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I made past the 2nd jump scare and couldn't handle it any more. The audio was what got me. After voice on the radio starting talking to me saying "look behind you" that was it. Best played with good headphones...

Will buy this game and probably not finish it, but I will try. Scarier than any game or movie.

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@YD_11 said:

Does it make a difference if it is one year, two years, five years, etc? It could very well be that by the time it goes to, let's say, the ps4, the next iteration is on it's way.

I guess sony fans are used to waiting around though lol. It's 2014 and cows are already looking forward to 2016 so that MS may lose an "exclusive"

Yeah we will definitely not have anything else to play until we get that Tomb Raider port(sarcasm). Microsoft decisions are so great that PS4 has already won this generation. This was just another black eye for the Xbox division that won't move a significant amount of consoles at all.

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I have to give phil spencer props for coming out clean during the recent interview. Honesty helps win many hearts. If you gonna lie and play dirty do it right without getting caught. I knew they were going to take a lot of heat but its good to see they handling it the right way instead of riding it out with more bs.

He came out clean after he was cornered and had no choice, not because he wanted to.

Yep. Phil is no better than Don Mattrick. Microsoft had no choice but to clarify this deal somewhat or have it fester for the next 15 months.

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I guess the PS4 will have the "definitive edition" a year later for 60$

If buy it on PC or PS4 I won't pay anywhere near full price for a late port.

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Don't feel like digging myself, is new TR being built ground up for xb1 with no previous gen considerations? That would be glorious and give the team room to flex their tech talent with a lot less compromise.

I'm reading there will be 360 version. Not sure though.

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@Zero5000X said:

That argument could be applied to absolutely any game. If Smash Bros. was released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in addition to Wii U and 3DS it will sell better than if it launches on Wii U and 3DS alone.

The key difference is that Smash Bros has always been exclusive so the sales expectations have always been within the realm of the one platform it was launched on. Furthemore the fanbase exists solely on that one line of platforms. Unless you own a Nintendo console, odds are you aren't going to be too excited for the next Smash. Same can be said with any exclusive series. Fans will have bought the platform required to play the game.

The last few Tomb Raider games have been multiplat so the fans are spread over many platforms. This is just cutting that down pointlessly. Microsoft wants to use it to push game consoles. I don't think Tomb Raider is an important enough series for people to go pick up a $400 console for. If they haven't decided to buy an Xbox One yet, odds are this won't be enough to push the sale.

You are right. I LOVE the Tomb Raider franchise and I will pass on this.

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Yup. That sealed the deal.

Playstation 4 is gonna have to wait.

Tomb Raider is probably my favorite IP too, but I'm not buying a Xflop to play it. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix just took a shit on the majority of their fanbase.

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@Bigboi500 said:

Pre-paid Digital Guardian Edition here. Watching the timer count down is driving me nuts. Can't wait.

I never do midnight releases, but I might have to for this game. This game will consume me.

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Yep. Two Ghost Editions and one Limited Edition.

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Lol what a blurry, unplayable mess that would be.

How do you play Nintendo games then?