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Forgiving Crytek - No point Crying over spilled milk

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The original Crysis was at the time a masterpiece and a lesson to all in how to make an open world sandbox shooter with truly stunning visuals. Even 5 years after the games release it still manages to amaze me from time to time. So you can understand as a console gamer at the time how frustrating it was to not be able to play it when it first released.

Then Crytek did something incredible, after years of hearing "consoles cant run Crysis" Crytek built an engine that could feasibly create the next Crysis for console platforms too. And so Crysis 2 was born, being madly in love with the first game but only from a distance I couldn't help but do some research into what Crytek had planned for Crysis 2.


This is where I started to get mad at Crytek, all the things that made Crysis the game I wanted to play so badly were gone! No more open world, no more tropical setting and a completely different looking enemy. The only thing that had seemed to have made it from Crysis was the Nanosuit. Instead of the enemy freezing tropical islands we were given New York covered in slime and sick people. A setting and a situation we have all experienced through games as well as other mediums a thousand times before.

So suffice to say I wasn't impressed. Crytek certainly hadn't delivered the Crysis I feel the people were hoping for and especially so for those who got the chance to play the first game. So Crysis 2 launched and sure enough I picked it up on the day of release hoping for a still great game but I had a lot of concerns. All of my fears were confirmed and Crysis 2 felt like it was simply another shooter in the rapid river of FPS's that constantly threatens to overflow.

The open world sandbox elements were condensed into scenarios in which when you came to a nice open area for a fight to take place you could look through your special goggles and see the stealth option and which one would lead to the biggest explosions. The game looked pretty but certainly had none of the flare of the first title. I felt as if the sacrifices to bring Crysis to consoles were just too great and that the "Consoles cant run Crysis" statement mentioned wasnt completely true but certainly had a truth to it.


Skipping forward a little in the year I found myself in the position to get a PC, a good one, a PC that could run the original Crysis in all its glory. Of course I snapped up the chance and after playing through the original Crysis I have to say my anger for what Crytek had done to Crysis 2 had only grown.

Now Crysis 3 is on the cards I cant help but forgive Crytek for their past errors as it looks like they have heard the voice of the fans of the series. There is a chance that they are actually going to make a more open world, part tropical, part New York game that is more akin to the reason Crysis had become so popular to begin with. Only time will tell whether they actually deliver a game that can beat the original, but I hope they do and they have my support.

Another reason they have earned forgiveness is that they have released the original Crysis to those on consoles. Now everyone can experience the awesome game that makes your eyes stand on stalks and the awesome open gameplay that truly let's you pick your own tactics. Bravo Crytek, that was a good move.

I have always had respect for those who try to push the industry and I believe Crytek have done so on many occasions. Crysis 2 was a major bump in the road and a big step backwards in just about every way from what I had expected from Crytek. However I feel that Crysis 3 will deliver what we should have had from Crysis 2. In short, Crytek you have regained my faith for Crysis 3, dont let me down.