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Annnndd I stopped at "My friend pirated..." I'm guessing you think it's vindicated because your friend did it? F*ck off you cheap-ass whining troll and leave us to our game.
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Huh, Didn't expect so many out of GW2. 


I guess the fact that I couldn't even play D3 on launch night was pretty terrible.

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I don't see anyone freaking out about names like Crysis...? Oh wait, that's right, because the developers get to call it what they want. Not catering to sensitive anti-US antagonists who jump at the chance to speak out against any word that's not served to them on a silver platter. Grow up.
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Yes, cause the first two were all sunshine and puppydogs.  :roll:


A lot of it has to do with Rockstar being in charge this time.  They made Manhunt after all.  I would expect no less from them.


I really love how this game has actual entrance and exit wounds.  BADASS! 

Yes until a cutscene comes and Max has one that exits directly on par with his spine... how is that believable?
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Finding them is a different story. Don't even bother with trying to farm items or anything. It's stupid how uncommon good items are. Even blue ones. You have to get everything from the auction house. 

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Anyone play Tribes?

That was kind of like Planetside I think.

I remember spending hours on that game. I saw the community die though, just wasn't fun anymore once no one was playing it.

Definitely loved both Descent I and II. I never played III. Grew up on these games.

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I saw it a long time ago before it was released. Seems like a more mature type game, it didn't really grab my interest too well.

How's the gameplay on it?

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Yeah just look on Google.

Whatever you do don't stop there. The game gets so much better as you progress on.

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I thought the madness armor in Shivering Isles was awesome.