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A conundrum of video progression

Technology is complex, I love it but its complex. I'm currently in the midst of quite the pickle. You see I find myself locked in a constant pursuit of perfection and achieving the highest standards possible from one guy in a house is a challenge.


So I present to you the £100 (approx $180) question. Do I get a green screen kit, or hold out, save a little more and get a new camera?


The arguments:

Green screen - I currently have a living room as a background, now as much as its a lovely living room it doesn't scream take me seriously. Granted I don't scream that either but when trying to breach the turbulent waters of a video editing/production career, I can't help but feel that sitting room is a major obstable I must one day overcome. This green screen kit comes with backdrops, frames, lights + stands etc, its the full studio setup. My living room would be no more.

The Camera - I currently have a nice camera, its capable of churning out decent 720p footage and it does so efficiently. One main problem, its attached to my computer, yes, its a webcam, it does however meet my needs, it doesn't look shabby and it gets the job done. Any new camera I get would be one capable of travelling with me, could lead to more types of video, but essentially I don't need it to be covering game events or anything.

The crazy third option - because there is always a wildcard, do I just say screw it to both of them and get more games and things to make videos about? Content afterall is the most important thing right? In this day and age can one get into the industry and get somewhere without having to buy their own studio in the process?


Well, they are the options, all are achievable, but I can only pick one. Help me out in the comments won't you? Cheers!