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A blog about a game called Runescape.

Just recently watched KSI's vid where he plays Runescape 2007 and damn that brang so much nostalgia. So lets begin. Man I remember when I first started playing runescape. I had no idea what I was doing. It was just so awesome. The soundtrack was just so awesome. I remember my first account on runescape the day after I forgot the username and passwork :P so I had to make a new one. Anyways so yeah the game was best! As I got better I got better. I made multiple accounts one was a "pure" where you only leveled up Strength and attack no defence. I also had a main account which was leveling up everything although my range level was kinda crap.

Oh yeah my pure account. That ended up being my main account. I leveled up the defence and boom it became my best account.We will talk about that later. When my pure account became my main I got membership. The game really needed a tutorial for memebership I had no idea what to do! So I just did a bunch of quests. I thought granite,Dragon legs and helm were the best :P.As I got better the game got more boring fast foward to before I quit the game. I got 99 woodcutting which was a pain in the... I cant believe I wasted my time. Like that. My strength was 82 and my combat level was 105 I cant remember the rest. I got into clans they were neat it was awesome seeing clan members in the towns.

So this blog may take forever let me tell you how I quit the game... litteraly the game was getting so damn annoying it was so boring damn it. Everyone was using bots I watched a vid about bots and damn they were smart. Some could even reply to players. So yeah bots were popular. My account was broke in cash the game just required to much effort. I farmed "grimys" for money but still it wasnt enough I was sick and tired of this game. The community was full of idiots. People were scammers and people who were loaded in game couldnt even lend crap. I dont know why I was even playing this game to stat with :P. It all got out of hand when there was double hunting exp one day and on that day my mem ran out :( so yeah I just quit the game and started playing WOW instead which is fun with freinds but it sucks when you play by yourself.

The top 5 worst weapons to get from the random box in zombies.

Ok folks. So this is my blog about the top 5 worst weps to get in Black Ops 2 zombies randombox. 5 is crap but not as crap as the others and 1 is worst. Lets begin.



Dont be fooled  by its awesome appearence and name. This "Death machine" hardly gets me any kills. You may ask why. Well this is becuase of the fact that this thing throws grenades. The grenades arent even cooked so you have to wait 15 secs for an explosion. Its impossible to get any kills with this especially in a situation where you have  20 zombies chasing after you.



The next wepon on our list is a sniper. Snipers are a pain in the... in zombies. Sure there alright in the early stages but one does not simply use sniper in long range especially in zombies. Like Death Machine this wepon is terrible when you have 20 zombies chasing you.



The ballistic knife! The good kills I have gotten from it in multiplayer. This thing is amzing in multiplayer however this is terrible in Zombies. It doesnt kill a zombie instantly unlike in multiplayer.Also you need to pick up the knives if you dont want to run out :(.As always this wepon isnt good if you are being chased by 5 zombies.


Five Senve. Five Seven's are alright however when you open a mystery box you expect to get an amazing wepon not a pistol :evil:



This pistol is a "executioner" its just bad full stop. Really. Its recoil is terrible in multiplayer and zombies atleast for me anyways.


So there you go my blog about the wepons I dont like to get in black ops 2 zombies.

Monsters university trailer.

I remember a time long,long,long ago. I watched a movie called Monster Inc this movie is an animated movie and wow was it great. A brilliant movie.

So now there making a prequal "Monsters University" I have seen the trailer for it which is on youtube. The movie looks god from the look of things. I cant wait.


Black ops 2 Zombies survival in town

Ok so yeah whenever I play Black Ops 2 zombies I will write a blog about it. So yesterday I Played Survival in town since greif  preety much sucks. I got up to round 15 before I ended up getting disconnected for some unknown reason. I got ray gun which is good and also I got an LMG. I got quick revive. I havent used pack a punch and Jog a nog in my next playthrough I will concentrate on those. Oh yeah also before Survival in town I played some tranzit I watched a vid on youtube maybe it was syndicate or somthing I am not sure but in the vid it showed you how to get to town in tranzit. Bassically you go to the back in the foggy area you have to watch out for those zombies that jump on your back you can here them so look back and shoot them before they jump. I was sooo close I got up to this big lava and then those things jumped on me so I ended up dieing. By the way when they do jump jump and knife to get rid of them. So I will try again but I know that this thing is real not fake. I will try again today or tomorow.

This is Supernova out.

Quad Damage

The time has finally come and I am now level 8. Level 7 took long the daily level cap was just 11% where as this level is 17% which is weird since the percents should be going down to be honest. So yeah Quad damage the name sounds cool maybe its doing 4x damage maybe its a critical hit. Or maybe since gaming is weird its the name of a charachter? Either way it is good to be on a new level.

The school canteen went to far today!!!

Yep I always try to be grateful but my school canteen's food and prices are a joke. First the pizzas hardly have an tomato there just triangle breads with a layer of cheese :|


Then they start adding chicken to the pizza's which is unfair for the vegetarians (I aint vegetarian btw).:|

And now they charge £1.30 for one salty chicken nugget and 4 wedges :|

Aint nobody got time for this.

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