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December 18, 2005 - Day 365

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Wow, cant believe how quickly things go. My school year is nearly half way school and.. believe it or now, I have been a member of GameSpot for EXACTLY one year now. I found this game site on December 18, 2004. I signed up and posted a few on the first day but I had zero idea that I would become addicted to posting.
Days went by and things were added onto this site. Some were good.. and some were bad. I've also met many cool people on this place. Some were cool and nice, while some were crazy and nuts. =P

After unions were created, I joined many and become officers for about ten but when school started for me this year (and because of a few "modifications" to this site), I've decreased and soon, stopped in my postings. My grades are not doing well and.. Im trying to cut my time on the computer..
Anyways, there is a purpose to all of this:
1. To point out my 1st year on GameSpot.
2. To say that I will resign in all my officer positions. I appreciate the honor of being an officer but chances are that I wont be able to help the unions any longer.
3. To see if anyone still remembers me.
4. To say that I wont be on daily and posting until summer of 06.

Until next summer!
THE SuperDumbGuy

Well.. This is it

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Tomorrow is August 29, 2005 and that is the day when my Sophomore year begins. I have never liked school but I am actually kind of excited about it. I havent seen most of my friends for a while now, since I live a bit far away from my school, and it would be good to see them again.

I went to my school orientation a few days ago and after meeting some of my old buddies, I found out that there are only a few guys and girls that is going to be in any of my classes.. just like what happened in my freshmen year. The first few days will be.. awkward but I will live through them.

Anyways, I am writting this because chances are that I wont be on as much as I am now.. I may be gone days at a time but I will try to post here with you guys and girls as much as I can.

Sorry to the leaders of the union I am in, especially the ones I am officers for.

So I know that many of you are also starting school. I hope I will see you all next year. Good luck and have fun.

Six Flags

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(Printable Version)

:lol: I doubt many of you would want to read the whole story so.. heres what basically happened:
Me, two of my friends, and two girls went to Six Flags (California) in the morning when it first opened. There were almost zero lines at first but.. people began to come later on. We went on every extreme rides, except for two of them. They were Superman (broken) and Batman (didnt have time). We were pretty dumb though. Why? Because we went to the water rides when the sun went down and is cold instead of going on it when the sun was out and was hot. I got socked and I was freezing afterwards. I still had an awesome time though. We left a little bit before it closed.

Favorite ride - X, Goliath, and DeJa Vu

(For those who are bored and has nothing to do)

I just came back from Six Flags (California) and I gatta say, it really is the Extreme Park. Me and my two friends arrived right when it opened. There were also two girls along with us, which made the whole thing a whole lot better. It did suck because one of the girls was scared to ride any of the rides and she was afraid to be alone, so we all switched turns being with her. She is pretty good looking but.. she talks a LOT. lol We went on almost every single non-kiddy ride that is allowed. The only ones we didnt manage to get on (that we saw) were Superman (broken), and Batman (lines too long and didnt have time).

Anyways, we got there so early, there were barely and people and almost no lines. The first ride we rode on was Goliath, which was awesome! Then, we went to the some of the old ones; Viper, Colossus, Psyclone, Revolution. Afterwards, we ate some food and talked for a while. Then, we went to DeJa Vu. The line suddenly became huge, which sucked. We waited for about an hour or so. That one girl who was scared was in line the whole time and when it was our turn, she waited until we sat down and then, she just took off. It was pretty funny. We knew the lines would have gotten longer so we went to X. Guess what, the line was huge. An easy 2 hour wait but after it all, it was so worth it. The ride was the best of the bestest. I cant explain it though; you just have to go on it for yourself to know. When that was over, we went on Riddlers Revenge, which had a long line as well. After that, it is probably 7:30 and a lot of people began leaving, since the sun started going down. For some reason, that was when we decided to go on the water rides... The Roaring Rapids wet EVERYTHING that I was wearing, even my shoes and socks but I was not alone; the girl that was scared to go on rides rode that one and got socked too. It was hilarous but you had to be there to know why. She barely got on any rides and when she finally decided to go on one, that happened.. Anyways, I had a hard time enjoying the rest of the night after that. Before we left, we decided to go on Goliath for the last time. The line was longer than X when it was day. It took over 2:30 hours. It was worth it though, even though I was freezing when I rode it. On our 2.5 hour ride home, I had my wet cloth on and it felt terrible. I couldnt sit down and I couldnt take anything off, since the girls were there. When we got to the house of the guy I was spending the night with, I went to the bathroom and put my spare cloth on. It felt SO good. I was extremely tired that day and feel asleep as soon as I lied down.

Wont be on for a while..

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For those of you that dont know, I live many miles away from my school and from most of my friends. I would go to a school closer to my house but I just dont want to, since I am doing pretty well in the school I am in now.. I was home for nearly the whole summer, watching TV, playing video games, on AIM, and on GameSpot.

Anyways, one of my friends just called me, telling me that him and a couple of my other friends will go to Six Flags and Raging Waters this week. They told me to go with them, telling me that they will pay for everything for me!! I have just finished packing and will be leaving in a little while. I will be gone from now to Friday, which is also the day of my school orientation.

I will be starting the 10th grade in high school on August 28 (or 29th.. cant remember). I had hoped that the summer would be longer but I am actually kind of excited about going to school and finally seeing my old friends and meeting new ones. Anyways, once school starts for me, I wont be on nearly as much as I am now. I will still try to come on daily though.

So I hope everyone has had a great summer. Good luck in school and have fun! Hope I will see all of you guys and girls again next summer. :)

Random Update v.2

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Name: SuperDumbGuy

Joined Date: November or December, 2004

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Lots of accomplishments! :D

Moment of Silence

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This is late but apparently, London was attacked. There were nearly 1000 injuries and dozens of fatalities. There are also many in critical condition right now.

I have been busy these last few days and did not see or read any of the news. I found out after reading through over 6 of people's journal entries.

Hopefully, those in critical condition will live through this. And hopefully, there wont be anymore deaths.

Now please, let us have a moment of silence.


4th of July aka Independence Day

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It is now a little bit over 12 o clock and I just woke up.

I went to Disneyland yesterday with my family (mainly to take my young brother there) and it was great. There were fireworks and everything. The only thing that could have made it better is if I had some friends along but.. =S

Also, I thought there was supposed to be a parade but I guess not.

Best Ride: Space Mountain. A 2:30 hour wait.. it had better been the best ride. :lol:

But overall, the day was great.

What did you guys do?

Random Update

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- Joined Date: Nov or Dec of 2004 (:D Over half of a year now)

- Total Minutes Online: 10574 (I leave GS on when I go outside :P)

- Total Posts: 1189 (:? Could have done better)

- Total Messages Read: 25630 (:o Thats a lot)

- Friends: 71 (Could always use more :D)

- Level 12 - 0% - Rad Racer (:question: )


- New Union: The Anime and Comedy Union (Members needed :!: )

Finals Week of Hell!

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Starting from Monday, June 6, 2005, my finals will start. I will be tested in Math, Science, English, Spanish, Wood Tec, and P.E. (yes, even PE).

Hopefully, I will do well because if I dont... . :(
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