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Bran when did you become a mod? :V

Considering it takes a day to get a reply in the Role call thread I don't think mods are all that necessary anymore.

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And somehow I found myself here again...

I know that feeling.

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@Iszdope said:

@Napster06: I will. Fanks!

Iszy! You're one of the few people I miss from this stuff...

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@behardy24 said:

Currently playing Mass Effect 3, I'm liking it so far.

There are some great characters in that video game.

If only the story wasn't full of holes...

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I have nowhere to go.

That's ridiculous there are tons of places to go.

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I assume you mean for paths? Yeah they'll stay. Pretty sure you just can't change the pattern after you put it where you want it. That's why people make second characters for the pattern space. The only annoying part is talking to Sable for 10 days.
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You probably already figured this out...she sticks around all day/night. If you don't bring her to his town that day she'll show up in your town again the next day.
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[QUOTE="MayorMoosey"]I'm also lookin' for some people to chill with on Animal Crossing. I'm the only one of my family that was able to get the 3DS and the game, so it gets kinda dull just playing alone. Friend Code: 0791 - 1968 - 4807 Name that you can give it : Julia, Moose, Julianna, MayorMoosey - I also added everyone that has posted.

You might be glad no one else in your family has it. The game street passes people and if they have a villager moving out you'd probably end up with it. Even if it was someone you can be annoying.
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Hmm, that I don't know for sure tbh. Mostly pretty open to time though. FC: 2637-9527-5150 I'm not sure I've added you yet so...
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Pretty sure you can order those right? I've had the chair and the dresser. So I have them both cataloged. I'll order them and give them both to you if you let me catalog the ones you have.