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I'm a Skater...

but not a skateboarder, that's kinda boring, just imo.


I like to aggressive inline. I'm pretty sure half of you just asked "What's that, Isaac?". Well, it's a form of skating with rollerblades. But instead of just skating around you do tricks and jump off/grind stuff with specially designed skates.

It's kinda dangerous. When you jump onto something, you might hit your shin and not even make it (happens to me way to much). When you jump off a drop you could fall and brake/sprain anything. My friends call me crazy when I don't wear my helmet. :p

But landing a trick, as simple as a 360 to doing a "soul" grind down a slanted rail makes the pain just a thought in the back of your head. Kinda like a memory of the journey you made to finally get there, to do that trick.

And if anyone else skates like me, well keep on keeping the dream alive! Eat. Sleep. AGGRESSIVEE. :D . If anyone wants to see what it's all about, just type in "Aggressive Inline" or "Eito Yasutoko" on youtube.

P.S. if anyone has a myspace feel free to add me "Issack" or type in my e-mail,

Cherish this day, soldier. It may be your last.

"Gamefaqs has hypothetically attacked you!!!! Man the gun!!! Get to it sergent!!! The British are comin'!!!!"

And all that stuff commanders yell during war.

"OH HO!! A new recruit, I see!! Well you can now: A) fight. B) not fight. C) question the means we could actually fight them by or... D) you can watch"

choose wisely. the fate of the world is in your hands.

Exploding Head Syndrome

Wikipedia it^ :P

ummhn.... anyways, I watched Mall Cop yesterday. I lol'd a little.

so short blog today. not much to say. yay Obama. :D

*Vanishes into teh shadows*

A milli, a millli, a milli...*Explodes*


Barack's inauguration (FTW that was hard to spell) party. NEXT WEEK!!! :D :D (at least I think so)


Anyways, I got my ipod nano to work ( my lil bro fixed it:P ) And it turns out it has twice the songs it had before it broke. Wonder how that happened...

P.S. I think I'll do the random title that has almost nothing to do with the story more often. ;)

Snow and Christmas!! Yay!


Omg it snowed and I got 2 hours off of school! And i'd rather have that because snow days mean you have to make it up later :D It's supposed to snow like hella on wednesday too:) . I heard in places like Miami it was still like 64 degrees though!:shock:

Also, Christmas is in like 9 days! I asked for money cuz my parents aren't exactly the best gift givers ever:P . I dunno what I want besides that for Christmas though. Maybe Saints Row 2. The first is still awesome even though noone is ever online anymore.

lol today it was sunny. but that's Seattle wether for ya. Well hope to keep you updated on that. Merry Christmas (in case I don't update till' then)


I Got Writer's Block. :D

I have no good ideas for blogs at the time and I'm not really in the mood for it so yaeh :P. Maybe this weekend;) . Here's a funny picture to keep you content in the meantime :D


(^pwnage to all you pc owners :P:D)

Monthly Musikal Blog

So, basically, for this blog I usually list my 10 favorite artists and/or their songs. But that, I admit, can be kinda boring. So now I'm only listing 2-3 songs so I can go into detail.

Overall favorite song as of 12/9: Heartless by Kanye West with Roc-A-Fella Rocords

Chorus: "In the night, I hear 'em talk,
the coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul to a woman so heartless..
How could you be so heartless?
Oh.. How could you be so heartless?"

Now how to describe this song... Well first off it's animated and the visuals along with bright colors are stunning. With a spot on depiction of Kanye reflecting on his (often unfortunate) love life. Not to mention the girls in the video looks amazing for animations too. The lyrics are put together precisely. Kanye's a genius in terms of musicality, I think. When singing, he uses the auto-tune effect and the sound it makes is almost staticky but in a good way. I know rap music isn't up everyone's alley when it comes to music, but you should give this one a chance. Kanye mixes in his usual thing like a little R&B and blues (along with a subtle "electric" and "futuristic" sound to the music) that gives it a distinctly different feel from other rap and hip-hop.

Favorite song that they should play on the radio but don't: Yes We can (fetauring many different people and Prez. Obama speaking in background)

First part: "It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation.
Yes we can.
It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail toward freedom.
Yes we can.
It was sung by immigrants as they struck out from distant shores and pioneers who pushed westward against an unforgiving wilderness.
Yes we can."

How do I put into words how hearing this song somehow makes you want to just keep replaying it till' you've learned it. It has Many different people singing form to John Legend. And the lyrics are from actual speeches of Barack himself and feature him giving those speeches in the background. It has a unique effect that's really hard to explain. Go to youtube and simply type in "Yes We Can" and watch it yourself.

Other great songs: I'm Your's, I know What Them Girls Like

That's my monthly musikal blog for this month. Feel free to comment and if you haven't listened to any of these songs you definently should get to youtube and listen to these.