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It's a $2799.99 laptop. Why would someone spend that much money on a system that cannot be upgraded? Yes, it might have great performance, but building a desktop PC with more power would be cheaper.

I was hoping Razer would actually announce something exciting, but I was right when I expected a flop.

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The gameplay looks like it will be nearly the same as Serious Sam 2's, which is a good thing. The only problem I see is that the graphics are just average; but that doesn't matter as long as the gameplay is fun.

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I really don't like my desktop to be cluttered with icons.

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

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Whenever I choose not to post a message, it is usually because I could not word my response to my own standards. I frequently type a message only to decide against posting it when I do not like the way it sounds. So no, I am not afraid of what other people will think of my post, but of what I will think of it.

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I only like to watch some of their videos because the food looks good, and it gives me novel cooking ideas.

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I do not understand this current fad; it just popped up and exploded on the forbidden site, and now appears to be spilling into nearly every website. Are the My Little Pony videos actually better than terrible?

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I would not want lethal force to be used, but I would be fine with rubber bullets and other such non-lethal tools.

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I make it rain on those h..


This reminded me just how much I want a Zelda 25th Anniversary CD. Nintendo better release one (eventually)!

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I think it is sad that people choose to live in a way which will harm them in the future, but the same also goes for smokers, alcoholics, etc. Even though I do not support such lifestyles, I avoid judging individuals that do. The only times I do find fault with such people are if they hurt others in the process.

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While I do not support the destruction of Facebook (or any other legal site), I believe it would be beneficial if Anonymous tried to crack Facebook. It might force Facebook and other websites like it to improve their security to keeps their user's data safe.