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Mario's in my Cereal, Stealing mah Lucky Charmz!

I noticed Mario on a box of Corn Pops, it said I could be the winner of a brand new DS, megamillions and more! Well of course you never win, but I looked inside and saw this funny ass DK scratching his head.

That reminded me, I have not seen many video game advertisements on Food prodcuts. Nintendo hardly even puts out very many commercials on TV. Maybe food isn't a very successful way to advertise for games, but who wouldn't eat a box of Nintendo Cereal System?

It looks like they tried some of this back in the 90's with Macaroni and McDonalds, I remember the goomba toy with a suction cup that made it jump.

Advertising games with food might be more popular in Japan using candy.

Just take some of these snortable mushroom sugar products to get your day rolling.

And if that's not enough, try one of these Energy drinks, the heartburnguaranteedto give you the firepower you've been looking for.

I live in California, and the only place I see this stuff, besides the Internet, is Japan Center in San Fransisco.

But I guess the fact that these items are so hard to find and that the advertisements only come out once in a while, only adds to the wonder and magic of the Super Mario Bro experience.

So how about it? Let me know what edible Game/Mario products you've seen and tried.

Pokemon: How I got my Charizard Card (1999)

The year was 1999, I was 11 years old and Pokemon was sweeping the nation. I had seen the game a few years back, but it was not big at my school at the time. However, when it reached my school, it was an uncontrollable beast.

The first 6 months were gold, hundreds of kids would gather around trading cards. Nobody would walk around or play basketball, just stand there huddling together like that creepy scene from "I am Legend".

I made my way from rags to riches trading doubles my cousin had given me. Using around 30 common cards, I traded my way up and found ways to aquire better cards. I bought and sold rares, such as Red Cheek Pikachu and Misprints, using my lunch money.

After many months, I had a binder full of uncommons, rares and foils. I kept it safe, for I knew if it ever left my sight kids would steal from it. The school soon realized the theft problem this game was causing and it would what would eventually lead to the downfall of Pokemon.

One time I heard a loud commotion going on in a crowd, I went over to inspect and it was a kid that had a Charizard, and he was trading it! He kept saying, "I want Pikachu's! Lots of Pikachus!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, a freaking PIKACHU for a Charizard??? Well I only had about 2 crappy Pikachu's, so I was out of luck. So the guy ended up trading it to some lucky kid for like 6 different common Pikachu's.

But I would soon acquire a Charizard of my own...

I had a Blastoise, which was considered the second best card. Word must have got out and a messenger kid approached me early in the morning before school. He brought word that his friend, a Master Pokemon Trainer, deeply wanted a Blastoise and that he would trade almost anything to have one...even a Charizard.

"Take me to your leader." I replied. He lead me to a certain spot and told me to wait and the guy would meet with me soon. Out of the fog appeared a young man dressed in black, he said to me, "I hear you are in possession of a Blastoise?"

We sat crossed legged on the sidewalk, near a patch of grass, completely alone, with the messenger kid standing guard by our side. We looked at each other's cards. He held the Charizard in his hand, staring down at it for what seemed to be eternity. The messenger whispered, "Do it, man."

My heart was racing, I felt that he was going to back out, so I offered more cards with the Blastoise. The messenger kid said, "Hey, you like Kadabra, right? Give him an Kadabra too!" I quickly got it out, and let him hold both cards, to show him I was trustworthy.

He handed over his Charizard, as the fog opened up and the sun rays glistened upon its fiery breath, alas, the card of the Gods was now mine. We shook hands and went our separate ways...on our separate journies...into the great world of...

A few days later Pokemon was banned from our school.

So how did you get your rarest card? Let me know in the comments.

Ice Blue Nintendo 64

Here is a picture I took of the Ice Blue Nintendo 64 I've aquired.

I might get another 2 blue controllers to go with it.

Do you have a 64? What color is yours?

Mario Sidewalk Chalk Drawings I did today

I did these on a pathway people jog/bike on to look like Mario characters where racing down it. I would have done more but I ran out of chalk. $2 chalk at Walmart. They measure about 5x5 feet.

I had to rush Yoshi at the end because some tweakers started bothering me and hitting rocks with sticks like golf balls over the drawing. Also someone skid through Mario's face before I could get my camera, so I had to fix it.

I got many compliments, mostly people just yelled "MARIO!!!!!1!11" as they rode by.

Click to see larger

Limited Edition Consoles

This is a list I made of some Limited Edition Game Consoles. There are many more, look them up if you are interested. There doesn't seem to be any LE Wii's, besides Black and different bundles. Do you have a LE console? Post it in the comments.