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Here lies the blog of SuperMax1316

Here lies the GameSpot blog of SuperMax1316. It stopped updating and may no longer come back. SuperMax1316, however is not dead. He is trying to bring the blog back to life, but unfortunately, due to too much on his schedule, it may never come back if he's too late. Help SuperMax1316 PMing/commenting him to bring the blog back.

Here are some videos to watch in memory of the blog.



-SuperMax, aka "Depressed"

undo. undo! UNDOOOO!!!!

i don't's a very random title.

Last Wednesday, I sarted my own video game comic. Basically, it's stick figures playing games. I want to create a website to keep these safe, but domain owning is too expensive. do you think there's anything i could do?

People are so cruel.

in my last post, as an experiment, i wanted to see if people are cruel. they are. out of 8 comments, 4 wrote disrespectful comments. Especially xBlitzerx and fabz_95. Cruel.

-SuperMax, aka the guy who "owned you, mother f***ers!"

How to destroy your boredom: PART DOS (that how you spell it??)

I have a day off for Rosh Hashanuh and Ramadan. So I put together this list. Try 'em.

  • Talklikea pirate.
  • Have a song stuck to your head.
  • Have a burping contest. Then tape it and post it on YouTube
  • Make a list of things to do when bored.
  • Get the big news on games.
  • Watch videos of the new Rayman Raving Rabbids 2!
  • Say everything twice.
  • Say everything twice.
  • Take an IQ test.
  • Go to the blog of the coolest guy on the internet!
  • Hug someone. Anyone.

-SuperMax, the "I'm so bored, I'm seeing things"guy

Boredom breaker config

Remembering 9/11

today at school, we were talking about September 11th. i wrote an essay about the famous date and went to for some interesting rumors about 9/11 busted. did you know that "Outback Steakhouse brought a steak dinner to American troops serving in Afghanistan"? that was very generous!

and remembrance of 9/11 (photos collected with the help of, a real organized search engine):

-SuperMax, 8th grader who shall never forget 9/11

555 Viewers, and other random sh*t

i have 555 views! not so much, butit's kinda cool that i saw it like this.


last night, i rented Rayman: Raving Rabbids for the Wii. i wanted to do some comparison between the PS2 version and Wii version. and let me tell ya, theyare some BIG differences. first off, i opened the box, and noticed that while the ps2 disc has the logo and 11 (count 'em) bunnies, the wiidisc has only the logo, plus a lot more shine. now wheni started the game, i also noticed changes in the minigames. for example, in "Bunnies like to stuff themselves", a chef bunny tells you food and you have to draw them (which is weird because although the bunny is a chef, he doesn't do ANY cooking whatsoever, only eating). in the ps2, you draw simple outlines, but on the wii, the outlines are FAR more complex. also, some games on the wii version are SO difficult compared to the ps2 version, especially with how sensitive the game turns my wiimote into.


now about the game, there's one thing that is SO annoying.

a bunny named Professor Barranco.

this bunny looks just like the others, except for an enlarged left eye and bandages on his head. what's so annoying about him? in the game "Bunnies aren't ostriches", you pull superbunnies out of the groundwith a ufo and a grappling hook. the catch? this f*cking @$$hole comes around and continues to follow your ufo. guess who is it? the professor. if you grab him by accident, he stays on grappling hook and waste your time. i swear, he's more annoying than the dog in Duck Hunt! he just doesn't stop! the game is hard enough WITHOUT him. just go away, you r*t*rd!!!

-SuperMax, wearer of underpants (well, occasionally...)

Asthma is NOT cool.

that's right! i have asthma. (more specifically, i have exercise-triggered asthma) i have to use an inhalor, which sucks because if i don't drink a lot of water after it, i'll have a sore throat like i'm having right now! it sucks!

anyway, school's a bore. my homeroom teacher talks so quietly! my friends and i were thinking of group costumes for halloween. right now, we're going with the mario bros. i'll be mario! mamma-mia!

at karate, i started having some trouble breathing. tomorrow, my mom is going to work, while my dad works, so i can't go to karate.

here is the YouTube vid of the post.

also, subscribe to me on YouTube, or at least subscribe to my favorites. it keeps growing!

that's all. gonna play Wii Sports and maybe play Wii Play and Super Paper Mario. my dad bought these blu-ray dvds, so i can't play on my ps3.

---SuperMax, Future Pop-Tart Formula Thief :twisted: (what? i like pop-tarts)

Why doesn't anyone comment? :,(

If you're reading this, COMMENT!!!!!!!

anyway, today is the second day of the 8th grade school year. homework is given out ALREADY today, and i'm getting my gym locker number and combination tomorrow.

not much else. after i post this, i'm going to do some wii sports and check out my fitness age. i wanna go back to my personal best: 24. right now, i'm 45. also gonna try to finally go pro in bowling. i'm so close with 910. just 90 more points until i'm a professional (Wii Sports) bowler!

well, gotta go play! Cya!

P.S. this is a short post, isn't it?