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Perhaps this can help?

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Yes, I have an oath to uphold.

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@SolidTy said:

@deadline-zero0 said:

Infamous is an open world game, albeit, somewhat deserted in it's streets from the videos i've seen.

Infamous 3 not deserted. Please don't judge a game by whatever videos or pictures you've seen. There's plenty of pictures and videos that prove otherwise, so anecdotal evidence based on whatever it was you exposed yourself isn't cutting the mustard. It doesn't matter if it's Titanfall, Mario Kart, or Infamous. No sense in making statements like that if you haven't qualified them by playing the product. It just adds to the litter of misinformation we find every few months with new accounts constantly popping up in SW making statements like this.

If you haven't played a game, in this case Infamous, you shouldn't throw out misinformation. Especially considering the fanboy "deserted" fallacious myth was exposed and proven repeatedly to be a myth after the game released by those that did play and complete the game. I own all the machines since launch over multiple gens and playing PC I too I used to wonder myself if the Infamous 3 game was going to be deserted based on idiot fanboys doctoring shots and conjecture, but I beat the game and I can tell you that it's all BS. It's made up fanboy bull from before the game released and it's that sort of bull that many of us use to figure out what kinds of users we are dealing with here in this rambunctious forum (Those that cling to myths and lies and those that speak on what they actually know).

And don't forget clinging to conspiracies.

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Basing a purchasing decision practically entirely on a console's specs is inherently silly. Which system has the games you want? Buy that system or wait till the system does have the games.

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Not sure if serious if you were trying to truly knock Steam.

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Have them all except Spec Ops The line, who doth thou wish to spare me a copy? :P

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It is quite annoying.

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That's good deal but waiting for the inevitable Halo Collection Bundle.

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Cows still obsessed over sales, I see.