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So obsessed over sales, poor PS fans.

A senior industry source quoting Chart-Track data told MCV that PS4 sales spiked 300 per cent week-on-week after the launch of Destiny. Of course, a percentage increase means noting without any actual figures, and although our source would not reveal exact numbers, he did confirm it was the biggest week of the year for PS4 hardware sales.

It outsold Xbox One hardware by two consoles to one, but it wasn't a bad week for Microsoft either, who also posted a significant sales hike week-on-week.

Destiny boosting PS4 sales ever where,in Japan,EU and US even that MS got also a spike it could not stop the slaytation from doubling the xbox one..


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$1300 to upgrade to X99 board, DDR4 ram, 5820k, and a GTX 970. Oh, how I want too...

Why not a 980?

Can't bring myself to spend $500 on a video card again.

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$1300 to upgrade to X99 board, DDR4 ram, 5820k, and a GTX 970. Oh, how I want too...

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I see what you did thar.

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Definitely does not look like my cup of tea.

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Thunder? I haven't seen you in a long time. =o

I'll definitely agree in that none of the current generation consoles look very aesthetically pleasing.

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SystemWars, not fanboy wars.

Blog it.

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LMAO all these lemmings salty they're still lumbered with the mediocre 343i. Looks like the over-hyped, over-reviewed Titanflop had the effect of making people more sceptical of games down the line.

How can a developer be mediocre ... when they have only released one game (which was AAA at Gamespot / high 80s on Gamerankings / Metacritic)?

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Quite the epic flop. Disappointed that Bungie's first project outside Halo comes up short.

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Blog it.