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3DS Preordered, and Pokemon Tomorrow.

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So, a giant leap in the gaming world. The 3DS. Pre-ordered it a while back, and should be sitting comfortably in my hands 25Th March. Which is 3 days after my birthday luckily enough. I am aiming to get 3 launch games with the 3DS, Lego Star Wars 3, Samurai Warriors and Super Street Fighter 3D edition. So life should be sweet. But what most impresses me about the 3DS is the technology behind it. If someone said to you 5 years ago ( Hell even 2 years ago ) You can now play handheld games in 3D WITHOUT glasses, I probably would of labelled them a utter mad man.

I'll be honest. I've never a played a game in 3D ever. So which is why im so excited to play it, Zelda in 3D? Pro evolution Soccer in 3D? Resident Evil in 3D? Yup, The 3DS is going to have one hell of a great year. But what troubles me the most is the amount of shovelware the old DS consoles got. Hell's Kitchen, How to be a Ballerina or Even How to draw. Sigh. Truly some awful crap. But Nintendo have promised Hardcore games such as ourselves will have Hardcore games. As much as I like how Nintendo are pushing it I'll believe it when I see the hardcore games coming out for it.

Looks Awesome.

Onto a more personal note, I haven't been using Gamespot or even writing any blog's lately because of exams and coursework and so on. Im currently on a diet, ( Losing 10 pounds in a month, which im quite proud of myself ), and generally being a average gaming teenager. Back onto the 3DS, Once I get it, I'll be posting a mini review of the games and the software etc of the device. Also Pokemon White comes out tomorrow so that should be fun!


I'm Back From The Dead! I Think...

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Well hello there Gamespotters xD You probably haven't noticed but i have not actually been on her for about 3 months :L Shocking isn't it? There are a multitude of reasons why i have not been on lately, i've had Exams, My Grandad had a heart attack :( Coursework and other crap.

In the Gaming World, I havent Been up to much really, I've changed my XBL from Hyg x Ripchord to x216 Yoshikazu ( If you have LIVE, Hit me up :D ) and i'm thinking of playing World of Warcraft, quite a few of my mates have started to play it, and ive hear nothing but good things, only thing putting me off is the fact its quite expensive apparently :(

Actually Though has anyone played Super Meat Boy? its Really, Really, Really...... AWESOME!!!

Morbidly Cute, Don't cha' Think?

Onto Other Things, If there's one thing i love more than games, is Music, and a band that self funds it's self, throughout everything, record records, paying for the studio, the publishing of the CD. Yup everything. and they are even giving $2 of every album they sell to different Animal Charities, and they are barely making a profit for themselves. Honestly, thats a very honourable thing to do.

The Band is Called Circus of Dead Squirrels, and their new ablums is released early december :)

Adios :)

My Pre-orders for the Rest of the Year

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Long time no Blog! ( well its only been 15 days or something ) i tried to do something like this ages ago, but my computer wasn't working, I made a blog about how it wouldn't let me etc.

Deadly Premonition

Released September 17 2010 ( It was already released in Feb in America, Damn :( )

Deadly Premonition has something of a Cult following behind it, the review scores are are everywhere, from 10's to 2.0's, people are saying its one of the most surreal games ever, and apparently its quite funny. It's not praised for its graphics, and they are awful but i honestly dont care for them, im more interested in the story this game has and why some people are raving about it and others aren't. Also it has a budget release price so im not complaining ( £17.99 )

Ign Score : 2.0
Gamespot Score : 7.0
Destructiod Score : 10

Hey Guys i've found a bag We... not wait that ain't drug's.

Because THAT is normal.

Halo Reach

Released 14th of September

I was never really much of a fan of Halo 3, i thought it lacked maturity and felt a bit too open, i thought i was very much the same, big map area, kill enemies, move on, kill more, drive, done. but after the quite good ODST version, im very exicted about Reach, a true forge mode, a grittier story and look, looks far more dramatic and also includes scripted events ( which look awesome ).


Multiplayer has been re-vamped.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Released November 9th

i really like the Call of Duty games, even before everyone jumped in for Cod4, but i've always preferred Treyarch's work to Infinity Ward's ( apart from Call of Duty 3, didnt like that one much ) and it seeems treyarch have been given a new lease of life to put into the Franchise, they have a new era to work with, custiomisable weapons ( more-so ) such as smiley face red dot sights, etchings in the guns such as clan tags, a new jump to prone dive thing, and much more.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Screenshot

The Lighting looks fantasic aswell as the graphics.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Screenshot

I am a snowman, tell me what i want to know, NOW.

Fallout New Vegas

Released October 22nd

I was a big fan of Fallout, i even bought all the DLC aswell. I was sceptical at first as bethesda aren't making New Vegas, but Obsidian are ( alpha proctocol ) but Obsidian worked on one of the original fallouts, so they probably do know what they are doing. Looking at the previews, people are sayin thats it's very much the same as fallout 3, but with some improvements, such as a new melee system, the ability to aim down the sights, better dialogue choices, and an all star cast ( one of them is from friends xD )

Welcome to Vegas!

Well that's basically all my pre-orders for the rest of the year, i was thinking about Medal of Honour, i even played the beta of it, and was quite impressed, ill probably get it after christmas, and another i was looking at was Two Worlds, but the poor reception of the first one makes me have doubts about this one, although you can never judge a sequel by its predecessor AKA Killzone 1 was massive dissapointment, yet Killzone 2 was fantastic ( it was even my 2009 GOTY :D )

Ciao Ciao!

Metal Slime...

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That's Right, i'm now officially a metal slime :D , wait that doesn't sound too good, scratch that...

In other news, i havent blogged about getting games in ages so here goes.

Bioshock 2

Now whilst i still think Bioshock 1 is better, Bioshock 2 is still amazing, better combat and a somewhat more meaningful story, but it's really easy ( i finished the whole game without dying once, i even got an achievement for it ).

Final Fantasy 3

I've always loved final fantasy since i was little, i can still remember playing the 7th one on ps1, and i was interested in playing the remakes of the older versions, i think mycuriosityhas gotten the better of me, It may look pretty, but its difficultly spikes so high at times its unreal, and its also boring aswell.

Army of Two 40th Day

Shredding lead and blowing S*** up, thats Army of Two: 40th day in a nutshell, minimal story, maximum action :D

Dead to Rights Retribution

an Arcadey brilliance in my book, brutal, fast, old-school and with a gritty tone. and a dog which will rip your B******* off ( literally, its one of the kill moves ) and im sure i saw that dog at sunderland last week, hmmm....

Naughty Bear

The gist of this game is that your a hated bear and he goes on a rampage. SCREAMS MEDIOCRE! ( i've also done a review if your interested :) )

And thats it for my blog, Peace :)

Hey-Ho Its Everyone's Favourite Panda! Plus its my 1st Birthday!

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Cool Blog title? Okay maybe not. But anyway Like it says, yes it's my first 'birthday on Gamespot!' 3 days and 1 year ago i just started gamespot, and Level 18 and going strong. :)

I also Bought a Few Games Recently.


Skate Screenshot

Meh. I'm Fat and I can Do That, Whats That? You Want Me to Do It? Sorry I'm Too Tired....

Skate Screenshot

Panda Skateboard? WIN!

Raven Squad Screenshot

Its as Bad As It Looks.

Raven Squad Picture

If you could hear the voice acting in this game, you would cry in pain.

The Godfather II Screenshot

Someone Is Going to have to clean the Mess After this...

The Godfather II Screenshot


Terminator Salvation Screenshot

Flying Bugs! No Wait, There Not Bugs....

Terminator Salvation Screenshot


That's All Folks!

I'm Back From The Frying Pan..... :)

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To Set The Mood, I'd Thought i'd Show a Picture To You All.....

More So Creepy, Than 'LOL'

Anyway onto more important things, I'm going to be using gamespot more often, and try to at least make my blogs meaningful, unlike the crap i did before ( There Bad I Know ). So apart from trying to make better blogs and be a 'true' member of gamespot, i'm going to re-review all my reviews. Yes all of them, Why? because there not detailed enough, they look like they've been slapped together in matter of minutes, and yes, some of them are plagued by my fanboy-ism.

Onto another Note, I've joined the gym, ( I'm 6ft 1 and Over Weight by about 3 stone, im not ashamed to admit that :) ) and im also growing my hair long. And Now Onto the gaming front, i just bought Red Dead Redemption on Friday, Jesus, What a game....

Full of Fantastic Characters, Some Heroic, others disturbing, Great Graphics, Authentic Voice Acting, Superb Game.

MeetSeth, He Likes to.... Well, Talk to Dead People and so on.....

Meet John Marston, The Protagonist, He Doesnt talk to Dead People Thankfully....

So Thats it Folks! :D P.s What do you think of my Xbox Avatar?

Saviour Sorrow

Young Age, Older Consoles ( Kudos To ShootumUP26)

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Kudos To ShootumUP26 for giving me this idea, ( he did a blog about his first console, Atari i think it was ) anyway heres my first Console/s. To start off, Me and my brother love games, I'm probably the more of a Gamer-Holic of us two, but we still love them, whether it was Tekken, Gran Turismo, Fifa, or Even Crash Bandicoot.

I still remember at a young age our consoles, he usually got the consoles first ( i usually got the handi downs, but i didn't really care at the time ), Although my brothers firast console was a Commodore 64, Never Played one myself, but my brother LOVED the damn thing apparently...

The Commodore 64, Just look at how powerful that 64K Memory Is, JESUS!

But My first two consoles were far more special to me,

The SNES and a PS1 ( Large Gap In time I know ), but these consoles will forever hold a place in my heart, and as soon as i turn 18, im buying a SNES again. Anyway these two beasts were in fact. Pure Awesome. Super Mario World and Mortal Kombat on The SNES just blew everything to hell...

Lastly, But not least, the almighty PS1, yes i was a sony fanboy before a Xbox one, but the ps1 was nothing short of epic, it was the end of Cartridges for consoles, the birth of crash bandicoot, spyro, croc ( Where did this guy go? ) Goldeneye, and so on. Truly, a masterpiece of gaming.

So thats it, thanks for reading, and have a good bank holiday! ( If you live in the UK that is...)