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Bargain Bin Reminder to Myself

1. Grand Theft Auto IV - PlayStation 3

2. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PlayStation 3

3. The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena - PlayStation 3

4. Prince of Persia - PlayStation 3

5. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas / Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Xbox 360

6. Fable II - Xbox 360

7. Resident Evil 5 - PlayStation 3

8. Prototype - PlayStation 3

9. Daxter - PSP

10. Dead or Alive 4 - Xbox 360

11. Field Commander - PSP

12. Guitar Hero III - Xbox 360

13. Lost Odyssey - Xbox 360

14. Metal Gear Acid 2 - PSP

15. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - PlayStation 3

16. Turok - PlayStation 3

17. Left 4 Dead - Xbox 360

Short List

My short list of games to buy.

1. Heavenly Sword

2. Condemned 2

3. Devil May Cry 4

4. Mass Effect

5. Halo 3

6. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy and Resident Evil

I have never played Final Fantasy before and I have been thinking about where would be a good starting place to get into the series. If I start playing a new series I don't like to start in the middle with no clue as to what is going on in the story. I am also thinking about getting Resident Evil 1, 2 & 3 for GC to get ready for Resident Evil 4 that I just bought.


I just got a 500 GB external hard drive and a 1GB DDR ram card for my CRAPPY PC so now I have enough storage space and it doesn't take 30 minutes to start my PC. I can now play Battlefield 2142 on its low settings at least. I have had it for months and could never play it at all.

DualShock 3

The DualShock 3 controllers are scheduled to be released on April 15, 2008. This will bring the rumble feature back the PlayStation. I have been waiting for this since the PS3 came out. I wonder how long the battery charge will last with the added power consumption though. I heard that the price for the new controller would be about $55, and that it would be compatible for PS and PS2 games with rumble feature. Here is a picture of the new controller I got from Wikipedia.

The Last Few Months

OK lets see My Xbox360 got the red ring of death and I had to get a replacement from Microsoft. I bought one of the last 60G PS3s in all existence. I haven't purchased any games for it yet, but I did get a memory card adaptor for it and transferred all my PS2 game data to my PS3. 8)


For the last week I have been playing BioShock for the X360. This game is great, the visuals are amazing, the underwater city is a real change from most of the shooters I have played plus the game is set in 1960 and the city looks like it has been cut off from the world since the 50's. This game has character customization that I have not seen in FPS, this is where BioShock really separates itself from other shooters, you can rewrite your DNA to give yourself new attacks and abilities like turning your hand into an arsenal of weapons and increasing your physical abilities like strength, speed, and technical knowhow. The AI in the game attack in several interesting ways from just attacking to setting traps like hiding, playing dead, and sneaking up from behind. There are these roaming bosses called Big Daddies that protect the Little Sisters which hold the ADAM that are the keys to customizing your DNA which makes you more powerful. After you kill the dad, you can either kill or save the sis, if you kill her you get more ADAM than if you save her, but if you save them you will get a present with more ADAM and some other goodies for every 3 you save. If you ever die you will just be resurrected back at a special tube with most of your health and everything else exactly the same as you left it, so dieing is no big deal. I recommend that everyone play this game. :D

My Internet Connection

My Internet connection is awful. I have a dial-up connection and it makes the internet so frustrating. My podcasts take forever to download, a 2 minute song takes 30 minutes to download if I am lucky! I have a lot of trouble downloading videos especially if it has a high quality image. When I am downloading anything from gamespot about half through the download I get an error and have to restart from the beginning. I hate my slow connection!
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