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Kapow Comic Con

I did mean to post a blog after I went, but I've been so busy with work recently. It was an incredible con, I had some draw me as a comic book charcater which I'll put up at some point!

One of the highlights was a video I filmed though, it was Johathan Ross wrestling:lol:

I also wanted to get my Youtube channel up on here, because I'm going to start bringing some content to it, so feel free to help me out in that as well.


Gamespot related, I am posting a little more but like I said I've been pretty busy - all is going great and hope it's the same for you guys!

Let me know how you're doing!

Just quick update

Although i'll be posting here as well, the place i work for has just got a forum up again, with an off topic section.

And i just wanted to put the link here for anyone to enjoy really, it's purpose is a Cricket site, so theres a bonus for anyone interested

I apologise for my shameless promotion here :oops:

It amazes me

It amazes me how me and my brother still fight over the smallest things, albeit not in the same way.

Most of the time were great, but recently he's different and it bothers me..

Although he doesn't feel he is, but arguements will stem from absoluetly anything, especially the past few weeks

I guess thats how siblings are, right? I just feel terrible afterwards, and which is why i'm writing this, because they're normally big fall outs, and mainly towards the end of things, my fault..

I guess my teenage years carry on into my 20's :oops:


Also, i've had a job the past couple of months. Which has been going great, i mean this is doing something i enjoy, so i can't complain. I did mention the position a while ago, working for CWM Studios.

Basically i film, edit and upload videos. Nothing massive, fairly small advertising company/cricket news.

I'm not even that big on cricket, but it's definitely growing on me, like i have a choice.


Relationship wise things are going well with my girlfriend, great i should say. Almost 2 years now, so look forward to doing something for that..


And finally this weekend i'll be attending Kapow! comic con in London with a couple of friends. It's the first time for it, so it's not fantastic, but considering, it's pretty damn good!

Mark Millar is the host, who you may know did Kickass and Civil War etc. Some big names from comic, TV and movie.

And probably the most exciting part for me.. a viewing of Thor previews etc, introduced by Thor himself, well the actor..

Also viewing of a big film coming up, most likely Thor, thats quite big.

But just going with some friends, it should be great, really looking forward to it, and my brothers going..

Look how things circle round :P

Hope everyone here is great! And would love to hear from you :)

Complete Overload

So i log into Facebook and notice i have a few friend requests..

I thought, ugh, i'm probably not even going to know these people.. Turns out to be my Dad and Aunty

Might not seem to strange, but i haven't ever spoke or seen my dad, and only recognised him from the name, and speaking after wards.

So.. after a weird couple of conversations turns out i have a sister as well..

Couple of days later, not as weirded out.. but still like :shock:


I couldn't be more excited about having a little sister, she is 15 and her name is Jamie! :)


Nothing massive, just my birthday tomorrow, thought i would post it now seeing as i won't be on tomorrow!

Haven't got massive plans, just going to Nottingham with some friends, spending some money.. Then getting a take away or something :) But i'm looking forward to it and also to opening my presents!

Don't really mention my age on here but seeing as it will be a birthday, i'll be 20!


In other news :P Tomorrow is when my Graphics Tablet is being delivered, so i'll be starting to write the comic i've been writing the past few months, have 2-3 issues done

And i'll throw up a couple drawings here as well i suspect!


Anyone interested in comic books.. I'm currently reading Uncanny X-Force, Witchfinder, Brightest Day, Daredevil Reborn..

All current series and would recommend them all, brilliant, and the some of the best at the minute..

In other things i'm reading The Widening Gyre and The Evil That Men Do, both written by Kevin Smith, and i'm impressed!

Also Locke and Key and The Walking Dead..

So its fair to say i'm busy reading wise, but i also see it as studying written work and drawings for my own comic, although i just enjoy it more than anything!


Finally, I've been interested in WoW again, haven't played in about 4 months? But think i'll be subscribing for a month to give it a go, then maybe get Cataclysm..


Well didn't have a lot to update about.. hope everyone is well and have a little more happening that me :P

Take care!

I remember how to do this

Obviously it's been the holiday period so i haven't really been active here..

I've been posting the past few days but haven't really been around, thought i'd let people know i'm back! Kind of..


So christmas and new years was excellent.. a lot of family festivites and present giving

I actually got so many models i needed shelves put up! Was a great day and was nice to see the faces of the younger family members


But that was quite a while ago now, so i guess i'll be more up to date, don't want to drone on forever..

You may remember i was writing a graphic novel, a zombie one. Well thats been put on hold.. wrote and planned 30 odd pages but have moved onto another project and will most likely come back to it!

My new project is the more common super hero comic book! It's a more comedy/youth approach to the super hero genre with a certain level of realism to it all, as much as it could anyway..

Well this has really been taking my time receently, i've done the first issue and just started the second one, done all the character bios and have a wide variety of stories already prepared.

The reason it's just been writing is because i don't recieve my graphics tablet until the first week of February, my birthday!


To expand on that i'm attending Kapow! Comic Con, which is the UK version of San Diego, released this year.. I'll be going ever year from now on! Check out the guest list! And thats before the film guests are even annoucned, and there is more to come..

They also have an area where they check work and give opinions etc and hopefully i'll have my comic together to present to them :D


I've always enjoyed Kevin Smiths films etc but past few months i've really been getting into his work, along with Jason Mewes..

I listen to there podcasts, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, free on itunes i recommend :) and have been watching there films etc


Finally, thank you for reading to this point, heroclix! I've been collecting Marvel and DC heroclix and gaming with them. And quite honestly, it's my favourite hobby at the minute i think! I have like 40 already, i will upload a picture of my collection!

And i went to a tournament to play, met a group of great people and had one hell of a time! It was at Mondo Comico which is such a great place, comic book store over here


Well thats all for now folks!

Just a short story..

I've been inspired by, Yagr's blogs and Wil Wheatons, both of which have had short stories in recently..

And i've put my own together. It's basically in it's first draft state still, apologise for any mistakes etc

It's entitled... Homeless


I stumbled past my old house and continued down an ally close by. I grunted, as the streetlights shone on my face, and picked up my pace. I had not run into anyone for days, these streets were now desolate and were getting colder as the days progressed.

It was late December, if that is correct, my mind was now scrambled, as if anything mattered anymore.

Having no home meant I really had no where to go, or anywhere to be. Chasing the smell of what I thought was food I only hoped it would be enough to tide me over.

My clothes were torn to shreds as I had no need for my belongings on the streets, so they were now probably spread across town.

If you saw me walking towards you, you would think I had a injury as I walked with a limp, and probably run in the other direction. From what I was a couple of weeks ago to what I am now is a sad tale, one I'm not going to explain.

I had become a monster and now lived day by day.

This is not to make you feel sorry for me, I was the one stupid enough to end up this situation. It wasn't always like this, I was once successful.

But i'm not the only one like this, there are plenty more just like me in the exact same situation. With nothing better to do with there day than roam the streets.

I turned the corner still following this odour, now closing in on it. Staggering, faster and faster, I came to an animal on the floor. Dropping to my knees I tilted my head to take a look at it, sniffing it before proceeding.

Surprisingly, what I did next did not disgust me, or even hinder me, I dug straight in. I could hear something behind me and before I could begin to enjoy the meal something hit me in the back of my head.

"Dad, over here, i've got one!" A young boy, around 16, shouted. With those words an even bigger man came running over, panting as he did so.

"Are you alright?" The father said. As he did so I laid on the floor, blood beginning to pour from my wound. I coughed and groaned but they didn't seem to care. They both stepped over me and looked down in amazement.

"I'm fine" The younger male said "what are these things."

"Things?" The father said raising his spade and slamming down onto my head "they're zombies."


I just sat writing out a longish blog post..

And my internet page froze and cut off.. :cry:

Discouraged.. Here is what's happened quickly..

  • I ran around for 2 hours but i now have a job interview, no where special, but good for christmas. And it's a permanent job
  • The Walking Dead TV series is brilliant, watch it!
  • Also, The Walking Dead comics, they're such a good read. I'm reading through those as well
  • Past few games have been rough on Kings. We even went up 1-0 against Montreal and managed to drop 4-1? It's hard to watch..
  • I'll be getting back into WoW after christmas
  • I have had "All of this" on replay recently for some reason.. Blink 182 are one of my favourite bands, but they're so lucky to have Robert Smith sing this for them. (An old bonus track)
  • I'm going to enjoy some movies tonight with my girlfriend, Stand By Me hopefully..
  • I love everything Wil Wheaton does.. D&D, Podcasts, Blogs, Books.. If i could be somebody else, it'd be that man :oops:
  • I was mentioned, well my username, on a interview with somebody from The Guild, nothing big, just was nice

Thats all folks!

EDIT: For anyone that has it, My twttier

Even better news!

Well, you know i said i may have a job? Well that was just working at the local cinema..

Which is better than nothing, and i will accept and work there as much as i can for now..


BUT! And it's a big one ;)

If you remember a few months back i worked as a Media assistant at CWM Studios?

Well i've been in contact with the boss there, i get on extremely well with, play some sports together, and he has offered me a little job!


Now that may not seem as exciting for you, but it's what the job is doing which is perfect.

They won't me to put together a weekly comic strip for there website!

Now i'm a massive comic fan, so this is truly a dream job!


It isn't until after christmas, so i'll have plenty of time to practise certain things in preparation, and actually right now i'm writing up a script and storyboard, rough out lining, what i want to do for a comic i'm designing at the minute!

So i'll keep all updated on that too, and post things as they happen!

Woo! :) Hope everyone is okay..


Oh, and extremely basically, the comic i'm doing at the minute is inspired by "The Walking Dead" as i love them, and the show now :oops:, so it's zombies.

And the basic starting point is, a father and son take a trip away to a remote cabin they own for a week.

We follow them as they're starting to round up the weekend and then head back, in which they find there town in rubble.


That's just a quick brief of the beginning and you'll have to wait to see how it transfers to paper and what will happen!

And also, if you guys would like to design a character, maybe even yourselves! Would love for our adventurers to run into some OTers ;) Just post there details in the comments and i promise to incorporate them into the plot somehow!

Bye for now guys!

I can't think of a title..

Anyway.. things have taken an up

My laptop was sorted swiftly, i may have a job, nothing special, but some extra money around the house will be nice..


I've fount Xbox 360 board to be unbearable recently..

As a lot of you will know, Black Ops came out and it's people are talking about..

Some saying it's brilliant, others complaining about this and that, one even about footsteps? :lol:

I just wonder, where do you people have the time to be posting so much about it and still play it..

I'm going to stay away from there until closer to christmas i think, just a pain to read the same thing over and over from different users..


I'm also rewatching Star Trek: TOS at the minute, my favourite series.. And going through them all, i love Kirk..

And i've started watching The Walking Dead, after loving the comics for quite a while, also re-reading those, and it's such a great show!


I know it's early, i'm also quite excited about christmas.. :)

Were all going to my mums house, i live with my nan, so my little cousins will be there as well..

She owns a hall and were eating there, so it'll be quite a nice meal..

And, although i'm not technically a child anymore, my girlfriend made me write a christmas so she had some idea what to get me..

And, this parts a secret, i fount out one of the gifts.. disappointing, as i wasn't even trying :( but i love it!

It's a LA Kings hockey jersey, which she must of ordered in..

And also, i think i'm getting a graphics tablet and photoshop so i can do my comics a little more professionally on my mac. Which means after christmas, you'll probably be getting some comic strips on my blogs, and slipped into OT here and there ;)


And on a last note before i head back to OT, my brother damaged my Black Ops disc, which i've only had a few days :cry:

Anyway, i hope you're all okay!