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But it's this with that...

We've all seen a comment which says something like this

"Grand theft auto with horses" (Red Dead Redemption)

This, in my view is quite limited to what the game is really like. It annoys me. So, the game may be like another one, but it's a still whole new game. Let me pluck out a few examples.

Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 - These are quite similer. Both are made by the same company (rockstar) both have the same genre. But GTA 4s Liberty City is bigger than the wild west. However, in Red Dead Redemption, you have horses which, comparing it with a normal car, but with Niko Belic at the wheel, is slower. There are many differnces which make it a whole new game.

Fallout 3 and Oblivion - Similer to the other example: Made by same people, same genre. Though Oblivion is medevil and Fallout 3 is bigger. Fallout 3 has a real date where Oblivion doesn't. Many differnces again.

Splinter Cell and Batman Arkam Asylum. - Strange example this, though it's been said that B:AA is splinter cell without guns. Wierd. Anyway, I'll leave you to figure out the differnces as it doesn't take a brain scientist to figure it out.

So that's it. Maybe these guys are trying to be funny or getting attention. But all games are differnt, even if they are similer.

Storylines for games

Nowadays, we seem to be getting really involved in some storylines of games, over the past few years there have been some rather good storys to these games.

The Assassin's creed storyline seems good to start off with, you really want Desmond to get out of abstergo and the Assassin breaks in between makes you want to play and play to find out what happens afterwards. Then in AC2 there's an ending that made me shiver and made me want to build a time machine to see what happened next. :)

There's others like Halo and Call of Duty storylines. It's quite amazing that, at the core, is a shooter, but the storyline can be so addictive, it keeps you playing and playing.

My final one is the cliffhanger endings. These endings make even the most laid back players screan at their monitors saying "I want more!"

There are also books for some games. I like to read the splinter cell ones. Oliver Browden's Assassin's Creed book is simply amazing. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is in cinemas as a film. I'm sure we would all like to see Ezio jump over some buildings and crack some templar's heads together.

Storylines are a key part in any game really, and games that don't have a storyline, isn't really a game. That's all :D

Comparisons everywhere!

Recently there have been a lot of comparisons everywhere. Xbox360 vs. Ps3, Modern Warefare 2 vs. Bad Company 2... there's too many to name. But what really gets me is that most of these "comparisons" go for one side which really annoys me. It's no longer a comparison but it makes the people who bought the opposite product feel sorry for what they've bought with their money.

Of course, this just makes it harder to buy what you want. Going on youtube looking at gameplay video, then there's one comment stating all the flaws on it and then suggesting another product. It's like buying a tee-shirt from a store and the cashier saying "That's not a very good shirt, go for this one" It's really in your face.

But in the end there is no conclusion for comparing products. It's why you shouldn't rely on reviews aswell. (yes, you might like a game that I have said is rubbish!) make a decision for yourself and if you don't like it then don't discourage people from buying products. We all have opinions and that's what makes us human.

So what have you learnt today then? Until next time. :)

Intro to me

Hi guys,

You've probably clicked on me because I've wrote a review that you agree/disagree with. I might have made a comment that you completly hate. Or on the other hand you are a person who I know in real life and you have come to check out my gamespot profile.

Either way, you are welcome. I'm a tad of a gaming nerd :D. I'm terrible at playing them though. I haven't won a single 1vs1 age of empires game. I can't run from one side of assassin's creed 2 florence to another without falling to the ground. I normally spin out and hit the wall in Grid. But I enjoy it. It's fun. If it's really fun I review it.

Ah yes. What I have in terms of online stuff. I have a youtube account. It's called sticker704. My xbox live ID is Rookysticker704 and tons tons of online games.

I'm British. I act British/American/Other depending on my mood. Today I feel calm so I am acting like a Brit would type. If you haven't got any of that then forget it -> Move on.

Playing: Modern Warfare 2 (360), Assassin's creed 2 (360) and Age of empires 3 NE mod.

That's it for now. Signing off. ;)