
  3. The character must fit into the style of Super Smash Bros.
  4. They must contribute to the game balance.

He also breaks the last rule because he would be heavily unbalanced,due to the fact that Popeye on Spinach is nearly unbeatable.


and so,the 2 4th party contender's that slightly make sense aren't going to happen.Any other 4th party request is stupid and absurd.What's that?You want me to give one?Okay,fine:




Why does it slightly make sense?

It doesn't.Even with Namco on board it still doesn't.

How demanded is he?

Go to the Miiverse.Scroll down.

Why won't it happen?

1)Must originate from a video game.
2)Must have appeared on a Nintendo system at least once.

Rule one broken.

1)The character's inclusion must make people want to buy the game.

All that needs to be said,Goku getting in would make more people not buy the game.

What's sad is people are serious about their request.If Goku,Naruto,or any other ridiculous request get in,I will make a new Gamespot account just so I don't have this username anymore.

What should these people do instead?

They should play Super Smash Flash or Super Smash Bros Crusade.Those fan-made games exist for people who want to play Smash Bros with character's that will never join the main series,the character's range from Goku,to Naruto,to Mr.Freaking Incredible.Of course,there's also Brawl hacks as well.I get wanting to play Smash Bros with characters that don't make sense,but that's what hacks and fan-made games exist for,not the main game.



The Regginator requesters

Reggie.AKA the Regginator,president of NoA.

Let me say this: I think Reggie is an awesome guy.I say Reggie quotes almost all the time as well.It's nice to have people like him in Nintendo as opposed to PlayStation's Jack Tretton,the biggest gaming prick ever.

and so,right now there's a petition to have Reggie as a playable fighter in SSB after he joked about it,and it has reached over 15,000 signatures.Have you read it yet?

Because here's the petition in short:


"Annoy the F*** out of Sakurai's team to get Reggie in this game."

..yup.I am curious if anyone who signed that petition knows crap about development.

Here is some info on the development of characters for SSB:

3. The COMPLETE Roster was Finalized in 2006

The exception, actually, was Sonic. Sonic was not in the original complete roster, and was only added later in 2007 because he was the most demanded character and they were able to work it out with SEGA. Since he was so important and wanted, they were able to put in a lot of extra work and get him in.

Everyone else was in the game, at least in some state of readiness, in 2006. The original design document, the bible laid out by the designer by which ANY game is planned, included figurines in poses of EVERY MOVE IN THE GAME. That is how much in advance everyone had to be laid out.

Warning: Keep in mind that I am extremely tired because I spent the last 5 days non-stop at lectures and tutorials about game design, especially the development process, timelines, and testing/QA. The first person who suggests that they could have easily added more characters "omg wtf they had over a year!??!" will be ignored; not because I don't want to reply, but because I was arrested after hunting you down and trying to stick a crowbar where your brain should be. Ignorance of the game design process and the amount of people, money, and time it takes to work on games will simply not be tolerated. (Man, the amount of work the art team did on the models, textures, and animations for Pit alone was just crazy, he talked about it...) want to know what people are doing to get Reggie in this game?They're making a bigger outrage to get him in then people did to get Sonic in Brawl,which wasn't even that bad.Since Sakurai's team will be focusing more on balance,and they may even have customizable moves,it's safe to say it's even harder to get a character to work in Smash Bros then ever.

I don't give a crap how awesome Reggie is,he would look weird on that character roster.Not to mention,unless they change their mind and start planning dlc before the game's out,working on a full moveset for him would obviously result in either a Q4 release,or a delay.At least I know who to blame if that happens...

The only way to get Reggie in here without dlc or a delay is if they have Mii as a fighter in the works.Then,they could just have Reggie as a default skin for the Mii.I really hope they do that,then it won't be out of the way and will at least satisfy some of the people wanting Reggie in.

 Keyword:Some.People are too spoiled to be satisfied -_-

What should these people do instead?

If Mii gets in and Reggie isn't a default skin,they make one.Hacking previous games is another option.


*sigh* The internet sickens me.Expect me to retire from visiting the internet around the time SSB comes out next year,because that's how sick I am of it.

*Smash Blog Exclusive!* Iwata Ask:Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS Volume 0.


All these supportive rants and big blogs on Nintendo have paid off.

As planned,Nintendo has acknowledged my existence,accidentally finding my profile when attempting the Bing it on challenge(Google won,of course).They've seen all my blogs and tell me i'm the awesomest Smash fan they know.After all,i'm the first one to claim the Nintendo Network ID name"Smashbro!"

So,they flew me over to the Nintendo HQ in Japan,and gave me the honor of sitting in the room while Iwata and Sakurai meet for the first Iwata Ask interview on Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.

When I got to the Nintendo HQ,I got to shake hands with Iwata himself.I also shook Sakurai's hand,his left hand of course,I think we all remember his right arm problem.I also was given the honor of filling their glasses with beer,you can see them in plenty of the pictures from the interview.

I had tried my best to not laugh during the interview,although I did burst out near the end,but everyone else was laughing,so nobody noticed.Ultimately,however,the interview ended up getting cut, for there is some secret info that they cannot share to the masses.

So...they gave me the honor of posting the interview on my blog.This is sacred information here people,you won't see anyone at Nintendo acknowledge that this happened.


With that,I present:

1. Introduction.


Iwata: Hello, Everyone. My name is Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo Co., Ltd. Beginning today, I would like to deliver an interview that explains the vision and the development process behind the creation of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

Sakurai: Why do I feel you've said that before? (Laughs)

Hold it Iwata-San!Before we begin,I want to know what you've been up to since our last meeting? Why does your figure seem stronger?

Iwata: Unfortunately,we've already began, so we will have to talk about that some other time. But I may have gained some strength after punching a annoying stockholder.*

Sakurai: Understood. I apologize, it appear's the beer has got to me before I even drank it.(laughs)


2. Why Namco?


Iwata: Okay, to start, why did you get Namco on board to help develop this title?

Sakurai: The reason we went with Namco is because they passed all the criteria we were looking for, and more.

Iwata: More?

Sakurai: Yes. They made fighting games before. Many at Sora agreed that them of all people would know about balance, and it has come to my attention much of the fighting community thinks our last title wasn't that balanced.

Iwata: I have not been paying to much attention to the fighting community, though don't they say Captain Falcon is the worst character in the game? I believe they use the term "Bottom tier".

Sakurai: Actually, the worst now is Ganondorf. Falcon is the fifth worst character in the game now,according to the tier list.

Iwata: Ah, well I suppose patches can't help the weakest characters.

Sakurai: ...patches?

All: (...)

Sakurai: (drinks beer)


Iwata: Have you thought of getting any other developers before Namco?

Sakurai: Actually,Capcom came to mind, they too have worked on plenty of fighting games.

Iwata: So...why didn't that happen?

Sakurai: Heroes and Heralds*
A mode in MvC3 known for being broken.

Iwata: Oh...anyone else?

Sakurai: Actually,earlier this year,we also considered SuperBot Entertainment to help as well.

Iwata: SuperBot?!You mean?The developers behind Pla-

Sakurai: SILENCE!

...yes.Sony fired them on bad terms so some other studio can ruin their game.*

We only considered them because they came to us,offering to help with development of the game for free.

Iwata: Ah,well why didn't you have them on board?Because they worked with Sony?

Sakurai: Actually,because they're American.(Laughs)

Iwata: (Laughs)



3. Listening to character request.


Iwata: When the latest title in the series was revealed, the 3 characters revealed that day were Villager, Megaman, and Wii Fit Trainer. I know Megaman was a heavily requested character, but why did you decide to get the other two?

Sakurai: The reason why is because it wouldn't be fun if we only had characters that have been heavily requested. With Villager and Wii Fit Trainer, they have some of the most unique moveset's we've worked on in a Super Smash Bros. title. They have proven to be popular as well, i've seen some...interesting art on Wii Fit Trainer in the East, and i've heard rumors that the Villager is popular in the west for some strange reason.

Adding on to that, some character request from the west have been...strange.

Iwata: I know where this is going. Reggie* has told me about some of the request he saw when visiting sites such as GameSpot,IGN,or Kotaku.
*Reggie is the president of Nintendo of America.He's about kicking ass, he's about taking names, and we're about making games.

Sakurai: (laughs) I don't know of any of those sites. I only check the English Miiverse for request now.

Iwata: Even worse! (laughs)

So, may I ask which was the strangest request you've seen?

Sakurai: Ridley.*
One of the main villian's in Metroid.

Iwata: (laughs)


Sakurai: (laughs)

Thankfully, there are plenty of people who acknowledge the fact that he's too big to be a fighter. I would never think of having a giant character as him playable, it'd be like making Master Hand playable!

Iwata: So the western Miiverse hasn't influenced you to get anyone in at all?

Sakurai:Actually, I was joking with some Namco developer's about the ridiculous third-party request they have been making. They actually were interested in a few of them, so I decided they could pursue getting that character in and working on his moveset.

Iwata: Really?Who were the most requested?

Sakurai: Goku, Naruto, Mickey Mouse, Batman, Reggie, and Shadow. They said they wanted to get Goku, so I let them.

Iwata: OH GOD YES! GOKU!I am secretly a DBZ fan myself!

Sakurai: I don't know how, but they got the permission to use his likeness in the game. They had completely worked on his moveset, and got a stage as well. His final smash involved him turning into a super form or something, it seems alot like something Sonic did in Brawl.

Iwata: SUPER SAIYAN!?!YES! I cannot wait to play as him in this game!

Sakurai: However, I forced them to scrap him.

Iwata: NOOOO- I mean...why?

Sakurai: I was interested in why Namco wanted to have him, and it was as I thought. It turns out that Namco worked on Dragon Ball Z fighting games before. I looked at some videos, and they completely ripped his moveset from those games. I obviously didn't approve of this at all, it's actually why I stated i'm not interested in getting character's who originate from other fighting games.

Iwata: (...)

Sakurai: Sometimes I feel it wasn't a good idea to get Namco to help with development.Goku in Smash Bros... (laughs)

Iwata: (Drinks beer)


4. No story?


Iwata: I think its time to bring this up. You do know there are some people who state they will avoid this title right?

Sakurai: pains my heart to hear that. Is it because I plan on not having Toon Link any longer?

Iwata: No, while they think it's missing something, it has nothing to do with the playable characters.

Sakurai: You mean the people requesting Goku will still buy this title even though he won't be joining us?

Iwata: I'm sure they will.

Sakurai: Then...what did I do wrong?! I work very, very hard on these titles, i'm sure it's known my right arm has an injury as well. I'd expect everybody to be grateful that i'm still working hard on 2 titles at once.. (sobs)

Iwata: Do not cry Sakurai! It's part of being a developer, your amazing in the way you can handle the hate! I've heard of a western developer who canceled his game because he couldn't stand the hate that comes from the job!

Sakurai: ...I suppose. I'm disappointed that I can't satisfy everyone though, I thought everyone would be happy with 2 titles...

Iwata: Many fans are happy there is going to be two games!No, all fans are happy there is going to be two games! Your doing the right thing Sakurai, it's just there's one thing some fans are complaining about. I assure you, the amount complaining that much is less then 10,000, which is nothing compared to the millions still buying the game!

Sakurai: Your right. You know what? I don't care what this minority thinks the game is missing, it's probably something that isn't a core of Smash Bros anyway.

Iwata: You may be right. Do you really not want me to tell you?

Sakurai: Don't. I don't think i'm ready for such a blow...

(Drinks beer)

Iwata: (Drinks beer)

Sakurai: (Drinks more beer)

Iwata: How about now?


Sakurai: My body is ready Iwata! Tell me what these dissatisfied fans are complaining about!

Iwata: There have been some fans complaining about this installment not having a story.


Sakurai: (laughs)

Iwata: (laughs)

Sakurai: (laughs loudly)

Iwata: (laughs loudly)

Well,some miiverse users at least suggest having a story scenario as..what's the term?

Sakurai: dlc?

Iwata: That's right!

Everyone: (laughs mercifully)



5. Sakurai's secret injury.

Sakurai: (is still laughing mercifully)

Iwata: (is also still laughing mercifully)


Chair: Crack! (Collapses)

Sakurai: (laughs) (falls off broken chair)

Iwata: Sakurai! NOOOOOOOOOO!

(lifts Sakurai off the ground)

Sakurai-kun!I knew we should have gotten new chairs!

Sakurai: I...I can't feel one of my toes.

Iwata: No! Your fall has caused you to break your toe...this...this is the fans fault! If they didn't make us laugh hysterically, the chair wouldn't have broke!

Sakurai: It's alright...i'll hide the injury from the public and secretly delay the game.

Iwata: Delay? Into 2015?

Sakurai: No, the game has so much work put into it, it was secretly set to be complete by the end of Q1. I obviously cannot work as much with a broken toe and injured arm, so the game will have to be delayed to another Quarter in 2014 so I can properly heal.

Iwata: Delaying the game without people noticing?That's brilliant!

Sakurai: Most idea's I have are brilliant.

Iwata: (laughs)

Sakurai: (laughs)