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Daniel Petric gets 23 to Life...Sad media coverage

The media titled "Halo Killer", Daniel Petric, now age 17, has finally been sentenced. However, the tragic story continues on with its sadness as he is only sentenced to 23 years to life, and the media continues to blame the game Halo 3 for the crime. I'm going to examine and point out a lot of the holes in this "blame the game" madness.

For those of you not in the know, let me explain what happened. Daniel Petric (Petric), then 16 years old, was in a severe accident which incapacitated him for months. Over the course of his incapacitation, Petric played Halo 3 for up to 18 hours a day, even getting so engrossed in the game that he would forget to eat. After realising the major health issues and mental issues their child was undergoing Susan Petric (S. Petric), his mother, and Mark Petric (M. Petric), his father, took the game away from their child. Petric became so enraged over having the game taken away from him, that he went into his parents' room and told them that he had a surprise for them. Petric instructed his parents to close his eyes, at which point he shot them both. After the shooting, Petric attempted to make the crime appear as a murder-suicide by placing the gun in his father's hands. Petric ran away with the game after the murder.

M. Petric, a minister to his local community, surivived the attack and even defended his son.

I understand that not everyone is a video game fan and there are many people who still don't know what the game Halo 3 entails. Allow me to explain the game by first quoting the description listed on a retailer's website.

The epic saga continues with Halo® 3, the hugely anticipated third chapter in the highly successful and critically acclaimed Halo franchise. Master Chief returns to finish the fight, bringing the epic conflict between the Covenant, the Flood, and the entire human race to a dramatic, pulse-pounding climax. Halo 3 represents the third chapter in the Halo trilogy—an international award-winning action series that grew into a global entertainment phenomenon, selling more than 14.5 million units worldwide, logging more than 650 million hours of multiplayer action on Xbox LIVE®, and spawning action figures, books, a graphic novel, apparel, an upcoming film adaptation, and more.

Now allow me to explain the story of Halo 3. Halo 3's story centers on the interstellar war between 26th century humanity, led by the United Nations Space Command, and a collection of alien races known as the Covenant. The player assumes the role of the Master Chief, a cybernetically enhanced supersoldier, as he wages war in defense of humanity, assisted by human Marines as well as an allied alien race called Elites,which is led by the Arbiter. The plot of Halo 3 has Master Chief fending the Earth off against the Covenant who are looking for an item called "The Ark".

The entire point of Halo 3 is to protect the Earth and protect humans from alien invaders. Online multiplayer consists of separate game modes such as Capture the Flag, Slayer (individual aganst everyone) and Team Slayer (team against team)

The point of Capture the Flag is obvious. It is a team against a team match in which each team is protecting their flag while trying to get the other team's flag back to their base.

Slayer and Team Slayer pits individuals or or teams against another team in order to score the most points by eliminating the other team's players. After an individual is defeated, a timer is set and after the timer reaches zero, the person respawns and rejoins the battle.


Now that everyone is familiar with the game's plot and story, I can get down to the real meat of this entry.

The (mass majority of) media is dead set on branding Petric as a product of playing violent video games and Halo 3 caused him to shoot his mother and father. At no point in the game are you tasked to assassinate a member of your family, kill people you are attempting to protect, or kill someone who is not attemtping to end your in-game life.

So, because Petric got upset that they took a video game away, the video game made him kill?

If I'm reading what the Associated Press has been writing correctly, and I know that I am, they are claiming that a game deemed as violent made Petric kill, only he didn't want to kill anyone before he was not allowed to play it, which makes it the game's fault...

Now, being that I'm actually intelligent, that doesn't make any sense to me. Had he been addicted to Barney Hide and Seek Adventure and it was taken away, he'd have killed as well. In other words, Halo 3 didn't compel Petric to kill, he decided that he was going to kill someone because they took an object he was addicted to away.

Sounds like the kid needs some major therapy and anti-psychotic medicines to me. Honestly, no one plays a game and starts believing there is respawn. I didn't start thinking a giant gorilla was going to kidnap my girlfriend and throw barrels at me after playing Donkey Kong on my Atari 2600 for so long.

The judge, Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge (Judge Burge), has been quoted as stating, "I feel confident that if there was no such things as violent vidoe games, I wouldn't know Daniel Petric." Judge Burge believes that Petric was not a predator until the attack and blames Halo 3 for Petric's actions.

Judge Burge needs a reality check. He obviously has absolutely no idea how psychotic addiction and mental instability works. Had Petric constantly been drinking Coca-Cola and suddenly had it taken away, would the judge be claiming, "I feel confident that if there were no such a thing as Coca-Cola, I wouldn't know Daniel Petric."? Of course not.

Petric's laywers claim that Petric had become so addicted and worn down by over exhaustion by playing the game, he could no longer discern the difference between real life and fantasy. In other words, Petric believed his mother would "respawn" after a set amount of time and because of this, Petric should not be held accountable for his crimes.

I'm going to assume everyone else here is intelligent like me and are laughing at such a statement. Is it not obvious Petric knew what, at the time, he was doing was wrong and permanent because he attempted to make the scene look like a murder-suicide in order to avoid being convicted of the crime? Such an act sure sounds like someone who is very coherent at the time of the crime. If Petric honestly believed the alleged disillusion, why would he have attempted to cover up the crime? Petric obviously knew what he was doing at the time was wrong.

This is the issue we, as gamers, face...non-education and ignorance of the general public. Don't worry. As we get older, we get into the jobs where we are in position of power and have a broader understanding.

Now, if we can just get the majority of the media to start real journalism again.

Wow...long time no update...

Wow...I haven't updated on here for quite a while. I'm not really surprised. I mean, I only get on here really to check on updates for game releases or read reviews.

What do you mean I can't save money?!

I'm a huge gamer, but I'm very frugal as a general rule in life. However, when it comes to games, if there is one I want, I will generally buy it.

In the past, I have placed between five and ten dollars down for prepayment on a videogame prior to the release. This is great for a lot of reasons, one of which is making sure I get the game the day it is released instead of waiting forever for the game to be in stock. Another good thing about preordering a game is ending up paying slightly less because of tax. I'm all for funding government programs and having money to provide to our armed forces, but I also like saving money.

So, I just got back from my local Best Buy to put a preorder on a copy of Soul Caliber 4 for my XBox 360. Checking out the box, I was only required to pay a $5 holding fee, which is then deducted off the $59.99 total. I was thinking of paying $10 so I only had to pay $49.99 plus tax when I picked it up. Imagine my surprise when I got to the cashier and was told it was $5.35! I asked why and he said th extra $0.35 was for tax. I asked why, again, and he said because of the sales tax requirements.

I don't know if this is a Colorado thing, a Best Buy thing, or a new federal law thing. Never in my life have I had to pay tax on my preorders before! From Gamestop to, not once have I ever had to put down extra money to cover the "taxes lost".

Am I seriously out of line here thinking this is ridiculous? Has anyone else ever had to pay tax on their preorder payment? I've never heard of this...

Captain R: The Game Ranger 3 interview

Here's the interview for you all!

1. What is the story behind your latest creation?

At the end of the last Captain R: The Game Ranger, Ron was found in a trash bin by Sonic and Shadow. The two heroes of the Sonic the Hedgehog series carried Ron into their world where they want him to fight Evil K.

Evil K has been given a lot of power by Broly to enslave worlds. It's now up to Ron, Sonic, and Shadow to defeat Evil K before he destroys their world. Ron is really going to have to pull a win out of his butt!

Actually, you basically just said everything I wanted to say *laughs a little*

2. Who or what inspired you to begin your production?

Well a lot of inspiration went into this. Of course, a lot of things from Captain N: The Game Master. We've taken stuff....well, not really TAKEN stuff, we've used stuff we've seen from other Flash animations and kind of used the ideas to expand on what we have.

Certainly some things we always found amazing were Alvin-Earthworm's "Super Marios Bros Z" and Chrono Trigger: Unglued. During the fight with Evil K, we've tried to implement some of the ideas Alvin-Earthworm has done in his series.

3. How long have you been working on it and when do you expect to finish?


I'll take this one *laughs* We've been working on it for about two weeks at this point. Wyldfyre and I have been passing the script back and forth until it was finalized. After that, we held open auditions for various characters. Evil K was the last character we placed.

Pretty much, we'll be done when we're done!

4. We keep hearing the name Evil K. Who is Evil K? Is it Ken, Kefka, Kano...or a "K" we haven't thought of?

Well, you're going to have to watch the next one and find out! We're not giving too much information out. Even the voice actors really don't know who Evil K is. Basically, you'll see him when you see him and it's meant to be pretty funny. Personally, when we first thought it up, I laughed!

Yeah, you can't expect us to give away the biggest secret! I won't even say, "Yes", to the question, just to confuse people even more *laughs*

5. Oh, you guys tease way too much. But, back on track, do you feel this is better than your previous work? If so, why?

I hate to say it's better, because I oddly feel that means we weren't good before! *laughs a little* I know what you mean, though, and so I'll have to say, "Yes." The animation is going to run a lot more smoothly, the audio is going to be clearer, the pace is much quicker, and there's a lot more action going on.

Additionally, we have more voice actors we're working with. We had nearly thirty people audition for five parts. We weren't expecting that, to be honest. least I wasn't. We're doing some things with the animation we hadn't been able to do before because we couldn't figure it out. I'm actually really excited.

One world: Progression. I think we've progressed in many ways: As voice actors, as producers, as animators. In the long run, I think you'll like it.

6. Obviously this is the third episode, but do you still feel this is something original?

It's original in the sense that it's Captain R: The Game Ranger, and we're not going to make it anything else. You still have a cussing, balding, redneck of a hero. We're expanding on the idea and making things more professional, but it's still going to be the same tried and true Captain R.

Of course the original idea behind it isn't original. However, where we're going with it is definitely original. I think the way we put the characters together, the way we're making them sound, and everything just flows together. That's the true originality behind this project.

7. There were some obvious questions left unanswered in the last episode. Will these be explained?

Yeah, some of them to an extent. We can't give you everything in just three episodes. I think the original idea was to make this series three episodes long, but it's progressed into something MUCH bigger. Sunrie and myself would like to bring out the answers in the next few episodes after this, with a lot of hard work.

The way we do things, however, is with a question answered, there will be at least one more "asked". We'll be explaining about why Sonic kept teasing Shadow about finding the Chaos Emerald and why Shadow was having a hard time actually locating it. Don't forget you find out who Evil K is!

8. So more episodes? Excellent! Have you learned new techniques so far making this?

Absolutely, even already. I've done some animation tests and proof of concepts just to try things out, and doing just those, there were little things I learned how to do or how to do easier.

Well, of course I'm learning music left and right. I don't know if I'll be composing anything for this episode like I did for the remake of the original. As far as techniques, yeah, Sunrie has been learning a lot of things and hopefully soon I'll be able to help him. We do our best, damn it! *laughs*

9. So I take it you use other programs in addition to Flash. What ones do you use?

Paintshop Pro, Vegas 6.0 Professional, Audicity, Voco Edit Pro, or whatever it's called... I think that's all of them!

10. What has given you the most problems making this animation so far?

Knock on wood, we haven't had many. Some of the problems came with the way I was importing the sprite sheets, but I know how to correct that.

The biggest problem I think we'll run in to is keeping the file size down and both the length and quality high enough.

11. After it is all said and done, how do you think this will measure up to the other submissions on

Being that there's only a billion, trillion, krachillion submissions on Newgrounds, it's hard to say. I think it will stand out in it's own way. Our fans, the ones who have watched from day one, will definitely stick with it. I think that's what will matter in the long run.

The original, the remake, and the second episode were very well received. I don't see anything other than people finding this one even better and spreading the word about the series. Captain R: The Game Ranger episodes continue to climb in score every day, so I'm sure it will do just fine.

12. Are there any final thoughts or anything else you'd like to say?

Besides watch or die? *laughs* This episode is going to showcase a lot of what has been learned and get people cheering, I think. We're not trying to be Super Mario Bros Z or anything like that. We're being Captain R: The Game Ranger with more spit shine and polish. So, check it out!

Yeah, watch the movie! If you haven't seen the other episodes, go watch those. Listen to my music, too. It's upon the Audio Portal. Oh, and world peace is good....uh...yeah!

Liberty City Police Report 07-10-08 (GTA VI)

Liberty City Police Department
Case Narrative

Officer Schmoe Reporting


On 07-10-08, at approximately 1300 hours, I was on routine motor patrol around Meadows Park, located in the Broker Division, Liberty City, Liberty State, when I saw a white male, approximately 5'11", brown hair, brown eyes, wearing a brown jacket, black fingerless gloves, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes, fire approximately five shots with a pistol striking a pedestrian in the torso and face.

Using the PA system on my marked patrol vehicle, I immediately ordered the suspect to drop the weapon and place his hands in the air. After announcing myself, I radioed for assistance.

The suspect ignored my orders, so I positioned my marked patrol vehicle next to a telephone pole and took cover behind my car door. I shouted for the suspect to drop his weapon, but I was once again ignored. Without an explanation, the suspect placed the pistol in his jacket and was then armed with a high powered, rapid fire automatic rifle.

At this time, my back up was arriving, but I did not have time to warn them. I took my shotgun out of my patrol vehicle and dove for cover behind my trunk. The suspect began shooting repeatedly at the arriving officers and myself. The moment I had a pause in the gun fight, I moved into a position of fire and shot the suspect three times, striking him in the lower extremities.

The suspect did not stop, and instead began to run on foot while continuing to reload his automatic weapon. Once again I radioed for assistance, and I was notified a helicopter would be sent to my location.

I got back into my patrol car and began to chase the suspect east on Tudor Street. Once at the intersection of Tudor Street and Cleves Avenue, the suspect forced a driver out of her red Sultan and drove south on Cleves Avenue.

For officer safety, I stayed approximately four car lengths behind the suspect. As I followed the driver to the intersection of Cleves Avenue and Carrollton Street, the suspect began to shoot at my patrol vehicle, striking it several times in the hood and windshield. The suspect turned west on to Carrollton Street.

The suspect continued to shoot at my patrol vehicle as I followed him south on Seymour Avenue, west on Howard Street, and north on Stillwater Avenue. While west on Howard Street, the suspect began to shoot pedestrians. The suspect shot at ten pedestrians, all of whom I saw drop to the ground. While north on Stillwater Avenue, the suspect never slowed down for and ran over six pedestrians, all of whom I never saw get back up.

As I followed the suspect to the intersection of Stillwater Avenue and Walton Lane, the helicopter arrived with aerial fire support (please see supplemental report from helicopter support team for more information). When the suspect turned west on to Walton Lane, his vehicle caught fire and he jumped from the vehicle while it was still moving.

After the suspect came to a full and complete stop on the ground, officers from the NOOSE Team arrived on scene as support units in marked NOOSE vans (please see supplemental report from NOOSE Team for more information). I saw the suspect stand up. I could see the suspect was bleeding heavily and he was limping. The suspect vehicle continued into a crowd, which had gathered to witness the chase, and exploded. I saw fifteen pedestrians fly into the air and land with audible noises. I did not see any pedestrian stand back up and all had dropped the money they had been carrying on to the ground.

The suspect took a position of cover behind a tree, so I moved forward and took a position of cover behind a group of Liberty City trash bins which had been knocked into the street due to the explosion. Myself and my cover officers exchanged numerous rounds of shots with the suspect. I saw the suspect place the high powered, automatic rifle into his coat and he rearmed himself with an RPG-7, without explanation.

Seeing the rocket propelled grenade launcher, I immediately moved from my position to a position further away behind a brick wall. Peering around the corner, I saw the suspect fire the RPG-7 into the crowded group of NOOSE vans. The NOOSE vans exploded, and I saw eight NOOSE Team members fly into the air. Each NOOSE Team member landed with an audible noise and they dropped the weapons they were carrying. I did not see any NOOSE Team member stand back up.

The suspect then fired the RPG-7 in my direction, but missed me due to a taxi driving at a high rate of speed directly through the line of fire. The taxi exploded, and the driver ran from the vehicle on fire. The driver ran for several seconds, screaming for help, until he finally fell to the ground. I did not see the driver stand back up and he dropped the money he was carrying on to the ground.

As I stepped slightly from my position and shot at the suspect, my bullets were blocked by a fire truck from the Liberty City Fire Department which drove into the line of fire and pulled up to the taxi, which was still on fire. As the fire truck began to put out the flames, I saw the fire truck explode, assuredly from an RPG-7 strike.

As I regained my view of the suspect, I saw him aim the RPG-7 at the helicopter and shoot. The rocket propelled grenade swerved at the last moment, narrowly missing the helicopter. I fired three times, striking the suspect in the back. The suspect did not stop and I returned to my position of cover to reload.

As I was reloading, I heard sirens from an ambulance. From my position of cover, I watched as the ambulance drove past my location and I heard an explosion. I was nearly struck by the hood of the ambulance as it bounced off the wall of the building directly behind me.

I came out of my position of cover in order to shoot the suspect once again, but I could not find him. I immediately set up a small perimeter in order to locate the suspect. All officers were unsuccessful in locating the suspect.

The coroner was advised and arrived at approximately 1523 hours.


After fifteen seconds an officer at the intersection of Hewes Street and the Dukes Bay Bridge reported seeing a driver of a yellow Infernus matching the description of the suspect. The officer was advised said person could not be the suspect because the driver was outside the perimeter area.

Case handed to detectives.

All monies dropped by killed pedestrians is unaccounted for.

Please see supplemental reports from NOOSE Team and Helicopter Support Team.


J. Schmoe #221

Captain R: Redeux is STILL being done

I know it's been a while, but my actual computer took a dive, kind of. The harddrive keeps reseting itself and I think it's the tower that's doing it. The last time it happened, I replaced the motherboard, the powersupply, the processer, added another gig of ram (currently has 2gigs), new SATA 250GB internal harddrive, a new audio card and video card. The only thing that stayed the same was the tower and ram. The ram checks out fine, so there must be a short in it somewhere...retarded.

So, I'm using a laptop to produce everything and it's a little slower as there are some disadvantages on this system compared to mine when doing that sort of thing. Oh well, at least it'll get done

Webcomic has been made

You's been too long since I posted anything there, what a shame...

There's actually two webcomics that I've made. One is Young Studs starring Ken and Ryu of Street Fighter fame, and the other is Flirting Challenge, made like a television game show.

You can view both of them over at Here's Young Studs and here is Flirting Challenge. As always, the links open in a seperate page.

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