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SuperBigBoss100's Rants for the Soul #1: The N64 Experience

SuperBigBoss100's Rants for the Soul #1:

The N64 Experience

Part One: The Caveman Effect

I remember when I was a young lad, I knew the ins and outs of SNES gaming. Super Mario World, Mario Paint, Contra III: The Alien Wars, and Mortal Kombat was my staple diet of gaming, among many rented games that I played. I knew what was a good game, and what was a bad game, I thought I had it all figured out. My brother would always get the newest games and consoles. I really envied that guy. One day, he came home with a click to the heel and snap of the finger (apparently the 50's jazz style was still the fad through the 90's), and unpacked his new console carefully out of a shopping bag to reveal the Nintendo 64.

Shopping bag

The relic of cheap console transportation.

The Caveman Effect kicked in. I was looking at a console that must have been built for a three armed man or a people who like to get close while handling the three handled contraption called a controller. I inspected the cartridge of Super Mario 64 and Star Fox 64 and how sleek they looked. I thought stuff's going down (Naturally, I was a kid and fowl language would result of punishment involving pain or isolation). The big black machine resembled technology made by aliens, as opposed to the boxy looking SNES. I wasn't sure what to do with the N64.

Plugged in the classic AV cords, the power, and the smooth grey bricks of fun. Super Mario 64 was the first game I saw (it is rare for big brothers to let you play first). HELLO! I freaked when a 3D rendered Mario head comes flying toward me like a flying demon cabbage aiming for my head.


Not pictured: Demon possession and horrible repressed memories.

However, when all had passed, I enjoyed my new experiences with the N64. Star Fox was a blast. For a while, the games that I played on the system heightened my level of fun. Except for a few bad games and difficult games that fueled my short temper.

Part Two: The Social Game

The N64 grew to high popularity among children such as myself. I continued my weekly rental routine with the Nintendo 64. I highly enjoyed some titles that I shared with my brother. The 3D revolution was at full swing in console gaming and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The next revolution started with the release of GoldenEye 007. Almost every boy in my class had the game. GoldenEye and N64 is to Pokemon and Gameboy when it comes to the original concept of social gaming. Unlike Facebook today, invites and requests was someone asking you to play one of those games with them at their house or vice versa. I hosted and was hosted to play GoldenEye with kids of all ages. Some were good sports while others were not so much. If poor sports knew what a restraining order was, They would try to get me one of those.

 Broken controller

"Oh, look at the time. I forgot that my mom wanted me to... wax the cat! Bye!"

Part Three: Goodbye old friend...

Despite having both N64 and PlayStation later down the road, I was a late bloomer in getting the new console. The PS2 was released and I wanted it bad. Don't get me wrong, N64 and PlayStation are both my favorite consoles for the memories it left in my life. I wanted something more out of gaming. I could not look to PC because my parents were many steps behind computer technology and games I played on PC involved floppy disks and early 90's games (Duke Nukem, how I loved and despised you). I eventually grew out of the Nintendo 64 and soon Nintendo overall for the PlayStation 2. While I would sometimes play the old N64, I moved on to greater games and consoles. My brother soon sold the Nintendo 64 for stupid reasons and I had to say goodbye to the old gal.

As the years go by, I'm finding myself going back to my childhood and finding relics of my past such as the SNES and N64. Every person has one of those stories regardless of the era they grew up in. In fact, I still find people of the Atari days talking about the good days when they did the same thing I went through only with Atari. Do you remember your days?


Pictured: A demon possessed game that causes horrible repressed memories and broken joysticks.

SuperBigBoss100's Hall of Inspiration Part One: Metal Gear Solid







Metal Gear Solid

Legends say they had to leave the background white because heads exploded when they saw the cover and retailers had enough with cleaning the mess.


 For a child being obsessed with action, violence, and more action, Metal Gear Solid was not an appealing game for me, especially after how my brother described it to me. You play as Solid Snake. Your mission is to infiltrate the a base on Shadow Moses Island to stop a terrorist group FOXHOUND from launching a nuke. Sounds intriguing, but not how you play the game. You sneak around, trying not to get caught or else you will get chased by enemies and possibly die if you do not hide. With the concept of sneaking and hiding not compatible to my little brain, I simply walked away from the game. Until, my brother spent an awful lot of time and not giving me a turn. So, I did what any little impatient brother would do,I stole the controller while he was in the can. And from then on, all is history.

Controllers: #1 in theft related incidences and domestic violence among brothers

Controllers: #1 cause of theft related incidences and domestic violence among brothers.

Metal Gear Solid ripped me from many, many precious hours of my childhood (precious, ha!). I completed that game within a weekend. However, I could not stop from there. I replayed the entire story so I could better feel the game. I loved every second of playing that game and I never thought differently to this day. After all, before writing this, I played... you guessed it. It was the visuals, the story, the fun, and the action that sucked me right in. The story was believable, the game broke barriers such as breaking the fourth wall to the player, and the fun it brought. It looked and felt like a good game.

Every video game has a more believable story than what comes out of here

Every video game has a more believable story than what comes out of here.

Metal Gear Solid is a very attractive game along with the series The voice actors and their dedication to the MGS series is highly appreciated among fans such as myself. There is no let down as a major character with a sudden vocal change between sequels like they developed a sudden deformity. There was few, but no major differences. The voice that David Hayter synthed for Snake is fitting, absolutely perfect. The raspy voice of Solid/Naked Snake will forever echo down the industry for many generations.

Not picturing, A solid naked snake.

MGS and the series has a certain trait that is rare in any series. The story and how it ties to history and modern day has enriched the thoughts and influences such as myself as a storywriter. Through the years, I could not help myself but to base my own sense of creativity from this game. It has opened my eyes at such a young age. The story is almost flawless. It is the pinnacle of what the series had brought in sequels after this game. I have become a die hard fan of the Metal Gear franchise.

Snake's revenge came after this travesty

Annnnnd moving on....

This game had been given my rating of 10/10 with my review stating why (check it out). The review is out of the way, this is my personal experience with Metal Gear Solid. This game is no doubt the first game to be posted on my Hall of Inspiration.     


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