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Reason why I'm getting more inactive.

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I got Rock Band 2,I can't stop playing it,lol.

All the GHWT instruments work with it.

and today,I will attempt to do.....*Rock Band 2 possible spoiler*

ENDLESS SETLIST 2 on hard!:o

Yes,the Endless setlist 2 is where you do ALL the songs in the game in a row WITHOUT breaks,and if you quit,you have to start it again from the begging,by the time your reading this I will be attempting(Or be finished with) the endless setlist 2.

I'll post a Blog when I'm done.

I finnaly got City Folk!

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I woke up and waited untill my Gamecrazy opened to get the game.

I got the first copy in the store!


My code is 0731-8342-2024




PM mail me your code,Name,Town name,AND your comment(If you have one)

EDIT:Don't add,I haven't played for a while D=

FInally,new emblem....and 2 reveiws.

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Tom Nook's Still a Crook!
This faithful person joined us for our live gameplay marathon of Animal Crossing City Folk. We dug up shells together, fished together, and delighted in all things Animal Crossing.

:) Can't wait to get Animal Crossing City Folk on first day!

and I wrought a Review for Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops +.

Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops+

My first 2 reviews!

BTW my code for Guitar Hero Aerosmith is 047394300737,PM mail me if you want to play me online,I play on Medium and I'm getting better on Hard.

BTW I beat the Game on Hard!

Plz stop union requesting me.

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Im in almost the maximum amount of unions I can join.:|

So plz stop with the union requesting, i' ll still be active in most unions,its just im in to many.

I also have plans to make my own Union.

Might not be on gamespot for A while.

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Im getting the force unleashed on Wii today,it is one of my most hyped games of this year.

So if im not on Gamespot for A while,its because of that,I don't care about it's ratings.

Although im leaving,the force will be with you,always.