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Fastest Browser [Peacekeeper]

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As I'm still looking for a decent browser I decided to do some research. I installed several different browsers in their - as of today - latest versions, even some BETA releases, and let them run the (online) Peacekeeper benchmark. Futuremark's Peacekeeper tests multiple elements of your browser and gives you a score at the end of the test. This way it determines what browser is the fastest and works the best on your system. The hardware I used is described in an older blog-post of mine: New game system.

Please don't forget to comment and say what browser you're using, and why!

0. Content

1. Results

2. Browsers

3. Winner

1. Results

Peacekeeper summed up all the browsers I tested, finally I took a screenshot of the end result. I put BETA (in red) in front of all BETA versions.

Full-sized image: CLICK HERE (Opens in a new window!)

Browser Benchmark

2. Browsers

Below are all the browsers I used with each their corresponding version number and score.

Google Chrome Logo Google Chrome:

v4.1.249.1064 - 3995 Points
v5.0.396.0 BETA - 6680 Points

SRWare Iron Logo SRWare Iron:

v4.0.280.0 - 4336 Points
v5.0.380.0 BETA - 6491 Points

Opera Logo Opera:

v10.53 (3374) - 4412 Points
v10.54 (21868 ) BETA - 4698 Points

Apple Safari Logo Apple Safari:

v4.0.5 (531.22.7) - 3337 Points

Mozilla Firefox Logo Mozilla Firefox:

v3.6.3 - 2789 Points
v3.6.4 BETA - 2869 Points

Internet Explorer Logo Microsoft Internet Explorer:

v8.0.6001.18702 - 423 Points
v9.0.7766.6000 BETA - 1925 Points

3. Winner

Google Chrome Logo Google Chrome - 6680 Points!

It's clear that Google Chrome is the winner by a neat 6680 Points in total! I would love to use Google Chrome as my default browser but the fact - unlinke Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer - it lacks a sidebar for my bookmarks (hundreds) I won't touch it. I really hope that Google decides to add a bookmark sidebar since it's a serious disadvantage over the other browsers.

As for the second place.. SRWare Iron is - in fact - based on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome. So just like Google Chrome it lacks a sidebar which keeps me from using it. Unlike Google Chrome, SRWare Iron does not concern the users privacy. Also it's less bloated than Google Chrome since it doesn't have things like Error Reporting or an Updater service which starts on Windows start-up.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment! Stay tuned for future blog updates.

[QUICK UPDATE] APB: All Points Bulletin

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I'm really sorry for not posting a blog update anymore but I have been extremely busy with school projects and such. I got several messages in my Inbox asking whether I was still alive or not, YES I am! ;)

So here's a quick update:

  • Finished Assassin's Creed II (PC): I didn't really enjoy it, became repetitive pretty fast. (Might review it someday)
  • Gave up on Splinter Cell: Conviction (PC): Bugs + totally not SC-alike, got boring quite quickly. (Won't review it)
  • Tried Asheron's Call 2 (PC): Lol, don't play this if you ever played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. (Won't review it)
  • Playing Zombie Driver (PC): Just to kill my spare time, if I have any. Funny game, you should give it a try. (

And last but not least.. apart from going full-throttle for my schoolprojects and barely gaming at all anymore.. a friend sent me an invite to become a BETA tester to APB: All Points Bulletin for the PC. I haven't played it yet but my first playsession starts at:

APB Play Test

I'm pretty eager to play it since it looks really awesome in the videos I saw so far! :D

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment! Stay tuned for future blog updates.

Member Spotlight!

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For anyone who hasn't read my previous blog "History of GameSpot!" yet, it has been chosen for the Member Spotlight of April 8th! :D Here's a link to the weekly report by JodyR of the GameSpot Staff: Weekly Report: Hello, I'm Short. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think about it.

To add some proof, here's a clear screenshot:

Member Spotlight - April 8th, 2010

JodyR and everyone else for choosing my blog, thanks a lot! I really appreciate it and it keeps me highly motivated in trying my very best in future blog updates. Keep up the good work, GameSpot rocks! :D

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment! Stay tuned for future blog updates.

History of GameSpot!

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As promised here's my historical blog about GameSpot. Probably not historical in a way most of you thought it would be, but I hope you enjoy reading it because I tried my best. Enjoy and have a good read! :)

History of GameSpot Logo

GameSpot changed a lot - in a good way - since it was found back on May 1, 1996. As video games became more and more popular in general; The website's design improved drastically over the years, the amount of content increased week after week and the amount of members grew exponentially over the past 14 years.

Below you can find clear screenshots of how GameSpot looked back in the mentioned years. Note: click the thumbnail for a full sized image, opens in a new window!

1996 - November

1996 - November - GameSpot

1997 - October

1997 - October - GameSpot

1998 - December

1998 - December - GameSpot

1999 - November

1999 - November - GameSpot

2000 - August

2000 - August - GameSpot

2001 - December

2001 - December - GameSpot

2002 - November

2002 - November - GameSpot

2003 - August

2003 - August - GameSpot

2004 - October

2004 - October - GameSpot

2005 - May

2005 - May - GameSpot

2006 - December

2006 - December - GameSpot

2007 - October

2007 - October - GameSpot

2008 - March

2008 - March - GameSpot

2009 - current

2009 - Current - GameSpot

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment! Stay tuned for future blog updates.

FIRST in 2010! (New Emblem AGAIN!) (WHAAAAAAAA!??)

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This is insane, I got a new emblem AGAIN. It's a bit older I think, but whaaaat.. another one! :| Okay well, if I keep posting emblem blogs I will lose you guys interests! :P But I promise I will make my next blog (after this one) worth reading! :D

FIRST in 2010!

FIRST in 2010!

Participants in our first game night of 2010 were able to frag other GameSpotters in Quake Live on Saint Patrick's day or they picked some Quake Brains by participating in the game night 2010 celebration trivia.

Thanks for reading again and feel free to leave a comment! :) Stay tuned for my upcoming - historical - blog within a few days.

You've been spazzed!! (New Emblem) (MADNESSSSS!?)

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I don't even have the "Gotcha!" emblem for 3 days, and I already got a new one! :D This time it's because I got fooled pretty hard by the GameSpot's April Fools Joke! :)

You've been spazzed!!

You've been spazzed!!

You participated in an epic 2010 April Fools joke hosted in GameSpot's Off-Topic forum, involving two moderators spazzx625 & solidruss, whether you thought this prank rocked, or you thought it sucked rocks, you were still involved in the prank of the century! April Fools!

Within a few days I will post a new blog, pretty neat - historical - subject so make sure you read it! :) Thanks for reading, stay tuned and feel free to leave a comment.

Gotcha! (New Emblem)

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Looking through my profile I found 20 emblems instead of 19. I honestly have no idea how I got it since I didn't discuss anything! :P Although getting a new emblem is never a bad thing. :)


These brave viewers watched and discussed the April Fools' Day 2010 episode of Today on the Spot. Were they fooled? Did they really think GameSpot had moved into THE THIRD DIMENSION?! Hard to say. But we thank them for their viewership anyway! As a reward, here is a picture of a moderately creepy clown, who is edible. Meet Mr. Hashclown!

No further updates so far, stay tuned for my new blog. Thanks for reading!

Easter Games!

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How much I loved to play Assassin's Creed II during Easter, I forgot that I need the DVD in order to play it.. so I will have to wait until next Tuesday for my mate to borrow me the DVD again, argghhh DUMB! :|

But alright that doesn't mean I won't play any games during Easter, I definitely will! I ran across a new game store close to my school, they offered - older - games for a really low price. For a total of just € 20 I bought the following PC games.


The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (GameSpot link here)

As much as I loved the first game - The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - I hope this one is just as good, or even better! I saw a couple of reviews on YouTube, some were positive while others were not at all.. so I don't know what to expect of this game.


Wanted: Weapons of Fate (GameSpot link here)

Never heard of it until I watched the game's cover, looked nice so why not? I watched a few reviews, it seems fun for as long as it lasts. Seems you can finish this game within 3 hours, so let's see.

That's it for so far, thanks for reading and happy Easter! :)

Profile update, please rate!

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I had the mario-looking profile for long enough now, so I decided to switch to something new. It didn't take me long to finish it but I like this one better already. I made the graphics in PhotoShop with some newly downloaded brushes.

What do you guys think about it? Constructive criticism if possible!


For those interested, here are several links of some really old profile images I used here on GameSpot. I hope you can see they improved!:P

Assassin's Creed II, how is it?

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I borrowed the PC DVD from a friend, and I really can't wait to play this game. At this very moment I'm installing it but sadly won't be able to play it for the next couple of days due to school projects. :|

Is there anyone that has played this game on PC? How was it? Please don't include spoilers! :P


Assassin's Creed II

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