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Arkham City Sequel!!!!!!!

Any of my friends will tell you that I love Arkham City! In fact, it is my absoloute favorite game of all-time (arkham asylum being second). I 100% the game, replayed it, platinumed it, you name it and I did it for both games. And today I got the news I had been waiting for for a long time. AN ARKHAM CITY SEQUEL! Every video game site, youtube channel, etc. was reporting on this huge announcement. it came right from the mouths of Warner Bros. staff at a financial meeting about 2013. I have been checking on this news everyday since I finished playing Arkham City I was overjoyed when I finally discovered this.

However, everything is not good. Rocksteady, the developers/makers of the first two games, has reported that they will most likely not be developing this new Arkham game. This makes me extremely terrified! Rocksteady Studios did such a great job on everything in the last two games. I really don't want some other developer coming in and screwing everything they worked on up. So now I'm torn. Of course I want a new Arkham game but if this new developer doesn't take good care of this game then... it might ruin the legacy of the entire series!!! And since Mark Hamil is no longer voicing the Joker and the Joker is dead, what character are they gonna find to fill the void.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. i'm sure any big arkham fans will have a lot of input on the subject.


-Nick or SuperGamesNet2

Guess whos back? Back again!

Hi everybody its Nick (or SuperGamesNet2). I know i dont have a big fanbase lol but Im really excited to announce that Im back to gamespot (back to reviewing, blogging, and talking with fellow gamers). I was kind of on a gaming drought the last couple months (almost a year). i just couldnt game, I lost my passion for gaming, it became boring. But now Ive snapped out of it and Im ready to get back into gaming. Ive purchased some new titles and Im ready to review and experience them. Here I come, Gamespot!

-Nick or SuperGamesNet2

Blackberry 9360 VS iPhone 4S VS Android (APPS)

I want you to discard my last blog post. I wish I knew how to delete blogs. Anyway, I've done some more research, and got more experience with all the phones mentioned in this debate and here is my final verdict. For each category, being the winner gives you 5 points, being runner up gives you 3 points, and being the loser gives you 1 point.


In terms of apps it's getting down to the wire lately. The Android is rapidly gaining on the current app leader, iPhone. And maybe in a couple years this category will be completely different. But for now this is where it stands. In terms of sheer quantity of apps, iPhone currently has 750,000 apps, Android has 600,000 apps and Blackberry has 1000-3000 apps. So for the amount of apps, the iPhone is still in the lead by about 150,000 apps. But it's not all about quantity, it's also a lot about quality. The main difference between the iPhone and the Android in terms of their apps is that Android is open source and the iPhone is approval based. This means that anybody can create and put apps on the Android App Market whereas on the iPhone the apps have to be approved before making it onto the App Store. This is the reason Android is catching up rather quickly to iPhone in quantity, but it's also the reason iPhone is so far ahead in quality. Because apps have to be approved to make it onto iPhone a lot more quality goes into the apps. Don't get me wrong, iPhone has it's fair share of useless, pointless, and just plain stupid apps, but on Android there are just tons of cheap knockoffs of iPhone exclusives and awful apps. So what does all of this mean overall? It means that iPhone has better quality exclusives (tiny wings, run, action hero, the rat on a vehicle games, zombie highway, ski safari, the Call Of Mini shooters, etc.) and the Android has a long list of stupid exclusives that are allowed on Android because it is open source and allows anything.

So overall iPhone wins in both quantity and quality. Not very much in quantity but by quite a bit in quality.

There are also some others things to consider. The iPhone has retina display which means it has the highest resolution screen out of any smartphone. This gives the apps on iPhone better graphics then on other phones. iPhone also has game centre which is a social network for apps, where you receive acheivements, friends, a profile, leader boards and more. So I know so far the iPhone is pretty much dominating the Android. And this is all research based, so don't think for one second that I'm being biased. But there are two things that help the Android get closer to the iPhone in apps. First of all, the screens on most Androids are a little bit bigger then iPhone screens. Although the iPhone screen size is perfectly fine for apps, the Androids screen size is a bit better. Also, it has a lot more free apps then iPhone. Although iPhone might have better apps, a lot of them are paid, meanwhile the Android has a great selection of free apps. But this isn't enough to bring it to iPhones level.

So all in all, iPhone wins this category. It has the highest quantity of apps (750,000 apps, 150,000 ahead of Android) and because it is approval based it has a better quality list of exclusive apps. Retina display and game centre also help. Android comes in second with the second highest amount of apps (600,000 apps) and a slightly bigger screen then the iPhone, with more free apps. However, it really suffers from open source, which means that it has a lot of terrible apps from random people. And lastly, you may have noticed I didn't even mention the Blackberry. That's because it comes in dead last with 1000-3000 apps, awful controls and its terrible small screen.

Winner: iPhone (5 points)

Runner Up: Android (3 points)

Loser: Blackberry (1 point)


Blackberry 9360 V.S iPhone 4S V.S Android 4G Part 1

I'm going to break this argument down into seperate categories: Apps, Media, Communication/Social Networking/Messaging, and Extras. For every section, the phones will eather come 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. You get 5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd.

Apps: (Some parts weigh more than others for this)

# Of Apps (Weighs the most):

iPhone: 700,000 Apps (As of June 26th, 2012)

Android Apps: 500,000 Apps (As Of June 11th, 2012)

Blackberry Apps: 1,500 Apps (As Of June 26th, 2012)

Average App Ratings (Weighs the least)

iPhone: Approximately 4.5/5

Android: Approximately 3.5/5

Blackberry: Approximately 3.5/5


iPhone: 1st (It has the most amount of apps and the best quality of apps.) (+5 points, current total=5 points)

Android: 2nd (Although it is rapidly catching up to the iPhone in terms of app numbers, the quality has always been worse, because although a lot of useless, crappy apps come out for iPhone as well, a lot of Androids apps are laggy rip-offs of iPhone exclusives or just plain stupid apps.) (+3 points, current total= 3 points)

Blackberry 3rd (Yeaa... there's not much to say about this one.) (+1 point, current total = 1 point)


E-mail: (weighs the least)

iPhone would have to win in the e-mail cateogory of communication/messaging simply because it has the "Mail" app. This app is the same app used for mail on the "Macintosh" computers, and has all the same features as the "Mail" app on the Mac. Android is a very close second for e-mail and blackberry is third.

Instant Messaging: (weighs tied for first)

The Android and iPhone are pretty equal for this one. They both have eBuddy, MSN, Facebook Messenger and so on. But iPhone boosts itself to second because of iMessage (the BBM equivalent for iPhone). It is almost as good as BBM but not quite. BBM boots the Blackberry to first, however because although iMessage has a good interface, the BBM is a beast for instant messaging! You get your own profile with your name, a status and a picture. The keyboard is much better then either of the other phones touch screen keyboards for instant messaging, and overall it's quicker and easier by a bit then the Android and iPhone for Instant Messaging. In this category, BB comes first (because of BBM), iPhone second (because of iMessage), and Android third (it has MSN, FBM and eBuddy like the others, but no messenger of its own, or at least a really dumb one i Don't know about.)

Texting: (weighs tied for first)

For texting I would say the Android and iPhone are tied for last, because they both have the touch keyboards that are O.K but kind of annoying. But BB easily wins this one. And that is for one reason simply: the keyboard! Whenver i text and use the BB keyboard it kind of obliterates the iPhone and Android keyboard in every way. Overall, the BB is the best for texing.

Social Networking: (weighs third)

For social networking the BB is unfortunately in last. Although i like the keyboard for sending messages, usign the track pad to surf Facebook or Twiiter is really annoying. The Android and iPhone make it easy, however, with their big screens and touch control. The iPhone and Android are probably completely equal, actually, for this section, with the BB trailing behind, due to it's controlling.


Blackberry: 1st (Although the Android and iPhone beat it in e-mail and social networking, those were the least important sections. However, the BB owned them in the important sections; instant messaging and texting. With BBM it beat out the others in Instant Messaging and with the solid keyboard it beat the others in texting) (+5 points, current score= 6 points)

iPhone: 2nd (Although it and the Android were pretty close, it just barely boosted ahead due to the superior "Mail" app, and iMessage) (+3 ponts, current score = 8 points)

Android 3rd (Well, that sucks for you...) (+1 point, current score = 4 points)


Blackberry 9360 V.S iPhone 4S V.S Android 4G

Well, the new series of Blackberries, Androids, and iPhones have come out. I am here to do a comparism between these three top smartphones. I will be breaking it down into different categories as well!


Let's first break it down into the # of apps available for each market:

Relapse (Eminem 2009) Album Review

This is a review of Relapse, a rap album by Eminem made in 2009. I'm not going to do any writing, it's just going to be ratings on different aspects of the song. However I might make additional comments. I rate Rapping out of 15 becaues it's the most important, I rate the beat out of 10 because its second and I rate the choruses and hooks out of 5 because its rap so they are the least important.

Song 1: 3 a.m

Beat: 9.5/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre)

Rapping: 13.5/15 = 9/10

Chorus/Hooks: 3.5/5 = 6/10 (Written and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 26.5/30 = 8.8/10

Song 2: My Mom

Beat: 9.5/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre)

Rapping: 13/15 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chorus/Hooks: 4/5 = 8/10 (Written and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 26.5/30 = 8.8/10

Song 3: Insane

Beat: 9.5/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre)

Rapping: 13/15 = 8.7/10 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chorus/Hooks: 3.5/5 = 7/10 (Written and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 25.5/30 = 8.5/10

Song 4: Bagpipes from Baghdad

Beat: 8/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre and Trevor Lawrence)

Rapping: 12/15 = 8/10 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chorus/Hooks: 2.5/5 = 5/10 (Written and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 22.5/30 = 7.5/10

Song 5: Hello

Beat: 9.5/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre and Mark Batson)

Rapping: 13.5/15 = 9/10 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chorus/Hooks: 4/5 = 8/10 (Written and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 27/30 = 9/10

Song 6: Same Song and Dance

Beat: 8/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre and Dawaun Parker)

Rapping: 13.5/15 = 9/10

Chorus: 3/5 = 6/10

Overall: 24.5/30 = 8.2/10

Song 7: We Made You

Beat: 10/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Doc Ish)

Rapping: 13.5/15 = 9/10 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chorus: 4.5/5 = 9/10 (Written by Eminem, sung by Charmagne Tripp)

Overall: 9.3/10

Song 8: Medicine Ball

Beat: 8.5/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre and Mark Batson)

Rapping: 13/15 = 8.7/10 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chorus: 2/5 = 4/10 (Written and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 23.5/30 = 7.8/10

Song 9: Stay Wide Awake

Beat: 9/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre)

Rapping: 13.5/15 = 9/10 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chorus: 3.5/5 = 8/10 (Written and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 26/30 = 8.7/10

Song 10: Old Time's Sake (ft. Dr. Dre)

Beat: 9/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre and Mark Batson)

Rapping: 13/15 = 8.7/10 (Written and rapped by Eminem and Dr. Dre)

Chorus: 4/5 = 8/10 (Written by Dr. Dre and Eminem and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 8.7/10

Song 11: Must Be The Ganja

Beat: 8.5/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre and Mark Batson)

Rapping: 13/15 = 8.7/10 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chorus: 3.5/5 = 7/10 (Written and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 8.3/10

Song 12: Deja Vu

Beat: 9/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre)

Rapping: 13/15 = 8.7/10 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chrous: 3.5/5 = 7/10 (Written and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 8.5/10

Song 13: Beautiful

Beat: 9.5/10 (Beat made by Eminem)

Rapping: 12.5/15 = 8.3/10 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chorus: 4.5/5 = 9/10 (Written and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 8.8/10

Song 14: Crack A Bottle (ft. 50 Cent and Dr. Dre)

Beat: 9.5/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre)

Rapping: 13/15 = 8.7/10 (Written and rapped by 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and Eminem)

Chorus: 4.5/5 = 9/10 (Written by Dr. Dre and Eminem and sung by Eminem)

Overall: 9/10

Song 15: Underground

Beat: 9/10 (Beat made by Dr. Dre)

Rapping: 13/15 (Written and rapped by Eminem)

Chorus: 3.5/5 = 7/10 (Written by Eminem sung by Gospel Choir)

Overall: 8.5/10

Overall: 8.6/10

Verdict: Eminem's rhyming and flows are extremely solid throughout this entire album and so the rapping is good. Dr. Dre with the help of a couple others, including occasionally Eminem himself, make some extremely good beats which is also consistent through the album. When you put consistently awesome beats with a consistently awesome flow and rhymes, the songs are always gonna be fantastic. There rhymes and hooks written by Eminem throughout this album were pretty good (though not nearly as good as the beats and rapping). And Eminem actually does a pretty solid job singing in a lot of the choruses so I guess he's more talented then I even thought before. Anyways, at the end of the day this album is fantastic and although a lot of people claim this is his worst album, I personally believe it is his best. All you have to do is get used to the style and allow the album to grow on you and you will eventually discover how much of a masterpeice it truly is.

My Portable ID

So my portable ID sucks but I just got my PS3 in December, so it's pretty good for someone who has only been playing the PS3 for 3-5 months. Anyways, here it is, I'm interested to see yours!

Get your Portable ID!

What I'm want in Black Ops 2

Hey gamers, I just thought I would post a blog about what I want to see added to Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. I was a big fan, unlike most people, of the original Blacks Ops and have nothing but respect for Treyarch. Well now Black Ops 2 is getting hype and im hyping too. So here's my list:

Combat Training:

A lot of people hated combat training because it was too easy and didn't have the competitiveness of multiplayer but I loved it for just those reasons. Don't get me wrong, I love online and playing competitvley is intense, but combat training offered a mode that was just plain relaxing. It felt good going around and owning everybody you see, not having to worry about dying or getting frustrated. It made you feel on top of the world and made you feel unstoppable. But there were problems. What I loved was that Treyarch added all the online stuff: leveling up, custom classes, every attachment/weapon, all the maps, XP, everything you like from online. But I would like to see the following additions.

1. Prestiging: Alright, this pissed me off big time. So I was really enjoying combat training and when I got to level 50 I was like "This is fun going around owning noobs. I THINK I'm gonna keep playing combat training and prestige a couple times!" Then... "Prestige mode is not available for combat training." I was very dissapointed and I would like to see at least 5 prestiges added to combat training in Black Ops 2 so I can prestige and keep playing the mode.

2.Game Modes: This also was a dissapointing part of combat training. So, combat training was automatically set to TDM when I first played, and when I finished I was like... "I WANT TO OWN THESE NOOBS IN EVERY GAME MODE!!!" So, I went to modes and I was shocked to see the list of modes, "TDM, HARDCORE TDM, FFA, HARDCORE FFA! WTF!" So I would like to see the addition of domination, demolition, capture the flag, and other modes to combat training. Maybe even add in Wager Matches were you could face the recruits in gun game, sticks and stones, and so on. The modes that could be added to combat training are a very long list, and I'd at least like to see 5-10 more modes in combat training in Black Ops 2.


Zombies was also an incredibly strong mode that carried Black Ops to the heights it got to. Although the mode itself was almost perfect I did find some things that dissapointed me.

1. This was by far the biggest problem in Zombies and I was pissed. It needs new maps that aren't DLC! Plain and simple. There were only 3 Zombies maps before DLC and only 2 were actual zombies (screw dead ops arcade). I want at least 4-10 original maps before DLC. Don't be that lazy with zombies maps again Treyarch! I mean 2 maps, come on! If I ahd 5 or 6 maps right off the bat, Zombies would be a perfect mode and I would be compeltely satisifed.

2. NEW WEAPONS/POWER-UPS: This is pretty obvious and will probably happen but I want a whole new set of weapons ON THE WALLS, and new power-ups (additions to quick revive, jugger-nog and so on).

As for the rest, I want almost everything else to stay the same. The campaign of Black Ops is my favorite campaign in a shooter and was a blast to play through, and I trust that Treyarch will perform at that level on the campaign again. Regular multiplayer (not combat training) was perfect, wager matches were perfect and I had almost no other complaints with the game.

Now I want you guys to decide in the comments. Leave in the comments what you want added to Black Ops two!

QUICK UPDATE 6! (noobs)

I just posted my Uncharted 2: Among Theives review and I accidentally gave it a 9 when really it's overall was a 9.5 for me and even though I changed that to what it should be, GameSpot is of course updating so it currently might say 9.