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With the Seventh Generation Coming to a Close... Part 1

I believe it's time to reflect on some of my favorite gaming memories and games on the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3. I was a launch adopter of the Xbox 360 as I waiting overnight in front of Sams Club with a friend and my brother--all three of us bought Xbox 360 Premium bundles. I bought the PS3 40GB console initially when it first came out in 2008, and the Wii in early 2010 I believe. So anyways, without further ago, here are some of my favorite games of the generation starting from the top. I'll keep it to three games per year or less.

2005; Xbox 360 Launch



Call of Duty 2

This was my first step into the Call of Duty universe and boy was it a fun one. It was one of the first multiplayer games on the console that I played for many hours on end. The sound, presentation and game design was exceedingly good. But the best part was the game was so smooth to play, and that's what made it so much fun.


Condemned: Criminal Origins

A creepy, and dark game from Monolith (guys that brought us FEAR), Condemned was one of those first games that I couldn't put down. I liked the investigative side of it, and the melee combat throughout the game. There were surprises and jumps for me (and a younger lad) around many corners but it was so worth it. The atmosphere was top-notch and the brutal combat was just overall insane. Best of all... hunting down a serial killer can be rivieting, creepy, but most of all... fun.


Dead or Alive 4

I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of fighter games because I always tend to button-smash. I can't counter for crap, and I'm always the guy who rage quites wondering he's getting his ass kicked when all he does it press two or three buttons repeatedly. I thought this game was tough, and getting through it to unlock many of characters was very tough. So tough in that I may have almost threw a couple controllers. It was fun though, and I enjoyed the silly and at times (inappropriate) combat. And hey, it had a Spartan from Halo! Woah!



Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

This was the first game that made me go, "wow, this is the next generation for console games!" The others games I had played looked good but this was the first game to make me go, "wow!" I've always been one to love tactical shooters and the singleplayer for GRAW was just awesome. The explosions and sound especially were aspects to write home about, and especially the on-rails machine gunner parts (AWESOME). And when the singleplayer was done with, the multiplayer was there to kick some more ass. 


Gears of War

The first blockbuster title to release for the Xbox 360 and it really did rock people's socks off. This new IP from Epic was something to behold to as the singleplayer and multiplayer ended up being exceedingly fantastic. It was a dark, gritty, and bloody game... but who doesn't like having a chainsaw on a machine gun to use in cutting a someone or thing in half? This game was the game to get back in the day.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oblivion was my first step into an open-world RPG game. It was a mere fluke that I decided to rent it from Gamefly at the end of my subcription, and I only had three days to play it until I had to send it back. So you can imagine my surprise and wonder when at the end of that three days I went out and bought the game because I couldn't put it down! I may have sunk over 600-800 hours into this game, and I know one my characters (I had many) had well over 280+ hours onto it. This was my game of the year by far with nothing coming close. No game came close to giving me the immersion that I felt with Oblivion.