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for about 5 minutes. lol. Anyway things have changed a lot now how is everybody?

I need a new icon.

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It's fairly self explantory. I have had this one for so long now. Oh and a new banner would be nice.

I won't be on GS as much as before.

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So at some point I'd likesomeone I can rely on to take the DK union, SeniorDK, if you want it back you've got first dibs, You also have a say as to who you want to be the new leader. As does everone in the DK union but him especially since he was the original leader.

I think I can design, sort of.

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I just recently figured outr how to use this digital camera I got for my Birthday last yar and the program that came with it can be used to design and make images. I think I just made that new profile image.

2 Things.

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I haven't been on much these past 2 days because I've had a show (I'm a bit of an actor). And more importantly my mum is going to make me wait until Christmas until she gives me my Wii:cry:. I'm actually tempted to give her £179 for it so I can get it straight away and she can buy me something else for Christmas.

I want a proper banner.

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I tried to make one on paint but it was crap and it wouldn't upload cos' it didn'tend in jpg or whatever. Can someone help please?

2 New Emblems!

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Tagger flirt and neighborly! Finally something to go with my Gamecube afficiando (had that since I was half way through registering my games) and my thing for joining in the first place! Thx to all my freinds for getting me the neighborly one! And thx to my keyboard for allowing me to type tags!
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