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Remembering Demo Discs

With this new age of downloadable content demo discs are almost all but gone. If you're one of the old gaming vets like myself you remember playing these discs back in the day. Now it's just a quick trip to the demo section of your PS3/X360. Where's all the fun in hunting for the demos like it used to be. :P

I remember playing demo discs about as much as I would play some full releases. I played the beginning of MGS1 countless times, always wondering what happened after I met the DARPA Chief. It would be years before I actually played through the full game and got past that cutscene. I replayed a mission in Ace Combat 2 over and over, busted some moves and rhymes with Parappa the Rapper, and played a lot of Tekken 2 with access to only two fighters. I spent lots of time running around aimlessly as Lara Croft in a demo for the first Tomb Raider game. Back then that's all we had to preview games and I had lots of fun playing those short glimpses of upcoming releases. I even continued to play some well after the full game had been released. (I couldn't buy everything now could I? lol)

I am of course mainly referring to the PS1. When you booted those discs up they usually started off with the great FMV sequences that have disappeared from gaming. Good 'ol fashioned cheesy fun. lol One was a PS Underground disc and it showed a lot of the gaming scene as it was in the 90's which is really interesting. Before the gaming industry went hollywood and everything blew up into the mainstream. Games were more about fun and didn't try to take themselves so seriously. I miss those times...

I had a few PS2 demo discs as well. I went out and bought a magazine just for the demo included for MGS3. I bought another demo disc for a chance to play the Star Wars Battlefront demo. At the time it was just cool to have access to several games on one disc. As well as some including codes, movies and other previews as well.

I actually still pull my demo discs out from time to time to relive the magic. It's hard to believe just how much I played some of the demos. These days I'll play a demo maybe once or twice at the most and if I like it enough I just go buy the game. I wasn't always 'rich' like I am now. :P

Do any of you have some fond memories of playing demo discs or any particular demo favorites?

Too Many Games

Hi guys,

I haven't made a new blog in a year so I thought I needed to update. I'm here to tell you that I have a serious problem: Having too many games.

I'm trying to sort all of my games. I have hundreds of them stuffed into every conceivable corner of my room. I have consoles crammed in my closet, and game boxes/cases stacked all over the place. I don't know what to do with it all. lol I suppose maybe it's a good problem as opposed to not having enough of them. Then again sometimes I sit for ten minutes and ultimately give up on trying to decide what game to play. I have games I bought years ago that I've never touched. It's all kind of crazy. The few images of games I have on here are like 20% of what I actually own. lol People come and freak out and say I'm awesome because I have so many games but it's kind of a blessing and a curse.

What a horrible night to have a curse...

Does anyone else have this 'problem'?

Just turned 50!

Well I never thought I'd write one of these but here I am. I figured since I'm now level 50 I should write about it, gives me something to write about anyway. lol

It's been difficult leveling up all these years. I remember back when I was level one. Such a young inexperienced Plumma. The levels went by, I grew older and wiser. Now here I am, lots more finished games later at the ripe old level of 50. Thinking back on all the memories of the past levels.

And while "Strawberry Candy" may not describe me particularly well, I'm glad I made it this far and I wonder how much farther I will get.

Uninteresting Blog Title Here

Yes I know its long overdue. I've been out in the field for months around Zanzibar kicking ass and such. I just wanted to say hi and that I'm not dead or anything. Hope all of you have been doing well and enjoying your games and life and all that goody goody crap.

I'm going to try and get back into my gaming blogs again. Working on a MGS4 one but that may take a while so don't hold your breath. I can't afford to have any civilian deaths on my record.

Well that's about all I have to say. I'll pull a Gregg here and make a short blog that's to the point. (copyright GreggD 2009)

Take care guys,


A War in the Stars

IT'S A TRAP suckaz.


I'll get this out of the way. I am a pretty big Star Wars fan. Not the ultra fan that can tell you the serial numbers of the weapons on the movies like some (pretty scary huh), just a normal person who thinks Han Solo is the sh!zzle. (wow gamespot really??) Shadows of the Empire was taken from the popular book of the same name. I highly recommend this book if you are a Star Wars fan. It takes place between episodes 5 and 6 and was written before Lucas decided to toy with our emotions. In fact, as with many of the SW novels, it isn't written by Lucas at all. I won't give away anything here though. The game doesn't really follow the book all that much anyway.

I remember when this game came out back in '96 I was stoked as hell. The only Star Wars games I had remembered playing before were the super nintendo titles. I owned The Empire Strikes Back for the snes and loved it.

I still remember the very first time I played it. The game opened up during the battle of Hoth and I was just blown away at how awesome it was! I freaked out on the fact that you could fly under the AT-AT's unlike the snes ESB I had. I played this game a lot for the next year on and off. It had its hit and misses but I still enjoyed it a lot.

It has ten stages that you could select at any time once beaten. You play as Dash Rendar, a little known character that was briefly mentioned in the book. He reminds me of a younger Kevin Costner. lol There are also four difficulty levels and challenge points which are actually rebel insignia tokens scattered throughout each level for you to find and collect. Grabbing them all gives you bonuses once the game is beaten. The sound isn't all that great aside from the great soundtrack which of course is the music of Star Wars. The effects are a bit meh and it sounds pretty damn funny when Dash takes damage cause his scream is just weirdly harsh. Actually makes you want to avoid damage even more so you don't have to hear that gut-wrenching scream. Graphic-wise it isn't terrible for it's time and there's plenty of that "sixty-four fog" (yeah I just made that up) like any other N64 game. lol

With all of that out of the way it's time for Plumma to take you on a run through the game with his own special interpretation. ;) I've been playing it recently so it's fresh in my mind. w00tz

Hey Dash can you stop at Burger King on the otherside of Yavin?

First level here we goooooo!!

Yay I get to fly a snowspeeder! These things are awesome!! :D I jump in and strap up and fly out to kick some Imperial ass and all I see is some crappy droids bouncing up and down like they're happy to see us. :| Damn near wanna call on the radio and say "screw you guys I'm goin home" cause this just aint enough for me. You know how Plumma is; he likes action and a whole helluva lot of it too. They tell me I get a cookie if I stick around so I stuck it out and proceeded to kick some mechanical butt. After destroying a few droids I start to see something in the distance then Luke radio's in that we've got some AT-ST's now and I get a bit more excited. Bigger crap to blow up! :D

Boom! One down and then the other turns and starts firing at me as my wingman zip in and out of my fire zone and get pissed at me for pecking at their shields… freakin idiots… GOSH! Next thing I know there's some AT-AT's looking at me like I stole their color tv's or something. I fly through a barrage of red lines which is supposed to be laser fire and I shoot at the AT-AT and find that I ain't doin much. Luke radio's back in and says to try and use the tow cables and trip em up. After a bit of "wtf are you smoking" I turn and look over my shoulder and there's Dash snoring in the back. Grumbling I elbow the seat and he jumps up half asleep and blurts out "I hate you Jar Jar".

I tell him to get his lazy ass to work as I fly straight at the AT-AT then it turns and starts firing at me. It is really freakin scary when that thing is staring at you… I circle around for a long approach and I'm getting perfectly lined up… wait what the hell?? RETURN TO BATTLE pops up and screws up my flight plan… why in the heckamadoodle would Plumma try to do a thing like that?? He was promised cookies, he aint goin nowhere!! ggrrr So I reset a course and weave and bob a bit between fire and slip in underneath the machine between it's legs cause I'm cool (and straight mind you) and then fly a tight circle around his legs as Dash fires off the tow cable. A few turns later the AT-AT falls and crumples to the ground and I feel like I am the baddest ass in a galaxy that's far far away.

Wait WHAT?? They got the damn shield generator anyway?? But I did so good… :( Oh it happens in the movie you say? So it wasn't my fault then right? Ah okay that's cool.

That got me hyped up!!

Next level we've got to escape Echo Base and get to our ship. Okay so I have to evacuate the place since the empire has decided they wanted a winter retreat home. Hey lookie it's the Millenium Falcon!! *waves as it streaks out of the hangar* Well **** you too Solo. >_> Lemme just run around and shoot white guys and figure this out on my own I guess. Aww look da cute wampas *hears roar* K I take that back… man these things really scare the hell out of me. They have that 'gangsta' walk and look so creepy walking towards you… *walks around a bit more* Hmm this hallway looks weird. OMG its splitting apartz!! Run Run Run!!! Damn that was close dawg…

Guess things should cool down from here eh? Oh wait nah there's a freakin AT-ST waiting for me. Go figure. *blows it up with anger and hate* Now hey look it's my ship. :D *jumps in and takes off* Phew glad that's over now I can rela- *ship shudders from laser fire*


This is one of my favorite levels. First of all the music kicks ass cause it's Star Wars and I get to shoot tie fighters with the gun turret just like in the movie. Just don't get cocky now mkay. ZOMG look it's a star destroyer… pedal faster!! We're flying through asteroids and crap with tie fighters blasting at us and screeching the sky up. (Is it just me or wouldn't it be awesome to have your car or truck sound like a tie fighter?) Great now we have tie bombers here shooting green looking bugger bombs at us or something. >_> Basically you shoot a set number of fighters and bombers and then the level ends. It's awesome.

A freakin' STAR DESTROYER!?!?!? :o I jost bought this officially licensed reproduction Lando cape man...

With a level as cool as the asteroid stage the next should be so badass right? Wrong. A junkyard? On a hovertrain? *shakes head* I've had it with these mutha ******* droids on this mutha ******* train!! This is probably many people's least favorite level. You have to duck, jump, duck, jump, move a little and repeat while you're on this flat hovertrain taking a tour through the empires junkyard which has everything from AT-AT's to transports, sandcrawlers and even a star destroyer. Probably crap Plumma blew up during his previous space adventures. Damn that's some scrap metal. Oh but it tells you not to jump to other cars when there's a sharp turn. Thank you captain obvious! This level would be a good wii fit stage. With all the jumping and ducking you do to clear obstacles it could get anyone into shape. So I'm going along making my way up the train taking out aliens like it's the wild west and I'm robbing the damn train lookin for mah cookies.

My droid comes on and tells me I need to jump to the next train and I do that and do it well. Then he advises I take cover and brace myself for impact so I jump down and prepare for a collision and then boom… It appears I've blown up and died. WHAT?? Oh nevermind it's just a retarded way to end a stage… Lemme see what do I do here OH HEY IG-88. How's it hangin? *dodges laser fire* Oh you didn't like that one huh? *runs around and takes him out with extreme prejudice* That's all there is to that.

With some info from IG-88 I fly over to the imperial spaceport known as Gall. This level is huge and very high in the canyons. After destroying more droids and kicking stormtroopers off the ledges for amusement I run into a cave only to meet face to face with… a freakin BROWN WAMPA and he's just as pissy as the white ones. Damn these things scare the crap out of me. I run out with my arms flying and get to the next part catching rides on hovercars and traversing narrow ledges where one trip could mean DEATH. I make my way into a small hangar bay and tower where I find me a jetpack. Oh hellz yea now I can fly around and use the term I picked up from Star Fox earlier. "sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry" It's just cool mkay. Son of a… *generically takes out another AT-ST and moves on* Now I have to get all Solid Snake and go into the air ducts and apparently the empire had that in mind since I'm not the only one in here. Wonder if there are any girls working out here… maybe that's what these guys are here for too. *crawls in and out of airduct 5 times* damn

After a bit of dodging fan blades and shooting baddies I get to a big ass cavern that I can barely see the top of. All of a sudden some lasers fly down at me from way above and I see a tiny dot of a man and I decide to try and take him down… literally. He falls hundreds of feet to his death and just slams on the ground and doesn't move an inch the second he hits. Looks funny actually. A little more running around and I bump into none other than Boba Freaking Fett!!. After a brief discussion on his mama being fatter than Jaba he gets mad and shoots at me which was a big mistake. I start shooting back and he just flies around like a stiff ass torpedo with his arms by his sides. After a bit of that he gets pissed and hops in his ship and I still kick his Boba butt. What a loser…

Now I find out that Luke is in trouble and it's time to go and warn him. He's at Kenobi's old place on the other side of beggar's canyon. Hmm what's the best way to get there in time… oh yeah a freakin swoop bike. :D *jumps on it and does a um… wheelie I guess even though there are no wheels* Time to speed through Mos Eisley. Oh what's this? The guys I overheard talking are on their way too. Seems they're a swoop gang. Time for the destruction derby. w00t *goes really fast through the city streets taking bikers out*

The wind is rushing past my face as I gain on the next victim ahead. Closer…closer… almost there… alm- *gets a bug in the face* aaahhh **** that hurt. *pulls up on the side of a biker* Hey can you tell me how to get to *smashes into him and makes him crash* Now we're in the desert going about 200 mph inches above the sand. OMG sarlac pitz! *goes into beggars canyon begging to deal more destruction* Heya guys it's a tight fit in here ya? *smashes more and more guys against the rocks until he makes it to Luke*

Damn Luke these guys were coming to kill ya but I stopped em cold. :) Oh yeah right mr jedi you needed my help. >_> Probably the funnest damn level in the game. lol

Now off to an imperial freighter to hack into a super computer. Sounds like fun… not. I run around shooting more troopers as usual and run through freakin turbines and crap like that until I bump into a huge droid that looks like Wall-E on steroids with the roid rage included. ( or "droid rage", had to I'm sorry… ) I take that out and its mission complete. w00t. (boring level so gets a short paragraph lol)

Eww sewers… hate this level as well but hey lookie I got the jetpack again! :D Just think of all the weird stuff floating in these sewers with all the aliens and crap in the galaxy. (yes people I unintentionally make tons of puns in my blogs and obviously rhymes too) Hey someone left a perfectly good couch down here… damn if I weren't by myself I'd take this. Out of nowhere I hear a scary ass roar from under the water. I hate these creatures. I dunno why but they used to freak me out. When you're under the water it's hazy and you can't see them until they're closer and they just scare me with their tentacles waving around and going "booglalbooglabaooagadoo". :| Oh and lookie here the boss is a huge ass one ten times bigger… aaaahhhhhhh *sucks it up and kicks its butt or its face I can't tell* Somebody give me a Final Fantasy victory tune. *gets jiggy wit it*

Who throws away a perfectly good couch??

Ooh now we're in Xizor's palace! There are red guards, droids and all kinds of crap that doesn't want me here. Hey look huge gears spinning. I'm waiting for Simon Belmont to pop out somewhere. lol Damn the ceilings are freaking tall in here, good thing I gots a jetpack. :D After planting some bombs at key points to screw stuff up I get to the end only to run into the biggest droid yet. He's like three stories tall and he has a pimp walk from hell. So I get behind him and whittle away at his life slowly avoiding all his attacks easily. He falls over and I strike a pose, but wait he's back up!! Damn he jettisoned his legs and now he's a floating torso and head. OMG the floor is separating into a maze… RUN!! So I take off and he follows shooting all kinds of stuff at me and I'm just running scared only popping out to return fire here and there. After a bit I finally manage to destroy him and I kneel there trying to catch my breath only to see his head come back up and start eyeing my destruction… omg now I have to run from his damn head while he shoots at me with a killer cheese slicer. There's something creepy about the way he just peeks around the corner right in front of you… After a bit of a standoff I finally destroy him for good and then remember I still haven't got my cookies and I get all upset. Gonna have to give me a lifetime supply of cookies for this crap.

The Belmonts were confused when they saw the huge gears rotating.

Time to hop in the ship and follow Xizor to his skyhook. Seems he ran away once he knew I was in his crib. Oh goodie more fighters to take out along the way. I would have been bored out of my mind if I had to sit and do nothing during the trip. So I enjoy a bit of stargazing and tearing ships to pieces and yelling "I'm a firin mah laser" into the intercom then I start to see the distant silhouette of the skyhook and also what appears to be a star destroyer. Great now the empire is after something as well. Looks like the party started without me cause there's crap happenin everywhere! Fighters are flying all over shooting at each other and huge turret fire coming from the skyhook is grazing my ship. Oh hey look it's Solo. "Hey ahole you see me now don't you?" *grumbles* Luke tells me I need to take the turrets offline so I swoop in and out of laser fire while taking the turrets out one by one. I get distracted by that damn huge star destroyer and shoot it over and over and it just keeps telling me it's at 100%. Okay if it even bothers to give me a percentage when I shoot it there has to be a way to blow it up right? Obviously not cause I've never gotten it under 100 no matter what. Bet my cookies are in it too. :(

Back to work now. I'm told I have to fly inside the skyhook and take out the core so I fly in and have to work around various chunks of metal sticking out on my way to the glowing blue core and I shoot a missile at it and it kasplodes that side of the core. I find out I have to do it from all four sides to make stuff happen so I fly around through each of the four arms and shoot the core until everything freaks out and turns a bright red inside the metal skeleton of the skyhook. DIVE DIVE DIVE Guess it's time to leave… I fly out of the already flaming end of it and the screen cuts to the skyhook exploding with no indication that I even go out… wth? Then after that a brief cutscene shows Luke and Leia all sad talking about Dash and Plumma's deaths and I'm like wtf.

"Did Dash and Plumma really perish? Did Plumma ever get his cookies? Beat the game on medium to find out!" *beats his head against something else instead* I won't spoil it. :P

Yeah so I was playing on easy. Wanted to get through it so I could write this and get it over with. And so I say to you now…. I got it over with. That's SotE in a nutshell for ya. ;)

Next up is something from Sony's side since I've been hanging round the N64 too much.

(If you see errors it's cause I got tired of reading this long ass blog over and over being GS just loves to screw with me everytime I try and post a new blog.)

Everybody's Emblem Eccentric over E3

Plumma got his emblems like most who watched the E3 live feeds. Now his life is complete and he can sleep easy tonight. In all honesty I'm not sure why I even cared about it in the first place. It was a bit crazy to see just as many and in some places more posts and even blogs about the lack of receiving emblems than what the conferences were actually about. What kind of power do emblems have that draw so many to complain if they do not receive them?

It's like this is the boy/girl scouts and our emblems are hard earned badges that we get for selling popcorn or cookies or starting a fire with our bare hands. After all I would have been way more proud of earning an emblem if I had knitted a quilt from scratch. Don't get me wrong a profile does look spiffier with a couple rows of shiny emblems and a high level but why does that matter so much to some? The simple act of being punctual for a live feed makes you cool? Maybe it was the act of a site outtage survival in the face of the dreaded 'blank page' monster that earns these users prestige points. If anyone can help with this please feel free to shed some light on the subject.

Quickly Quilted Goodness

This user demonstrated their badassness by showing that they can use their thumbs for other things besides analog sticks and cheetos. Here's to ye who never quitted the quilting!

As you can tell by my picture I am hella bored here right now. My emblems didn't show up right away and I believe I was more curious as to why some people didn't get any even if they've watched all the live feeds. Of course this is glitchspot but I was thinking more about that than being upset about not getting my emblems. Do I like emblems? Sure, they look nice and they may be like ribbons on a military dress uniform but it is only on a website after all. Won't help my future resume's any...

That's just my thoughts right now. I'm too lazy to go into more detail as I'm sure to properly assess the topic we'd need a psychologist and and a behavioural expert to break down the human way of wanting to feel superior and or cool. It's just interesting that it's crossed over so far digitally with gamer points and now trophies. So many argue and show off using their gamercard rather than their actual brains nowadays. Now we'll want to invite people over to our virtual apartments to show off our hard earned trophies and sit back and do the robot with our pimped out avatars. Makes me wonder if we'll even bother leaving the house in a few years..

I'll just stick to killing stuff for pure enjoyment. :)

Spaced Out

Minor Spoilers Alert

It's Top Gun with animals in space 8)

So I decided it was time to leave the planet for a while and jump into space. I called up Fox McCloud to see what he was up to. Turned out he had all kinds of things going on so I told him I'd be right over. *whoosh*

I get there and he tells me that **** is going on and we have some ass to kick. As soon as I heard that I jumped up and down like a giddy schoolgirl and said WHERE DA WEAPONS AT?? I dove into the cockpit of an arwing and pressed buttons madly and made my own sound effects until the mechanic came and fussed at me. :(

All that corny intro aside I felt like playing Star Fox 64 which was a game I had immense fun with back in the day.

I put it in and turned the ol N64 on and there they were. Fox and his buddies standing like they're cool or something. I mean they are, where else will you see animals who are space fighter pilots. Yeah there's Star Wars and such but these are animals native to our own planet. It means something. I never look at frogs or hares the same again. ;)

The mission starts and omg… do I hear this??? They're TALKING? *looks over his shoulder and around the room* Can games do this? I don't know… this is freaky my wingman are talking to me!! And the damn birds got an attitude… I'm about to slap his *** real good. >_> I learn the frog is klutzy and the hare is fat, slow and looooves to give you 'advice'. I know you're all waiting for it. That one phrase that you'd love for Plumma to use with his weird messed up humor.


(right click and select'view image' to see full picture)

After a bit I'm dodging asteroids and sweating profusely at the sight of all the floating rocks. I've got enemies hiding behind them and disguising themselves as asteroids then I got a smartass bird that thinks he's THE man and a fatass hare that won't shut up and a dumbass frog that keeps getting into trouble. And I'm the badass one. So yeah, there's a lot of asses in space in case you didn't know but anyway…

I see a cute butterfly and I go awww and then I get terrified as he barrages me with orbs of light and nearly blows me to kingdom come. This game has changed my views on butterflies for the rest of my life. I'll be in the meadow with my girl one day and it'll be the most romantic moment in our lives and a butterfly will land on her hand and I will freak, scream like a girl and break her arm trying to kill it. Butterflies are EVIL. Mark my words young padawans…

Okay let's talk about the game a bit. It was released in 1997 for the Nintendo 64. It was the first game to have rumble compatibility via an add on rumble pack for your N64 controller. So now not only do I see myself getting screwed but I can feel it as well. Awesome.

The game is a fairly quick one and is great for pick up and play in short bursts. You can beat it in about 30 to 45 minutes if you're good. It has multiple endings, different modes of play and alternate routes and vehicles that all lead to the last boss. This game is fun and has a high replay value and I happen to like it a lot. There's also a versus mode where you and three others can kick butt in the air, on the ground or on foot. It's all good here peeps. ;)

The voices of your wingman aren't too bad and the enemy bosses are quite memorable. I always laughed at a few that blurt out things while you're killing them with the funniest deliveries of insults and cries for help. There are even a few mentions of "jeez laweez"… :| *looks at Falco sideways*

Look it gets to you okay...

Okay scramble lets go!! Corneria is getting bombarded and we need to stop it!! :o Hey you get off your butt and get over here; the chips will be there when you get back fool! So you start over water and there's a few enemies to shoot and get the feel for destroying and right away Slippy gets in trouble and you have to help him out. Slipped up again you little green piece of crap. *rolls eyes* Everything's pretty straightforward, you fly towards the end of the level and shoot tons of bad guys and collect bombs and laser upgrades as well as rings that add health and restore damage. You can switch between the cockpit and rear camera views and even lose part of your wings which drastically reduces your maneuverability.

You'll mostly be in your arwing flying high and low but in a few levels you'll get to try out a tank that can hover and roll and even a submarine in the depths of the ocean. It is all pretty neat and diverse. There is also a pretty diverse range of settings in each level. You'll go from cities to space to underwater and even skimming over lava. You'll also want to replay to try and access all the stages by meeting certain conditions during each level. You can't access every level in one playthrough so you'll have to try different routes each time to get to the more obscure paths.

Yor path is determined by your actions in each mission

There are also medals you can earn by defeating a certain number of enemies in each of the levels granted you keep your wingman alive and breathing at the end of each mission. Makes you sit down and play even more to try and earn these bragging points.

Another neat aspect is that you'll meet four enemy pilots at different times throughout the game that serve as your rivals. They're better pilots than your average enemy and harder to shoot down. They also have funny voices and slap you with mean dialog that hurts your feelings. *sniff* Damn bullies…

The games climactic last stage can be entered two ways: The front where everything in space is thrown at you without mercy or the rear where you sneak in and receive the better ending if you're man enough to defeat the big bad guy. Okay a bit of words about the end boss. I never really did understand what the hell it was about. lol Though I did find it entertaining and fun it just seemed a bit out of place and perhaps a bit frightening for younger audience; which is what Nintendo has always aimed for so I never really understood this move.

Basically it's a huge head and hands of a monkey and he taunts you with things like "You'll die just like you father muahahaha" all creepy sounding. Just seems a bit out there for a six year old kid IMO. When you get to him you have to shoot him in his eyes which in turn make him rub it with his hand making the other open for attack. So you destroy his hands and then his face and depending on which route you took he turns into a mechanical robot or even nuttier you have to defeat his brain and eyeballs… yeah his brain attacks you as does his eyes which is considered his true form. What the hell were they smoking to come up with that??

He's even creepier in the game :|

So you beat the boss and all of a sudden the screen flashes white and Fox yells and you get pissed cause you think you did something wrong and out of nowhere your long lost and supposed dead dad comes in and leads your crippled ship out of the exploding base, giving you positive words to help undo all the negative insults from your adversaries and disappears again. I still have no idea if that meant he really was alive or if it was his ghost or whatever. Never really says anything about it.

Yay I beat it!! :D Let's play some more and get some medals and stuffs. Screw XBL achievements! I have medals to obtain in Star Fox w00t.

During the credits the game clearly starts stealing stuff from Star Wars. Ships fly over the cities in victory as they did in Return of the Jedi and Fox and his team go up to receive medals as Luke did in A New Hope. Plus they both have 'Star' in their names and the mysterious father is used in Star Fox as well. Ha Miyamoto I gotcha!! :o

That's about it for this blog. The pictures aren't that great this time around cause it was extremely hard to find anything decent on the net and most were small and blurry. I'll make up for it in the blogs to come. Until then take care and game away for good ol Plumma. He loves you all. :)

Going Cold Blooded

Possible spoilers!

Well what can be better than Plumma taking on Nazis? How about dinosaurs, renegade mercenaries, random tribesman, huge insects and a bit of aliens and robots? Yeah sounds pretty damn good to me. :D

This time it's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on the Nintendo 64. I've played this game since it first came out in '97 but I've never beaten it without cheats. It was the kind of game that you'd input the cheats and have a blast blowing things up. It was also a rather large game and it was easy to get lost so I was never able to beat it back in the day and honestly I never really tried. So with that in mind I decided to go at it legit and not use cheats and see how much dino tail I could whip. We all know the outcome already… I am Plumma after all. ;)

Now one thing I want to note about this game is how smooth it is. Lately with me going back to some older 3D games I've noticed some severe slowdown and bad framerates. Funny thing because I don't remember them being that bad when I was younger. Guess that's what newer games like Call of Duty can do to you. lol Turok actually plays pretty darn smooth most of the time and only bogs a bit very rarely so it made it a lot easier for me to play.

The plot of Turok is simple. You are a native American Indian and you have to stop the big bad guy from being well…. big and bad I guess. The game is very unique with the inclusion of weird futuristic weapons as well as the old bow and knife. There are also teleporting soldiers and later on futuristic locations and robots and such. Really odd mix with indians, dinosaurs and futuristic stuff all running around trying to kill each other but it works very well in this case.

So I start playing the game and I feel all connected to nature as if I can put my ear to the ground and calculate how many enemies are coming and crap like that because I'm an indian now. Then all of a sudden I lose my focus as I start to chase a damn monkey that you see when you first start. Call me inhuman but I always try to blow him the hell up when I encounter him during the game though he's for 'display' only and cannot be hurt… damn the patriots!

Damn you evil monkey!!!

First few levels are pretty straightforward. Lock, load and shoot baddies and stock up on health and ammo. There are also plenty of secrets and hidden portals throughout the game as you try to gain keys to the next levels to continue to the last boss. This game has some badass weapons that are worthy enough for Plumma to pull the trigger and I do so indiscriminately. One cool thing about this game is that there's an ultimate weapon (starts drooling already) that you have to find the pieces to in the eight huge levels that make up the game. If you can find all the pieces to this WMD then taking on the last boss will be much easier. Just be sure and get some sunglasses and some tanning lotion for that lightshow when you use it. It's so awesomez you only have three shots. Cause it's just too much to have any more chances to use.

Things start to get a little hairy later on with a few boss fights and some pretty hardcore platforming that can really have you on edge. (more often off of it...) So here I am running around with jungle music and listening to people and dinos yell and scream with every well aimed shot and all of a sudden I feel the need to use the grenade launcher mainly for the fact that it makes a cool noise when you select it and it has "grenade" in its name. You blow guys away and they have the funniest scream of death and spray a long trail of blood wherever they end up. Wait I'm not done, not content enough to assume they're dead I shoot 'em again and it blows them clear across to another area with a long blood trail and they again yell even though they're already dead. Do this over and over and you kinda laugh a bit or at least I do. I know you guys don't have to tell me I'm special.

By the third level you hit ancient ruins and the wachati tribe shows up and starts shooting at you with blow guns. Yes I said blow guns. Who the hell is stupid enough to shoot a blowgun at THA PLUMMA?? I just peck at em with the light weapons and move on. Then when I get to the fifth level things get spookier. We head down to the catacombs to see if the dead are really in fact dead. Guess what? Heeeellllll NO! There's plenty of crap to shoot down here and jumps to make you bang your head on the desk. Which reminds me I need some more band aids. ;)

pfft lawl

Level six is in the treetops and when you get close to the edge and look down, there just aint nothing there. :o I mean you are gonna have a long time to think about dying if you step off. So I whip out the pulse rifle and kill more people and blow them off and down to their doom because it's fun. Then here comes level seven… oh how I hate you. Lava makes an appearance here in full force and there damn huge dragonflies that will really piss you off. Oh wait now there's huge triceratops with gatlin guns and rocket launchers that seem to hate me for no apparent reason. Makes me sad but then I realize some crazy ass tribesman is riding it and directing it to kill me. Oh that makes sense now. I always wanted to ride one of those things as long as they wash it off from all the previous wussy passengers. I mean who can take a triceratops ride like a man?? Hardcore stuff here.

(right click and select 'view image' to see full picture)

Level eight is bad, really bad and every possible corner has something big that wants to eat you and spit you out its hindside. Now you have mercenaries, dinosaurs, man-eating plants, huge dragonflies and bugs, gorillas on steroids with rabies, aliens and weird reptiles and also robots and mechs and other miscellaneous weird ass weapon wielding killers. Doesn't matter though, first of all it's Plumma and second he has a ton of weapons to shove up the arse. I traverse the gauntlet of endless hordes to emerge in some remote place with dead bodies hanging from the ceiling. Okay seen it before big whoop right? We've all seen dead crap hanging in games but the dead guys here are your enemies and that's what makes the ol knees rattle. (I'm doing this for effect, didn't bother me one bit but that's between you and me ;) ) This guy is so badass it seems he even sacrifices his own dudes with attitude.

So now I'm all gung ho and ready to just mess up someone's hairdo with a passion but then I run into a speed bump if you will. Yeah a freakin huge T-Rex with lasers and who knows what the hell else and he wants to EAT ME. Now I've never ran from anything in my life but there comes a time when there's a first time for everything right? Well not for me because though I did run away from him I was running backward while shooting. All part of my well calculated plan of destruction. After running in circles for like ten minutes dodging lasers, fire and whatever else nearly getting my legs bit off a few times I finally slayed the beast. Would you like to save your game? HELL YES

This scares me everytime I see it. Ya had to be there...

Okay so I limp away from that (another display for effect, makes this blog more dramatic) and get to the last portal where the big bad guy awaits me. You get all the weapons and the last piece to the ultimate weapon here and you take a deep breath and jump in. There he is!! He stares at me and gives a guttural laugh and I immediately start to run and grab extra ammo because 'baby' t-rex made me use most of it. >_> He starts chasing me and he's running on my ass while I turn around and plug him a few times then scramble for more ammo. He just keeps laughing and doesn't flinch when I pop him with explosive twelve gauge shells. Then he starts teleporting all over and shooting weird blue beams at me and I start to get angry and I pull a Max Payne in mah brain and slow things down and concentrate and music starts in my head (you know the kind of music that comes on when the good guy starts to pull back from nearly being defeated) as I really start draining his life bar.



He stands there. With a pathetic empty life bar and he looks at me and starts to laugh more… I kinda wanted to shat myself but I stayed strong and then as he walks towards me he trips and explodes or something. Lol YES I AM DA MASTA!!!!!!

I run out the place as it falls apart and shakes with explosions and jump into water hundreds of feet below and I watch as his pathetic fortress falls apart from my hand alone. Gotta love being the sole reason for all this destruction. :D Time to grab the peace pipe and smoke a bit. ;)

We pulled a Samus Aran and had to leave abruptly due to technical difficulties.

I grinned, put my controller down and walked away in slow motion. The credits rolled in the background as I walked from my latest purging of ruthless enemies forever searching for the next fight, the next foe who can give me a good battle.

But before I do that I have to make a stop at the bathroom.*runs out fast*

Ya'll come back now ya'hear?

(why gamespot? why must you not center my images or allow me to slide oversized pictures... *cries*)

The Boy Who Played Wolf

Nazi's dogs and monsters OH MY!!

In keeping with my nostalgic tastes lately I somehow got into Wolfesnstein 3D. What's even more amazing is that I played it to the end and beat it. I didn't get tired of it, I just kept playing…

Perhaps most of you may have only heard the name before, some of you have played it as well but I'm sure it isn't on many peoples now playing list as of late. This game is said to be the one that started the FPS genre and led up to Doom. It was made way back in 1992 and surprisingly it still isn't all that bad of a game even now. The AI responds to your shots, can swarm you at times and even sneak up behind you and scare the hell out of you. Even the hit detection with shooting is pretty accurate for such an old game. Really that's all the game has because there isn't much to do besides shooting people which is totally fine by me. :D

"Put the gun down, have a seat over there..."

So I booted up DOS (yes I said dos) and started the game. The title screen comes up with "Wolfenstein 3D". Yeah that's right this isn't a crappy 2D side scroller this game is in THREE @$*!) D and cool enough to be in the title being it's 1992 after all!! (did we even know what 3D was back then? Lol :P) Then the awesome midi music fills my ears and the title screen pops up after being told the game is PC-13. (ooh scawy) Here we go, choose the episode "Escape from castle Wolfenstein" and let's a go. *pulls off red hat and moustache*

When you start you'll notice a few things that you'll be seeing a lot.

1) A door
2) The wall
3) Your gun
4) Your badass face looking every which way for some butt to kick

And until you run into an enemy that's what you're gonna see a lot. The game is pretty plain but for some reason it still feels solid and immersive. The developers must have had a weird Nazi obsession with Wolf3D given the many swastikas and photos of the man himself, Adolph Hitler Upon closer investigation some of the levels are even shaped like the swastika. It's a little weird when you think about it. Your animated face even gets bloodier with more damage and I remember being scared by it when I was younger. Lol He just looked so messed up and it bothered me back in the day. (see Plumma admits he's gotten edgy in his life)

Given most of you may not know it I'll go into a brief description of the Third Reich and their crazy ideas. Hitler had a special organization that dealt with the Occult. I've never read too far into it to know what all was done but lets just say there were some weird things going on in Hitler's backyard. Anyway the game basically capitalizes on this (a whole helluva lot… ) and has you battling monsters and stuff that the Nazi's have experimented with and created. It's rather fun but a bit disturbing if you read too far into it I suppose. It's easy to see now why this game was banned in Germany back in the day and I'm sure still isn't smiled upon even now. Let me say one thing though, this game would make an awesome movie IMO though maybe I'm going a bit too far. (you know there'd be some people complaining about it) I mean we have WWII which is already cool and awesome, Nazi's as bad guys and weird monster experiments and the fuher in a mech suit with dual gatling guns. Gimme some popcorn!!

This is exactly how it went down... I'm super cereal

Anyway moving on… I played all of the levels, every single one and found the game fun even if the controls are a bit stiff I got used to em fast. I strafed around walls and took the bad guys out and smiled everytime I found the big one, yeah that "gat that makes their blood go splat" otherwise known as the gatling gun. ;) There were even a few times I ran out of ammo only to frantically stab at the enemies and get my adrenaline pumping. Yep somehow after 16 years the game still does that to me. I would get excited when I'd find a secret passageway and hear that familiar sound of the wall opening before me. Jump in, grab the stolen treasure and head back out to KILL muahahahahaha… (see the pattern here? Maybe they should lock me up for playing this >_>)

I laughed at the bosses especially Hitler because they just went over the top with this guy and I couldn't help it while I plugged him with rounds. When you first see him he's like some wizard guy who laughs and shoots red crap at you and when you manage to gun him down he disappears leaving only his robe on the floor. Yep just like Kenobi and Yoda before him. Then you get to the real fight where he comes out in a mech suit and a pissed off attitude. After that he sheds his suit and goes toe-to-toe with you and yells some weird stuff that gives you the chills. When you kill the bosses it even gives you a death cam to watch it again. Oh do I hear Call of Duty developers coughing? lol

The evolution of the Hitler boss fight

Guess I'm a bit crazy myself but I did save the world from the horrors of the evil Nazi war machine and rewrote history by assassinating Hitler before he could take his own life. Not bad for a few afternoons of sitting in the ol chair. I guess… Alternate history FTW!

We're ALIVE!!!

This game will play on any computer that was ever made. May not play right but it will so you should try it at least once just to laugh if anything. Interesting to see where the FPS genre started from.

I had fun playing it and I am still playing the expansion on and off. Yep I'm weird like that. Go play your GTA4 and Haloz I don't care. I have the Wolf ThreeDee's and I'm having a blast by my lonesome.

Disclaimer : No fuhrers were hurt in the making of this blog.

Bring on the Payne

(Gregg you oughta like this one lol)

[Minor plot spoilers for those who care]

I decided to play Max Payne recently. It was a wise choice. In short the game is great and I thoroughly enjoyed gunning down mobsters with funny Italian accents. I had played it a few years back, but my now more capable intellect picked up more enjoyment this time Here's a brief description and my thoughts on this great game.

Don't worry Max and I are tight dawgs. We play around like that. :)
(right click and select 'view image' to see full picture)

So I sat down, my mouse at the ready with a twitchy finger and walked out into the darkness... until it descended all around me and there was nothing to look back to. With only the blaring sounds of gunshots ringing in my ears I pressed onward to find that small bit of light buried beneath the depths of darkness. Slightly disturbed that my conscience is the only thing quiet. I couldn't escape the Payne and I enjoyed every minute of it. :D

"They were all dead, the final gunshot was an exclamation mark to everything that had lead to this point, I released my finger from the trigger, and then it was all over" –Max Payne

The game opens up with Max on top of a skyscraper looking down on what appears to be chaos and wreckage below lit up by the familiar red and blue lights of the law. Giving you a glimpse of what has unfolded in the late city night. The story shifts back three years so you can better understand how events led to the climax. Max starts describing his then new built life and you soon get control when he gets home from a normal day on the job. Things are not well and it's soon brought up to your attention that something very bad is happening to Payne. The way it is presented to you, as with many scenes in the game is brilliant and suspenseful. You get this chilling feeling that something very bad has happened and you get a bit nervous as to what it actually is. I walked a few steps and had images implanted in my retinas with creepy drowned out sound effects and I was officially weirded out the very first time I played this. So I pulled out me gun and had me some fun. w00t

Would you trust a guy with a face like this?

The story is your normal renegade cop versus the mafia in New York, but Payne adds many interesting twists and great gameplay to spice it up. It's a tragic tale of a cop pushed beyond the limit of imagination and sanity forcing Payne to take the law into his own hands and take revenge on those who destroyed his life - The America Dream. The plot is very gripping as it unfolds before you. With a smart script, witty writing and a dark graphic novel comic strip, it really sets a somber tone for the game which fits well because this experience is anything but 'cute' heehee. You'll even get to play in Max's nightmares which puts an even stranger twist on an already strange situation. Another main appeal of the game is the inclusion of 'bullet time', a form of slow motion fighting as seen from the film 'The Matrix'. Max is able to slow down time and dive around shooting his enemies. You'll see bullets whiz by in slow motion as you dive to safety while pumping lead from your pistols as well as many other effects which really make the game fun and enjoyable. Makes you feel like you're awesome or something. (you, not me I already am ;) ) I felt really badass diving in slow motion and even added my own yells to the game for added immersion. I'm just cool like that. ;)

The plot and story in this game are top notch. The graphic novel comics, the voice acting and setting are all brought together seamlessly. Max Payne is a man with nothing to lose and he has plenty of weapons at his disposal to work his way up the chain of mobsters and crime lords while gathering clues to a tragic past that has sucked him into a nightmare he can't escape. (you like that huh? Not bad for a country boy)

The graphics are good and the gameplay is fast and control responsive. The voice acting is a bit cheesy (apart from my awesome yelling lol) at times but it seems to fit. With all that said the game is great and very much enjoyable and fun. I'd very much recommend this game and its sequel which is just as good in every way. I enjoyed being the man with the ironic name that suited him so well...

On another note:

MGS4 is out and I can't play it! Now I have to avoid massive spoilers everywhere I go... *cries*

Been playing games for the sake of finishing them whether I want to or not. game in question for the moment is Tomb Raider Anniversary on PS2. Decent game but I think they'd have been better off naming it "Ledge Hanger 5000" or something. I swear all you do is jump, grab and hang, grapple and swing, hang, jump, get artifact and pull switch and hang, hang, hang and hang some more... Not sure if I like it or not. lol

And I've been playing the ol N64 a bit. cl@ssics never die here in Plumma's domain. HUZZAH!!

Hope you all are doing well out there. :)

Note: Thanks to cikame and veni-vidi-vici for help with this blog. :D